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Hello and welcome to a short, special addition of this blog (well, not exactly special but, ya know). This little issue will cover what’s in the title. Yep, you guessed it… War! It seems a few wars have been breaking out recently and most major tribes are involved in some conflict or another. Now, lets take a closer look at things. I am sorry that it took so long to come out, and I will try to keep up in February with the 4 posts a month, although I am hoping to have something else done by the end of January.

There has been quite a lot of external forum activity recently, mainly due to the amount of wars there are, or have been recently. It seems that since the attack breaks, numerous wars have been kicking off, with most of the top 10 tribes in some sort of conflict. In fact, 8 of the top 10 tribes have had some kind of back and forth nobling, although one is not in a ‘proper’ war. More of a skirmish.

Let’s have a quick look at the top 10 tribes (not an analysis, just the rankings)

Rank Tribe
1—– Äxte
2—– MIND
3—– NUKE
4—– -HÄTE-
6—– PL@GUE
7—– AGG
8—– Apathy
9—– OWL
10 — FOR

From the world map above, we can see that SHEEPS have dropped ranks significantly, from second, down to fifth, with NUKE in second (although in game they are third and MIND second) and HATE in fourth. Apathy have also made jumps up the rankings to seventh, just below PL@GUE, as AGG dropped down due to member loss and warring. FOR also dropped out of the top 10, after they gave in to MIND, with _CW_ moving in to take their place in tenth. OWL have also moved up a rank, to eight, despite them being right in the middle of 4 of the top 5 tribes.

Now, we can take a look at the tribes that are warring, these tribes are;
(Better evaluations will be further down)


This was the first war declared after the break, but, the party was soon gate crashed by neighbouring  tribes such as Axte, SHEEPS, and later on, PL@GUE jumped in too. Although declared before attack breaks, the proper offensives after the declaration did not start until afterwards.


This war was the second to be declared  after the attack breaks. Both sides knew this war was coming, and there had been conquers before hand, but MIND did not want a public declaration, after FOR’s declaration, this war was also brought into the limelight


The third war to be declared, this one, by PL@GUE. The two tribes previously had agreed a NAP to last a certain amount of time, once that NAP ended, they both went to war against eachother.


Easily the biggest war this world has seen so far, this war is yet to kick off, although there has been back and forth nobling between the 2 tribes since K-T split, only now have they declared, with the war to begin officially on the 21st of January, at midday server time.

The only tribes in the top 10 who are not fighting at the moment are NUKE, OWL, and -HATE-, although -HATE- are expected to aide Axte in their fights with SHEEPS despite sharing a border with them.

Now, onto a more detailed and in-depth look at these wars, one-by-one, starting with the oldest war.



As I said before,  Apathy against BLAMED (Origianlly K-T) was the first war that started, officially, after the attack breaks. Apathy initally declared, although, there had been attacks by K-T and APATHY beforehand involving heavy nuking. After the attack breaks, K-T had split, into K-T and BLAMED, BLAMED was the bigger of the 2 tribes but also had many inactive members, who were sat a lot.
Apathy, however, had been preparing a while up to this declaration, although both it was hinted several times that it would be inevitable, yet K-T leadership only realized that there would be war once Apathy were taking more and more villages in K74.

After war was declared (and the attack breaks over) Apathy began their attacks on BLAMED, and are still attacking, yet to receive an effective counter. Obviously BLAMED suffered from hits from the north from both Axte and SHEEPS, and eventually hits from the west from PL@GUE, although, the northern members left BLAMED, leaving Apathy doing the most damage.

The war quickly turned one sided, as more and more villages were lost on BLAMED side, only so many could be recaptured, with the majority of the recaps going to Judman45, who is still under attack now.

Below is a map of Apathy and BLAMED now;

Apathy offered some players the chance to leave BLAMED, and, although one left, others didn’t, partly because they wanted to move over as a group, which the Apathy leadership would not allow. And also, with players leaving to go to Tor, it leaves less people to be able to sit the inactive players, meaning they are also losing villages, as players aren’t sat as much as before.

BLAMED seem to be going down, and unless some negotiable solution can be reached, I don’t see them lasting long, especially with their current stats against APATHY, which are below.

Side 1:
Tribes: Apathy
Side 2:
Tribes: BLAMED

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 101
Side 2: 10
Difference: 91

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 849,662
Side 2: 97,765
Difference: 751,897

As these stats and graphs show, there is a huge loss in there for BLAMED, totaling 750,000 points, and that doesn’t include members leaving. Several members left BLAMED to move on to PL@GUE, and a few as said before, left for Tor in the north. Taking them down a few million points, also, poeple have been kicked, and even moved to Apathy. After losing 12 members and around 4 million points, it seems that they will not be getting up from this onslaught of attacks from numerous tribes. Just to see the extent of the damage done, here are the total stats between Apathy, SHEEPS, Axte, and PL@GUE against K-T

Side 1:
Tribes: PL@GUE, Apathy, SHEEPS, Äxte
Side 2:
Tribes: BLAMED

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 289
Side 2: 21
Difference: 268

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 2,434,182
Side 2: 188,141
Difference: 2,246,041

Now, we see that BLAMED have lost a whole load more points, with an overall 2.2 million points lost, between these 4 tribes attacking. If we just take another look at these maps, we can see the difference.
Now (Before Disband);

Declaration Time;

Even this map shows the huge losses that BLAMED have endured in the recent times. And as I said before, BLAMED surely will not recover from the complete beating that they have endured.


Because this blog overran time-wise (because of exams/losing original draft) I’m putting a small update on this war here.

BLAMED have disbanded, and K-T disbanded a while ago. Anthills, or Judman45, their leader, has also decided to quit the game. This was not due to mass faking, or due to being under attack. It was more to do with his own online times, and the fact that although he helped his tribe, he did not seem to get as much eager support for his own account from those members.

This makes Apathy the winners of the war on BLAMED and K-T, but, they did not do it alone, there was help from both SHEEPS and Axte, and finally, PL@GUE. Maybe if K-T did not split, and if the other tribes were not involved, the war may have gone any other way.


The war between MIND and FOR was the second war to kick off after the declaration, and this time, both sides had seen it coming. MIND had not wanted to make a public declaration but FOR made it their job to get it publicized so people could have even more to talk about, and, sure, there has been a lot of talk going on in that thread.

This war was seen coming by both tribes for a while now, but, in the initial strikes against FOR, MIND hit an isolated player, surely, in all that time they had, that player could have been stacked beyond belief? Anyway, FOR have a rim border, meaning they have a secure border to draw defensive troops from, without a risk of attacks.

Here is a map of both FOR and MIND not long after declaration.

The border for these 2 tribes spreads along K’s 22, 23, 12, and, 13, with either tribe trying to push the other back. With a pretty long border, support from both sides will need to be spread. But, MIND, like FOR have a secure border, as they have diplomacy with NUKE, meaning they will not have to worry about that border at all.

Here are the stats since the declaration.

Total War Stats.
Side 1:
Tribes: FOR
Side 2:
Tribes: MIND

Timeframe: 03/01/2011 00:00:00 to 26/01/2011 00:52:52

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 63
Side 2: 164
Difference: 101

Unfortunately I don’t have a graph for these stats :( but it looks like MIND took a large chunk out of FOR albeit some of the conquers were on isolated, unstacked members, but, conquers and conquers, and villages are villages after all.


FOR recently gave in to MIND, something that may have been inevitable given MINDs huge size advantage. But, FOR had the courage and self respect to go and surrender to the public, for all to see. They also gave a good fight to MIND, seeing as the conquers weren’t as biased as the ones against BLAMED.


This is the third war to be declared after the Attack Breaks, and is one of the two that is still going on. The war on AGG had long since been known by both sides. They both had a NAP with each other that was to last a specific amount of time, and, when that NAP ended, war would start. Which is a very honourable way to go about warring, seeing as both sides stuck to the agreement.

Once again, PL@GUE had the size advantage  over AGG, but, that doesn’t mean everything. Both PL@GUE and AGG had been involved in previous wars, although AGG only played a smaller role against PIMPs compared to other tribes in that war. PL@GUE had fought the GOM family and had been involved slightly in the ganged up war on BLAMED.

Before this war, PL@GUE had been more focused on their clearance of their southern sectors, gradually gaining ownership over multiple continents, including K73 and K72, K73 been taken off BLAMED after recruiting members and mopping up, along with K72, but more against RAM than BLAMED.
AGG however, have been trapped between MIND, PL@GUE and the rim, with no evident areas to expand in. So they have quite a largely clustered core in K41 where they border PL@GUE which would make fast support easy, and they can also draw in support from K31 if need be.

Here’s a map of the 2 tribes shortly after declaration.

If you compare this map to the auto updating map, you will see that AGG lost some of their larger members in K’s 32 and 42 to MIND, as they recruited them. Could this spell the beginning of the end for AGG? What else may have prompted members to leave?

Now, we can take a look at the stats from declaration time.

Side 1:
Tribes: AGG
Side 2:
Tribes: PL@GUE

Timeframe: 10/01/2011 00:00:00 to 28/01/2011 18:51:52

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 73
Side 2: 56
Difference: 17

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 601,750
Side 2: 451,555
Difference: 150,195

This war has seemed a lot more fair compared to other wars, where nobling hasn’t been massed on one side, although, that may be for troop conservation on PL@GUEs part, as they are allies to SHEEPS and have been attacking Axte.
Over the last week only 25 conquers were made overall. 15 by PL@GUE and 10 by AGG. Showing that this war is slowing up, much like MANICS war with PIMPs that suddenly slowed to a halt.

Maybe if this war slows, it give AGG a chance to regroup, refocus, and launch on PL@GUE, pushing them onto their back foot whilst they aren’t ready. But, likewise, PL@GUE could do the same thing.



This is arguably the biggest war we have seen so far on W51, the two tribes who are fighting were ranks 1 and 2 respectively as the war started, but, SHEEPS have dropped all the way to rank 5, letting NUKE, MIND and HATE overtake them.

Tensions first started to rise when Axte were invading parts of SHEEPS (then K-T’s) territory, moving in closer and closer into K74, which is a place SHEEPS were not going to give up, and, Axte were also moving closer in the north. But, SHEEPS also lost some of their higher pointed members, like firehouse16 and xxxconvictxxx who are both quite near to Axte, both with villages in K74, which means they will lose potential frontline support from core K’s such as 63 and 83, unless these players decide to move back.

Before this war, SHEEPS had warred both WOLVES and K-T, both to degrees of success, they managed to take many villages from K-T and BLAMED, gaining quite a bit of ground in K64, but, they also lost Risharks, who was the main player in K74, giving up quite a chunk of SHEEPS possession in that continent.

Axte had also had other wars, although, theirs were mainly clean-ups and getting rid of smaller tribes, for example,  Jester and 1Piece. They also took villages off of K-T and BLAMED, and have recruited members from both Jester and K-T, they reside comfortably in Rank 1 against Rank 5 SHEEPS.

Now lets have a look at the map at the declaration

When you take a look at the map, the front between SHEEPS and Axte is a very large one, it spans from K64, northwards, into mid-K44, and there are also villages that infringed on each others territory, for example Axte villages in K74 and 73 (although those have been lost now).

Axte potentially have more backline support that they can send to the front, as they own more K’s, and, they spread back further, meaning they can take support from secure areas and pass it up to the front. SHEEPS however, have a thinner backline, with only 1k behind the frontline one, and, although this is trus for Axte, they have 2K’s to fall back on, and have higher dominance of their K’s, meaning more points, meaning more villages, and more troops to send off to the front.

Before the actual agreed date, there had been backwards and forwards nobling by either side at the time of the ganging up on BLAMED. These are the stats from before the ‘actual war’ had started. In the time BLAMED were being hit.

Side 1:
Tribes: Äxte
Side 2:
Tribes: SHEEPS

Timeframe: 01/01/2011 00:00:00 to 21/01/2011 12:00:00

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 66
Side 2: 58
Difference: 8

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 588,796
Side 2: 492,359
Difference: 96,437

Obviously, this is quite a few noblings, and it also seems like it is quite close between these two tribes. They both have good players in them, and can both put up a worthy fight, or so it seems. With enclosing threats from other surrounding tribes towards Axte, this may turn into another gangbang, but, untill it actually does I am ONLY including stats between AXTE and SHEEPS, no one else.

Here are the stats from declaration to now.

Side 1:
Tribes: Äxte
Side 2:
Tribes: SHEEPS

Timeframe: 21/01/2011 12:00:00 to 28/01/2011 00:00:00

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 31
Side 2: 25
Difference: 6

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 287,550
Side 2: 236,116
Difference: 51,434

Now, this is something you wouldn’t expect, both of these tribes have made less conquers on each other since the declaration was made and the ‘actual war’ officially began. But, like the previous stats, it’s close, this time, only a 6 village difference between them, adding up to 54,000 points. This reduced nobling could be due to stacking the fronts, whereas before the war, it was more back and forth, without whole tribal ops or support being organised.

I can’t predict which way this war will go, but, if it does turn into a ganged up war on Axte, they could be shed thin for frontline support, and if this happens, will they have friendly tribe HATE to call upon? Or by then will HATE have their own conflicts? Only time will tell people.


I, myself, can only see one other war happening in the near future and that would be a war between the tribes NUKE and HATE. These tribes share a border along K37 and southern K36, and this could extend to K28. Both tribes have been nobling CTRL, with NUKE pushing south and HATE pushing north. With CTRL shrinking, they will meet in the middle, this will make a lack of villages to eat in that area without picking a fight with a big target.

The only way to avoid this, would be for NUKE to start to eat WEBASH, located around NUKES center, and for HATE to noble FEAR out, a tribe dominating 2K’s in HATEs southern sectors. But, tensions will strain unless a diplomatic solution can be made, as people will become more and more tempted to hit each other.

Here’s a map of these 2 tribes, to show how close they are.

This map should give a good idea of the close proximity of these tribes. A decision will have to be made by leadership of each tribe, if it already hasn’t, to secure what will be happening, and whether these tribes will sort something out, or war it out.


Well, I guess that’s it for this issue, I hope the wait didn’t disappoint you, although I am sure it did. Please, remember, I am only human, and have had a busy month this month.

I would like to say a quick thank you to Army Of Loners for creating my maps (although posted a bit late) and also thank all the people who have been patient, not making comments, about this wait.

Anyway, thanks again.

Armstrong Out