As May commences…

May 8, 2011 in World 013 News, World News

As April comes to a close and May decides to finally stroll in, we are welcomed with new stats, mildly amusing wars and some interesting intel. Did this weeks edition of the blog showcase the Video Blog yet?

I thought it would be a good idea to start this week with a traditional “Noely Rant”… enjoy.

What’s with all these players who treat this game as if it were a real life situation? Do they not realize that it is a virtual game? Do they not realize that the whole point of this game is to have fun while passing time? Many players I’ve come across in my time playing are 1 of 2 extremes… They either spend WAY too much energy on this game or they spend WAY too little.  Very few have found the balance of energy/time to put into the game to make it enjoyable while advancing your account.

A lot of players seem to think that attacking someone is wrong, regardless of their status against the tribe.  To me, there are only 1 color that keeps you safe, and that color is dark blue. Light blue is biding time and purple is asking to be eaten eventually. Every other color on the map is food for growth.

Last blog, you were introduced to the latest wars and their current standings.
We will go over those again to see who is making progress in the world.

Let’s start in the northwest and go clockwise around the world.

N.E.B. vs INSO – War started on April 4th.
N.E.B. – 743
INSO –  3,081

INSO – 1,520
~PWC~ –  18

INSO – 1,478
FFS –  33

INSO vs 187
INSO – 390
187 – 10

INSO – 2,710
P:R – 60

GENSIS –  193

Gensis vs Bey0nd
Gensis – 716
Bey0nd – 337

So with that, I give you the current state of affairs in W13

Let’s talk about the BIG news going on right now, and that is MSMShrek/BlackBird90 and his subsequent departure from INSO.
Shrek claims that he made bad tactical choices for the loss of villages.
INSO claims that he was working against the tribe.
The data was posted and discussed, looked over with a fine tooth comb, and the decision was made. Shrek was working against INSO. In a strange turn of events, he quickly leaves INSO and joins NEB and in a last stand effort, attempts to get players in INSO banned.

The Rules! – Read them and learn them. That is my public service for you all!

In other news, there is a show on TV, that sounds awfully familiar to us in W13… We were speaking of a frog invasion, and now on The Science Channel, we are given a show all about the invasion of Cane Toads. Be sure to watch how The Science Channel steals ideas from World 13!

World 13 adds another first to it’s already long list. Twitter! We are the first world to have a Twitter account associated with the Blog! @World13Blog (Click here)

Until next time… I have to go noble some villages.