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April 22, 2011 in World 051 News, World News

Well, looks like we’re here again, in another issue of my blog. I am sorry it hasn’t been out recently, but, I must admit, I am one of those people that get distracted easily and lose focus, then end up losing track of time, so, it’s all my fault. Anyway, since the last issue, quite a lot has been going on, but, we will get to it later. Time to venture into the blog!


As of the 17th of April at 23:00:00 Axtes war on the SHEEPS family was officially over, ending with a ceasefire and an eventual merge. Now, you could call this a victory for Axte as they lost the least in the conflict, but, it still hasn’t backed up Axte’s claims as being the strongest tribe in W51, as yet again, they haven’t finished a war on their own. But, they did effectively run ops on a number of SHEEPS players, and these ops were continuing right up to the ceasefire, which shows that the tribe have the co-ordination needed to be powerful, also, these ops had many participants, showing the teamwork in Axte showing through.

The war with SHEEPS officially started on the 21st of January 2011 at 12:00:00 Server Time, which means the war lasted just under 4 months. In this time the two tribes exchanged many blows and also switched many members around. Both Axte and SHEEPS swapped members between MyBad! and PL@GUE as to get more strength into their war efforts.

The stats at the end of the war (going by the ingame war archive) stood at 476 conquers made by Axte and 460 made by SHEEPS (Now I am no good at these in-game stats, so I don’t know if they include kicked player) so by these stats, this war was extremely close. Although, for a war of almost 3 months, that isn’t a particular load of conquers, especially when you look at the NUKE/HATE conflict. But we will look at that later.

The war started way back when there were many more tribes in the South. At the time of the declaration there was also K-T and BLAMED, although they were both smaller tribes at the time, along with a larger Apathy. The war started just after K-T and BLAMED fell, which means that K-T had been the barrier that stopped either tribe from warring. Once all of the villages and players there had been eaten, the only food left, across a border spanning 3k’s, with other pockets elsewhere, such as K84 and 94.

After H0llyh0st left the game, Apathy soon joined in on the war, on Axtes side, taking villages from SHEEPS in K’s 74, 73 and 84. Apathy were hit hard in K73, as were Axte, losing a few villages there, but they were to be expected. Meanwhile, along the Axte SHEEPS border, there didn’t seem to be any obvious pushing by either tribe, and, whilst both tribes were still hitting each other, conquers were making themselves even, mainly due to the ‘No outside support’ rule, which allows for easier recaps by either side.

Ops were made by both tribes, targeting different players, for example SHEEPS ops included hitting Risharks and Forbidden, whereas, Axte ops targeted A.Saw and others, both with concentrated efforts to take more and more villages, hoping that nukes and nobles will be hidden in masses of fakes.

More small ops were launched by Axte when they took in the biggest members from Apathy, including XXXCoNvIcTXXX and To Kill A Jester, then the leaders of Apathy. These players concentrated their efforts on players such as Jimcoooo, skuly40 and Charles the Bald Sheep. And all of this continued until Axte realised the worth of SHEEPS players and began talks with the leadership.

These talks considered a new threat up in the North, two threats along the SHEEPS and Axte border, so, Axte offered to take in the best SHEEPS members, and take some time to do some internalling, and getting people onto inactive accounts before the next war. So on the 18th of April, the top SHEEPS members joined Axte, and others went to PL@GUE, dropping the SHEEPS tag.

If there is no more SHEEPS surely you could call Axte the winner? That has been a debate in the forums, as to who has won. The conquers were quite close (not sure how close when kicked players are included), but only one tribe came out better off. Axte have had more points now than ever, what with Apathy and SHEEPS members under their wing, and they are now a supposed powerhouse, spanning many K’s, and controlling a vast amount of the world.

Now, with the MIND declaration, the new members have an open border, allowing them to show their skills off.


Now it’s time for a look at the world with the dominance maps, that can be found on the forums. We can see how the world has changed compared to the last issue.

From this map you can plainly see Axtes dominance over the Southern sector of the world. They reign supreme and have no real challenges in their southern areas, which is now a clean up station. The North, however, is still divided by MIND and NUKE, who share good relationships, and, both have wars to occupy each other, which means growing tensions are not threatening their relationship. Although there are smaller tribes in this world, they stand no chance, as the larger, more established tribes (and families) are clearing up their areas and picking off anyone who gets big enough.

Now, we can compare this map to the one last issue to see just how much the world has changed since then.

The first obvious difference that hits you is Axtes size. Not only have they secured parts of their own area, but they have taken over other areas aswell. They now control a vast area of what used to be SHEEPS and Apathy, along with what they used to own. The members they took in from those two tribes were some of the biggest, which gave them easy dominance quickly. Another change includes NUKES push into HATES area, taking over K37, almost pushing HATE completely out, and also starting to push into 2 other K’s, K38 and K46, and another change is MINDS acquisition of another K off of ~DoGz~, as well as gaining dominance in other K’s as all tribes have been doing.


Well, it’s time for the statistics. These will be much the same as last issues, and will cover the same things, including K dominance, World dominance, and Average dominance.

—North West————North East—
| 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |—| 5 | 6 | 7  | 8 | 9 |
|10|11 |12|13|14||15|16 |17|18|19|
—South West————South East—

Again we have a simpler version of the auto updating map, with colours as close to the auto-updater as I could get, well anyway, onwards!

From this map, you see that the Axte Family own around 21K’s, of which there are 2 rim K’s that aren’t over half full. Their average dominance over all their K’s is 69.38% which may not seem like a lot, but, most of their K’s are secured, so they can afford to not have them completely dominated, and to use nobles elsewhere. They have a total of 1457.02 points in dominance, again out of 8000 points (20K’s are unoccupied). So now, Axte own over an eight of the world on their own. It doesn’t seem like much, but it is the largest dominance on this world.

MIND own 10K’s, a considerably smaller amount, but most of their K’s have 80+% dominance, meaning that they are more clustered than Axte, who are a lot more spread about the world. MIND only own 1 rim K, and that is K3. MINDS average dominance over their 10K’s is 75.34%, which is a higher dominance average than Axte, which again, shows how they are more clustered. MINDS total dominance on the world amounts to 753.42, which is half that of Axtes, but they own half as many K’s so it is understandable. Their score is nothing to be ashamed of, as it is still a considerable amount.

NUKE now, they own 12K’s, a number of which are rim. They don’t seem to have much competition in their core for dominance, and they average  81.07% across their K’s which is the highest average so far in these statistics. They total 972.89 points of dominance, almost an eight of the world, and they are second only to Axte, but again, you can see how clustered they are compared to Axte. NUKES points used to be closer to Axtes, but since Axte took in SHEEPS members, their dominance sky-rocketed.

The HATE family own 11K’s, with 4 being rim K’s. The recently lost a K to NUKE, who have more or less completely pushed them out of K37. They average 64.19% an each of their K’s, which is the smallest average so far, but, that is explainable, seeing as NUKE are invading 2 of their K’s, slowly draining dominance. Their total on dominance points is 706.15, the only tribe so far to go down due to loss of K’s and dominance. The way the HATE/NUKE war is continuing, they could quickly lose more and more K’s.

To finish off the top 5, we will look at PL@GUE, who are not part of the SHEEPS family any more, seeing as SHEEPS are gone. They are now the home of the members who weren’t drawn into Axte, and the inactives. They own only 4k’s,  averaging 75.78% on their K’s, slightly higher than MINDS, but not as high as NUKES. Their total dominance on this world amounts to 303.12 points, which is a small amount compared to all of the others in the top 5, it isn’t even half of HATES, but PL@GUE do have secondary dominance in a lot of K’s.

Now that that is done, we can order the tribes in order of dominance, to see who dominates the most. Then we can put them into ‘teams’ North, and South, seeing as those seem to be the two sides at the moment. North will consist of MIND and NUKE, South will consist of Axte, HATE and PL@GUE.

Anyway, dominance rankings.

1. Axte – 1457.02
2. NUKE – 972.89
3. MIND – 753.42
4. HATE – 706.15
5. PL@GUE - 303.12

As you can see most places have large gaps in between, the only gap that has a possibility of being breached is the gap between HATE and MIND. If HATE were to push against NUKE, and take a K back, they would pass MIND in dominance.

Now, in terms of teams, you can put these into 2 teams. Pro Axte, and Pro MIND/NUKE. Obviously the second will consist of both MIND and NUKE, but apparently they do have sympathizers, MIND especially, who apparently have 2 outside tribes who are Pro-MIND. One of these tribes is apparently AGG, who own 4k’s totalling 271.10 points in dominance for MIND. Apparently MIND ordered some members of PL@GUE to move into AGG, and, in doing so, it crippled PL@GUE and caused mass confusion in the SHEEPS family, and this event, along with others, sparked SHEEPS talks with Axte. The other MIND sympathizer is apparently RAM, who are seen as enemies by the ex-SHEEPS because they were hitting them during their war on Axte. RAM own 5k’s at 329.94 total dominance points, which too can be added to MIND.

Anyway, because of these MIND sympathizers, the Pro-MIND/NUKE team will consist of MIND, NUKE, RAM and AGG.
The Pro-Axte team will consist of the Axte Family, the HATE Family, and PL@GUE.


At a glance you can see that the Pro-Axte side is larger, they cover a lot more K’s and have a higher member and point count. But, in terms of dominance, it may be a little closer.


1. NUKE – 972.89
2. MIND – 753.42
3. RAM – 329.94
4. AGG – 271.10

This adds up to a total of  2327.35 dominance points, and around 31k’s, meaning this side have an average of 75.07% on each K (although this doesn’t matter much)
Now, despite them being the smaller team, the dominance shows that they are, indeed, quite a large force, totaling a quarter of the world.


1. Axte – 1457.02
2. HATE – 706.15
3. PL@GUE – 303.12

The total for the Pro-Axte team is  2466.29, over 36 K’s.

You can see how close these two really are, although the first team may be seen as smaller, they own almost as much of the world as the second team, and are only 5k’s behind.


Also, you can see how they are close by looking at points.


MIND – 73,873,453
HATE – 60,423,763
AGG – 14,729,845
RAM – 11,376,599

TOTAL –  160,403,330


Axte F. – 121,942,396
HATE F. – 37,829,213
PL@GUE – 34,040,197

TOTAL – 193,811,806.


Now, the Pro-Axte side are evidently a lot bigger in points. But that doesn’t count for much at all. What matters more is the quality of the members, and, I know it is contradictory, we will look at the average member points for each tribe to do so. Now, once again, we will look at the Pro-MIND/NUKE side first

MIND – 1.852.367
NUKE – 1.346.700
AGG – 399.796
RAM – 455.234

Total – 4,054,096
AVERAGE – 1,013,524

So, their average is pretty good, especially seeing as it includes the lower averages of AGG and RAM, and, this could mean that the members that make up this side are of good quality, or maybe they just focus on points, you never know.

Now to look at the Pro-Axte side, I will be using the in-game player averages so that I can get all of the averages from the individual tribes, including the families.

Axte – 1.879.018
HATE – 798.263
PL@GUE – 1.018.878
MyBad! – 688.957
FEAR – 211.902

Total – 4,597,018
AVERAGE – 919,403

Now, you can see that the two average are quite close, but, the Pro-MIND/NUKE side have a higher player average, meaning either better players, or just point hungry players.


You may wonder why I am comparing these things, well, I will give you an answer. With MIND having declared war on Axte and PL@GUE, NUKE fighting HATE, NUKE and MIND being allied, and PL@GUE, HATE and Axte being allied it makes 2 teams essentially. That of MIND and NUKE, along with supporters, and the other being the Axte Family, the HATE Family, and PL@GUE. If all allied tribes are fighting the allied tribes of the other team, that makes it a large war… Doesn’t it? Am I making sense?


HATE/PL@GUE/Axte = Pro-Axte
MIND/NUKE (and supportters) = Pro MIND/NUKE

Collectively it means



Now, back to the numbers.
Sometimes, it is quantity that does the trick, though, so, lets look at how many members each side has.

MIND – 40
NUKE – 45
AGG – 37
RAM – 25

Total – 147 members

Axte – 49
HATE – 46
PL@GUE – 35
MyBad! – 45
FEAR – 10

Total – 185 members

Now, 147 against 185 gives an advantage for the Axte side, but I don’t think quantity means alot unless the sides are heavily stacked against you, where, in this case, they aren’t, as one more tribe on the MIND side, could make it more or less even.


What else is there to compare between these two sides that could make a difference? Well, we can compare the sides ODA and make a total of it.

Side 1

MIND – 267,08 Mio.
NUKE – 224,83 Mio.
AGG – 61,89 Mio.
RAM – 45,19 Mio.

Total – 598,99 Mio.

Side 2

Axte – 337,44 Mio.
HATE – 168,08 Mio.
PL@GUE – 144,13 Mio.
MyBad! – 57,32 Mio.
FEAR – 26,01 Mio.

Total – 732,98 Mio.

Now, the Axte side may have the higher ODA, which should mean that their players are more aggressive, but that ODA has been recorded since the beginning of the world, and counts players who have now left the tribes, and maybe the world, so it isn’t entirely accurate.


I think there is one final thing we can compare between these tribes, and that is their nobling rates. And in this I will be using their ennoblements won, and lost, over a week, to see how many each side can gain weekly.

Side 1

MIND –  361
NUKE – 204
AGG – 56
RAM – 79

Total – 700


MIND – 59
NUKE – 52
AGG – 5
RAM – 53

Total – 169



Axte – 613
HATE – 127
PL@GUE – 169
MyBad! – 160
FEAR – 7

Total –  1076


Axte – 8
HATE – 143
PL@GUE – 153
MyBad! – 23
FEAR – 18

Total –  345


Well, it seems the Axte side have more conquers, but that may be because of the amount of internals that they can eat. They are eating Apathy and PL@GUE at the moment, but tribes that have a lot of inactives for the group to munch on.


Now that the comparison is over we can draw up a few stats about these two sides.

The Axte side control slightly more of the World

The Axte side have more points

The MIND/NUKE side have a higher member average

The Axte side has more members

The Axte side has more ODA

The Axte side has more ennoblements recently.

We can see here that Axte win most of the comparison but, a few of them are slightly inaccurate, for example, how many of Axtes conquers recently have been internals? And how much ODA had the tribes amounted before they had their recent team.

Anyway, I hope this has been insightful for you, and sorry it isn’t a full blog, I got carried away in the stats

Thanks for reading!

Armstrong Out.