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December 5, 2010 in World 016 News, World News

It’s often joked about that players wish the TribalWars world was actually round, so that the continents ending with 0 could attack those ending in 9 directly, rather than suffering incredible travel times. This week saw a hint of what that may look like if it were a reality as Plight members nobled far into the backfield of C².

Recently in the on-going C²/Plight war, C² has seen an increase in noblings versus the opposite side. These can be contributed to different factors, but one major things stands out about them. If Plight wishes to continue in this world, they have to change something, and fast.

One attempt to do this was seen recently as Plight dived deep into C²’s backfield, namely in K50. Beginning on November 20, several Plight members nobled villages off of pastie97, an inactive in C². Over the next several days, Plight members continued to take several more villages off of pastie, up until the time the account was deleted, and even then they still took a few more barbs that used to belong to the account.

C² members jumped to action, trying to expel the invaders as quickly as possible, but weeks of fighting followed and Plight is still tenaciously hanging on to a couple of the villages in K50.

I contacted a couple of the Plight players involved in these actions in K50. One had no wish to comment on the subject, and the other ignored me, so I was forced to move on without an input from Plight.

I would like to thank Kafs from C² for being kind enough to do an interview with me on this subject. He was one of the main participants from C² in attempting to remove the Plight presence from K50.

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Whether there will be any lasting effects from this action by Plight remains to be seen, but it does show attempts to fight back. Thanks to all for reading. Until next time, your W16 blogger and fellow spreader of carnage,