Back to Back: HoHoHo & Phat

January 16, 2011 in World 052 News, World News


Things have started to heat up nicely on this world in the past few weeks, after a slight lapse in activity following the excitement of the startup stage. We now have several wars going on, with three new declarations in the past week alone.

How is HoHoHo coping in the south, and what are the southern tribes’ reactions?

What does Phat have in store for them up north in their new war?

Let’s get started on this week’s blog.


World Map – Top 10 Tribes

There’re generally not too many surprising ranking changes after the first few months, once the world has been reasonably established, but this week we saw two important ones to draw attention to:

B52s passes HoHoHo, taking the third spot and pushing HoHoHo down to fourth.

CCC falls from fifth to eighth.

NiNi still holds rank one with a comfortable 5m lead over -MM-.

Though CCC still ranks fifth by points per players, over the course of last week they lost over a million points, completely losing their stake in K45 as members defected to nearby KU-Tz. The tribe remains split between K43 and K24, and only convenient diplomacy with NiNi prevents the situation from being taken advantage of.

B52s surpassing HoHoHo marks a turning point in the war – no longer are B52s the underdogs; HoHoHo is rapidly losing steam and points. Let’s take a closer look at how they’ve been faring:

Southern Continents

1/6/11                                                1/15/11

We focus on the K63 area because that’s where the most dramatic changes have been taking place. Before, the continent was pretty much diagonally split between HoHoHo and B52s; now, HoHoHo has receded to the southeastern corner, with B52s expanding eastward and even GHOST coming down in from the north.

This has condensed the front on which HoHoHo is fighting B52s – the fight now turns mainly to the K74 continent. At the same time, HoHoHo is warring WET and KNIGHT to the north, and are surrounded by several other tribes in the other directions.

So is the downfall of HoHoHo near, as The Wrong Enemy recently asserted? According to HoHoHo duke Obliterati, no. Other HoHoHo members did not return messages asking them to comment.

“There’s still plenty of life in the tribe and there are some very solid players who are putting in a great effort.” – Obliterati

However, one cannot deny the vast number of tribe changes HoHoHo has incurred over the past week.

Many of these players were no doubt kicked due to losing points (stemming from inactivity or unwillingness to cooperate, I assume), but some of those who left willingly may have been of the same opinion of Rainycloud, who recently transferred to NiNi:

“…barely anyone was willing to help [in ops]… there weren’t enough people participating. Everyone used the excuse of being too far away, and they didn’t even send support to the frontline.” – Rainycloud

Obliterati said that he “wasn’t happy to see [Rainycloud] go although [he] understood some of the frustrations behind it. It was a gesture that did more harm than good. Part of being a good member of a tribe is that when there are difficulties you figure out a way to solve the problem rather than forming a chorus of gripes.”

Several people have also alleged that Rainycloud always intended to leave HoHoHo, and that joining them was just temporary because then-Afjlas and NiNi were too far away. When is it alright for a player to desert his tribe? Was Rainycloud being selfish, betraying HoHoHo, or is it acceptable to make a strategic decision in this scenario?

Surrounding tribes are looking to capitalize on HoHoHo’s predicament.

Although Obliterati mentioned that HoHoHo hasn’t “really had much interaction with [-MM-] lately”, he “[knows] a few players there from previous worlds and [has] a good deal of respect for them.” -MM- duke Demented Intentions did not return the favorable review:

“Personally as a tribe I am disappointed by their performance they are clearly falling apart losing key players, I don’t think that they will be around for much longer in this world.”                                                                        – Demented Intentions

-MM- shares a significant border with HoHoHo along K65/K66 – are they thinking of moving west into HoHoHo’s territory?

The duke of KNIGHT, with whom HoHoHo is at war with, expressed lack of faith in HoHoHo as well:

“I think from the looks of it They are doing well against inactives, small scattered tribes. They will fail! We will be taking the border real soon….” – Crystalball

An anonymous member from SOHK, on the southern side of HoHoHo, rumored to me that they are “making plans to take out the winner of the HoHoHo / B52 war”. This was, however, later denied by SOHK aristocracy.

Neighboring tribe P.S. is also poised to get in on the possible HoHoHo gangbang, though they have not announced their intentions yet.

Where does this leave us? Judging from the conversation I had with Obliterati, I would say that he is a competent duke who knows what he’s doing. He cited attrition as the main difficulty the tribe is facing, an excuse I find entirely valid. I think HoHoHo could continue on and give B52s a respectable run for their money IF they were not already also engaged with WET and KNIGHT. Frankly, they are spread too thin, and as nearby tribes look to get on what they may perceive as an easy win, HoHoHo will inevitably fall if only due to being overwhelmed. Yes, I predict disbandment within a month, but not entirely as a result of poor leadership as others have said.


We now turn to the other side of world – up north where Phat recently declared on a whole coalition of tribes, namely CJF, Strike, LeadTE, XVI, and -ROF-. TokugawaBN, duke of CJF, confirmed that his tribe had in fact been collaborating with the others, as Phat asserted.

Although Phat declared three days ago, and it’s customary to start off a declaration with an impressive op to showcase prowess, Phat co-duke Coplayed By A Horse candidly informed me that they have done the contrary:

“We’ve not really ran ops yet, it’s mostly expansion for us. We might do them at some point, but right now we don’t really like having our members all over the place. Our recruitment focused on allowing members to grow – much better than they would do if we simply took every high-pointed player in the top 20 of k32 for instance.” – Coplayed By A Horse

They certainly had the opposition fooled. TokugawaBN told me that their impression was that Phat had indeed already “launched, however it was soundly beaten down, 7 clearing attacks, every one of them smashed.” I wasn’t able to clarify if they considered seven attacks a tribal op, but nonetheless this shows that they’re capable of defending. Undeniably, CJF has posted the best stats against Phat so far:

So far, so good for Phat. Can the other tribes rally and offer Phat a challenge? We’re only a few days into this war so far, so anything can still happen.


That brings us to the end of this week’s blog. Hopefully this provided some insight to how things are shaping up at the moment. Apologies for no “real” interview this week – I’ll see what I can cook up for next time. Don’t hesitate to leave comments or thoughts on the article, or PM me with feedback if you prefer ;)