Ban Hammer Hits! – A W50 Special

October 27, 2010 in World 050 News, World News

Greetings W50!

A very busy week for all of us here, isn’t it? We’ve all heard about the bans by now. We’ve all seen the top tribe of the world disband because of them. We’ve seen the countless accusations and counter-arguments on the external forums. At this point in time people are choosing to believe what their closest friends tell them. I felt the need to address this issue on a more global scale in the W50 Blog. Below you will find an interview with the Community Manager of, in which he addresses most (if not all) of the concerns surrounding the large amount of bans in our world.

Bans! Bans! Bans!
An Interview with the CM regarding the W50 Bans

FrailBeauty: Hi Morthy. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me today. I’ll cut straight to the chase. We’re here to discuss the ban hammer that has smashed and mashed away at W50. A lot of people are wondering: why now? Why so many players at once?

Morthy: Hiya. We’ve always kept a look out for people cheating by automating activities (bots) but until now we’ve only been able to automatically detect a few very specific illegal tools. The analysis of player activity patterns has been something I’ve been focusing on recently and after our team finished a very lenghtly and time consuming investigation I decided it was time to work on a new detection tool. The initial coding took around half a hour and was first tested on World 52. The first player we tested it on was found to be cheating. From then onwards it was a relatively simple job to convert the script to automatically scan high ranked players across all worlds.

FrailBeauty: A lot of people seem to believe that everyone got banned for exactly the same thing (the same farming method that is), therefore some are raising questions as to why some bans were lifted and others weren’t. Were all the bans for the exact same thing?

Morthy: All the bans were for some form of automatic activity, though not necessarily the same program or the same actions.

FrailBeauty: What exactly happens to an account after it is banned in this way? Will their villages simply remain un-attackable for the remainder of time?

Morthy: Yes, unless a player has a ban revoked or is offered a punishment the villages will remain unattackable until they go barbarian. This usually happens between 14-15 days after the ban was made apart from in very rare circumstances.

FrailBeauty: A number of banned players of our world were highly influential personas. The top player, in particular, was also the leader of the top ranking tribe. Since the ban it has become quite obvious that he has been rallying support, and has even seemed to convince most of his tribe to set their accounts to deletion. In situations like this, is it not reasonable (if not necessary) to make the evidence against that player be known to the public? Due to the privacy policy, such players could be telling people anything they wish, and due to the earned respect on this world – they will be believed by many. Has the thought crossed your mind to publicize the evidence against such players, or is this strictly forbidden by Innogames (even in dire situations like this one)?

Morthy: It’s something we often wish we could do, but there are a couple of reasons we can’t here. Firstly, the ‘war’ against players using illegal tools/scripts is never winnable, it will always be a question of one side one-upping the other for a little while. They release a new tool, we release a new detection method, they change their tool to get around it, etc. I’d prefer to keep the exact method our internal tools use as secret as possible, which is why despite temporarily relaxing the forum rules on ban discussion we’re still preventing those involved from pasting any of our replies there.

Secondly, any public discussion about the evidence would soon turn into a back and forth between supporters of the players and the modding team, with other players commenting from the sidelines. It wouldn’t end well.

However, while the ban discussion rules are relaxed I would advise players to stop lying about their bans and the evidence/reasons behind them on the forums. I will not hesitate in responding and countering to whatever a banned player says if it is factually incorrect.

I’m aware a lot of the involved players have already started spreading misinformation. If you’re reading this and you’ve been told something that sounds really unfair or unlikely, please remember that these players have been banned for cheating. If they were willing to stoop that low, they’re also perfectly willing to lie about it to their teammates.

FrailBeauty: So claims about using TW Farm Reports and other external TW scripts are all false, correct?

Morthy: is completely legal and you will not be banned for using it. I’m not sure what you mean by external TW scripts.

FrailBeauty: By that I mean scripts from Zomgtw, The-hangout, as well as TWmentor etc.

Morthy: Scripts from those three sites have all been approved by our staff. They are okay to use. The scripts that are not okay are ones that perform more than one action per click, or without any input at all.

FrailBeauty: There have been claims of banned players popping up in the game and sending messages through other accounts. How is this possible? Are they not IP banned from the world? Or are they simply getting others to pass on their messages for them via an external source of communication?

Morthy: Banned players are able to log in to sat accounts and so can send messages via them. It’s also possible they could be getting others to post messages for them. Lastly, if a player is permanently banned they are able to start playing again on a new account or by taking over another account immediately, as long as they are not actively appealing the ban on their banned account. We do not give out IP bans.

FrailBeauty: So they are never truly banned from the world, just from their accounts?

Morthy: Yes, we deal with accounts, not players. This is due to the large amount of account ownership changes and co-playing taking place nowadays.

FrailBeauty: Understandable. Well thanks for taking the time to address some of the publics’ concerns today. Is there anything you wish to add which hasn’t already been covered in the interview?

Morthy: Just that I hope no-one allows themselves to be mislead by the lies of those that have been banned. It would disappoint me to see players stopping playing the game due to being mislead by those they trust.

The Future of W50?

So what happens to our humble little world as a result of these bans? Above is a map of all the banned players.

So one thing is, we’ll have a lot more barbs. But what about the politics of the world? Many forum go-ers seem convinced that this is pretty much the end of the world (or the exciting part of it). Only time will tell what happens. Will former all former [END] members really delete? If so, why the need to disband the tribe? What large-scale wars will break out next? Who will dominate the South East from now on?

If you ask me, things have just gotten interesting.

Next Week

This week’s blog is quite brief, as you may have noticed. I do however believe it has plenty of ‘food for thought’ so to speak. Next week Midweek Madness will be back in its usual form (and length). Some of the highlights that you can look forward to will be:

-An article on the changes in the world, plus interviews with former [END] members that have decided to stay on W50.
– A look at life on the Rim.
– All the regular features (normal maps, some stats, ranks etc.)
– The Survey Section.

Till then!