Big News/Changes

August 31, 2010 in World 017 News

Hello all blog readers and world 17 readers. After almost two months with no news its time to see what’s happening in world 17. Maps, all kinds of stats war tribes and players. Also an interview

NickJer’s World map.

Now for top 20 players From Twstats

Top 20 tribes from Twstats

Now I will compare two maps this weeks map and a map from two months ago and we will see the difference between them.

As you can see we have a new tribe. HaV a.k.a Honor and Victory. Also EturgK merged into wisdom and from wisdom alot of people left and joined HaV which is led by slasher78, Jehosophat, Morticia Gloom. HaV formed from many conflicts within Wisdom. More than half of the tribe left Integritous a.k.a leader of wisdom and Joined HaV.

Now it’s time for the weekly  interview

Our readers would like a brief introduction of who you are.

Darkinghtwing: My name is James but most will know me as Darknightwing.  Right now, I only play on world 17.  I did play on a few others, but I got bored and wandered off.

How long have you been playing TW? w17?

Darknightwing: two years.

What other worlds have you previously played?

Darknightwing: No other currently.  I co-played on w19 for a little while to help a friend.  Other worlds I have been on are 26, 30, 43, 48, and 37.

We’d like to know your background before joining HaV.

Darknightwing: Wisdom for a day. But before that I was a duke of Eturgen Knights.

What caused you to join Hav?

Darknightwing: I went to HaV to fight alongside longtime friends.

Do you have any leadership roles in HaV?

Darknightwing: I am one of the Barons.

Thanks for joining us, Darknightwing. Happy to have you here.