Armstrong’s Eye on W51 – Issue 9

March 25, 2011 in World 051 News, World News

Well it looks like I have missed a load. I don’t deserve your sympathy but I must say, I haven’t even been around enough to keep my accounts active or check my skype logs. But I guess I am back right now to give you guys my update of this world. I am back now, and have been working through the weekend, and the previous week to get something done, and, here it is.

In this issue I will be covering some statistics and the Top 10 tribes. The next issue will cover the wars and the Top 10 players. Have fun reading!


First things first, The world as it stands! (map dated from the 21st of March).
I thought I would do something different for you guys and provide you all with some statistics. It’s the first time I have done statistics like these, so I would like some feedback on them.

It looks as if the world has entered the phase where tribes are clearly dominating their quarter of the map. You have the Axte Family dominating the South East, the SHEEPS family in the South West, Nuke in the North East and MIND in the North West, although, both the HATE Family, and Apathy do hold a large chunk of dominance, in the East and South respectively. Apathy are the smallest of these dominating tribes, around half the size of the HATE family, so could be in danger from attacks from other, larger, surrounding tribes, such as the SHEEPS or Axte Families.


If you look at the dominance of the respective areas, North East, South East, South West, North East, you can see exactly who comes out on top.
—North West————North East—
| 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |—| 5 | 6 | 7  | 8 | 9 |
|10|11 |12|13|14||15|16 |17|18|19|
—South West————South East—

Above is a simple version of the auto updating map that is further above, it is an easier way to calculate a tribes dominance, that is, if you are counting Rim K’s.

From the smaller version you can see that the Axte Family dominate 13K’s of which, 3 are not full (69, 78 and 88) and their average dominance on the K’s that they own is 74.01%.
Now, if you take all the dominance percentages and call them ‘points’ for a moment (decimals included) you can see how much of the World the Axte Family own, and we can do this for the other dominant tribes. Out of the 8000 available ‘points’ (20K’s do not have any villages in them) the Axte Family have 963.11 points.

Now let’s look at the SHEEPS Family’s domination on this World. They own 12 K’s with 2 of them being undeveloped K’s (undeveloped being not full to the majority), and these are K’s 30 and 40. Their average dominance on their K’s is 77.03%, a higher average than that of the Axte Family. Now, again, looking at these ‘points’, out of 8000 in the World, SHEEPS own 924.34, which is only slightly behind that of the Axte Family’s. If SHEEPS were to take another K at their average, it would put them 30 points ahead of Axte with the same amount of K’s.

MINDs turn now, these guys have ownership over a total of 8 K’s, none of which are rim K’s. Their average percentage range on these K’s is  74.97% slightly higher than the dominance average of the Axte Family, but, lower than that of the SHEEPS family. Their point total on World Dominance is much lower than that of both the Axte and SHEEPS families, seeing as they own a lot less K’s, their total is 599.72, but, their average is nothing to be ashamed of in their dominance.

NUKE next, these guys own 12 K’s, like the SHEEPS Family, but, of these 12, 4 are rim (6, 17, 18 and 28) meaning that ownership of these is an easy thing to obtain. The average dominance on these K’s is 75.80% only slightly higher than that of MIND, but still lower than the SHEEPS Family, but, their overall points, because of the amount of K’s they own, is 909.61, so, they are in the top half of the group, average wise, but lower down in points.

Now we can look at some of the smaller tribes. And these will be the HATE Family, and Apathy. We will start with the HATE Family. These guys own a total of 10 K’s, 3 of which are rim/undeveloped, these are 39, 49 and 59. Their average dominance, in percentage terms, over these K’s is 78.10%, which is the highest of all tribes mentioned so far, and that also brings their points on this World to 780.77, in-between MIND and NUKE.

Now on to Apathy, the final tribe in this little statistic section. They are also the smallest, but still dominate 8K’s, just like MIND. Although, 4 of these are rim K’s with smaller amounts of villages. Their average on these K’s is only 59.28% which is the lowest average of the tribes mentioned, and they also have the lowest total points, which is because they are the smallest, at only 474.87. So Apathy still have a while to go in terms of village growth.

No, we can put these tribes in order of their average dominance on K’s, and also, how much of W51 these tribes own.

In order of average dominance
1st. HATE Family – 78.10%
2nd.  SHEEPS Family – 77.03%
3rd. NUKE – 75.80%
4th. MIND – 74.97%
5th. Axte Family – 74.01%
6th. Apathy – 59.28%

This just gives you an idea of who is dominating their K’s easily, you can see that the HATE Family have taken many villages in their desired K’s, as have the SHEEPS Family. But, Families have it easier than single tribes as they don’t have shared K’s as they are one group, meaning they can have multiple tribes under a family name all in a K. So, kudos to NUKE for highest single tribe dominance, closely followed by MIND.

Now we can look at these Points, to see how much of the world certain tribes REALLY own. There are a total of 8000 points available, as their are 20K’s without any tribes in them, meaning there are 80 left, and 100%, or points, available in each K, so 8000 points.

1st. Axte F. – 963.11
2nd. SHEEPS F. – 924. 34
3rd. NUKE – 909.61
4th. HATE F. – 780.77
5th. MIND – 599.72
6th. Apathy – 474.87

When you look at the world in this way, it makes you see how, although they are top of the world rankings, no tribe owns even an eighth of the world, with the closest being the Axte Family with 963 points, they would only need to control 1 more K to be on top.

Bear in mind that these points are done by K’s they control, which shows how much of the world they control, as you can’t control a K you do not dominate, if they were done by presence in other K’s, MIND would be higher up, either 3rd or 4th because of their presence in K’s 34 and 42, and both the SHEEPS and Axte families would have a lot more points because of  K’s they have a large presence in, such as K’s 43, 44, 61, 64, 72, 84 and 94 for SHEEPS, and K’s 34, 37, 74, 86 and 87.

It just gives a general overview of their domination, it also makes big tribes seem a lot less scary, as instead of them having 13 out of 80K’s, which is just under a sixth of the world, it gives them 963 points out of 8000, which isn’t even an eighth, although that is no reason to doubt a tribes power.

Well, after that statistic section, I am guessing it is time to move on to the likes of tribe rankings.


Now, let’s take a look at some of the top tribes. I will be including family tribes as they are on the auto updating maps purely because it is easier for viewing and correlating the tribes, without having to worry about families.
Please note all OD is done via TWStats, so may be slightly inaccurate.

The Axte Family are at the top, and Axte themselves are at the top of the individual tribe rankings. Now, because family tribes are included in this rating, there may be some smaller, and, less well known tribes towards the bottom. But, nevertheless, I shall attempt to give you an adequate review for each of these.


The Axte family remain at the top, and have been at the top for a while now. Their family as a whole are 12,000,000 points above their next contender, the SHEEPS Family, who they are still engaged in a war with. Their southern border, with Apathy, is quiet at the moment, but they have been clearing up what was METAL along with some of the other smaller tribes there, like Hg.
So far, this month the Family have made around 1400 conquers this month. Which includes both Axte and MyBad! Which, for a group of 84 players, amounts to around 16 conquers per player, which is not bad at all. Although, they have lost a total of 82 villages since the beginning of March to SHEEPS. Their total OD rise has been around 123,000,000 split between ODA and ODD, resting very heavily upon ODA rises, with a lot less of an ODD rise.
From what I know, the Axte Family are allied to the HATE Family, which means they have a secure border there. I am unsure of NUKE’s relationship with Axte, but it may cause some problems in the future. Although, for now, the Axte family are content with their attacks on the SHEEP family to gain more territory there.


The SHEEPS Family are at number 2, as they are both made up of two large tribes, well, a moderate size and a smaller size in terms of the top 10. These being SHEEPS and PL@GUE, both long time allies, but now, SHEEPS have taken in the strong from PL@GUE, and PL@GUE have taken in the larger members of AGG, leaving AGG as an internal central for members of both PL@GUE and SHEEPS who go inactive to be eaten up. The SHEEPS Family are fighting against Axte on their East after disputes over territory, but, like Axte, seem to be quiet on their South with Apathy, who seem to be biding their time. Like the Axte Family, they too are clearing up local areas, although that mainly consists of eating up inactives and smaller members of AGG to keep their area tight knight.
The SHEEPS Family have made around 1100 conquers, split between both SHEEPS and PL@GUE. These will have been a variety of origins, ranging from Axte and MyBad! to smaller tribes and internal ennoblements and recaps. Which, split between all players in the two tribes, amounts to around 13 conquers per player, which is smaller than the Axte Families, but, they are a bigger group, allowing more force to be applied.
The Family have gained around 40,000,000 points in OD, although this number is according to TWStats so may be slightly out of proportion, same applies to Axte’s.


MIND are the first Non-Family tribe in this ranking, which is quite impressive seeing as there is another Family ranked beneath these guys. They seem to reside comfortably in third place by a good 6,000,000 points, which is a large amount by any standards this far into the game. MIND came into power after taking in members of PIMPS after being ganged up on. Since then they have gone from strength to strength, dominating the North West, and controlling many K’s around them, with considerable influence in some others.
I myself do not know of any wars they are participating in, but, I am behind on the times, so my statement may not be absolutely true.
The seem to have completely eaten up their core K’s so they will have to start expanding towards the centre of the world, or further towards the rim. A central expansion may bring them closer to war, however. They can always take a bite out of the SHEEPS Family, though, although that too, would bring about a war. One that they may regret if not thought out properly.
Over this past month, MIND have taken a total of 1294 villages, which is more as an individual tribe than any other individual tribes. This equates to around 30 conquers per person, which is a huge amount. Although these conquers do include recaps and internals that would have been easier to make than individual conquers off of opponents.
The tribe have also made an OD gain of around 59,000,000 points, which, like most tribes, has the majority in ODA, there is only around 8,000,000 points in ODD gained, making ODA have a total gain of around 51,000,000 points.


Nuke are the fourth ranked tribe, and, like MIND, are ranked above another Family tribe, which is good for them, as it shows that they can successfully operate independently, without the need for a family tribe. NUKE are also quite far in-head of the family tribe below them, as they are 6,000,000 points in-front of the combined points of both HATE and FEAR, which again, is a large amount of points at this stage of the game.
They too, like MIND, have largely dominated their sector in the North East. They have taken most of the residing K’s there, including many of the rim K’s, although that does not allow them to expand towards the rim. But, they can always attempt to take HATE on for dominance of the K’s 38 and 39, and then push further south. But, that would risk a war with the Axte Family. Although I doubt Axte would like to fight a war on all their fronts bar one. It is still a viable move if thought out, though.
NUKE themselves have gained 551 villages in the last month, which is smaller compared to others, but is around what the individual tribes in the SHEEPS Family achieved. Split between their 46 members makes around 11 villages per player, a smaller amount, but it is not much less than what an average SHEEPS member would be taking, and SHEEPS are a bigger tribe so their average is not too shabby at all.
OD-Wise they have only made around 10,000,000 points, which is mainly ODA, with only a very small amount being ODD, but their small ODA rise reflects what they have been nobling this month, a large chunk of internals and inactives.

5. HATE Family

The HATE Family are made up of HATE a top 5 tribes, and a tribe that is outside of the top 10. They are in between Axte and NUKE, with only the rim on their back, a rim that they already own. They may need to expand against NUKE, as I severely doubt they would attempt an attack on the Axte Family. The HATE family have dropped a bit since their first formation, their highest rank was rank 1 at some point, but, since then, they have dropped to rank 5, and they don’t seem to be moving anywhere fast, as both ranks up and down are quite far behind or in head in terms of points.
The Family themselves have taken a total of 984 villages, whether they are internals or not, is not counted, they are conquers that the tribe have taken, although not all may have contributed to their overall points. Between the members of HATE, of which there are 72, it makes an average of around 13 conquers per player, which is the same as the SHEEP family average, and slightly more than that of NUKE.
In OD, the family have gained around 25,000,000 points, of which, again, like most top tribes, has been ODA, alot of the ODA would have been gained from taking villages off of smaller players and tribes in their area.


Apathy are now under new leadership since H0lly quit, and they have kept relatively quiet about what they are doing, aswell. Their public presence has dropped and their standing on the Axte vs Sheeps war is unknown to a few, H0lly wanted to fight Axte, but that may have changed. One thing is for sure, though, life in Apathy will not be the same without H0lly.
Now, onto some of the stats for Apathy this month. They are the first in the smaller section of the top 10. The gap between them and the HATE family is a huge 20,000,000 points, although they are in head of rank 7 by 10,000,000 points. So they wont be going anywhere in ranks just yet.
Apathy have taken almost 600 villages this month, which is around half what some of the families are making. Between their 37 members, that makes 16 villages per player, which is a very nice average rate for a smaller tribe, better than the SHEEPS and HATE Family average, and NUKEs average aswell.
Apathy have made a gain of around 20,000,000 OD from clearing out smaller tribes, and a constant attack on -Hg- a small tribe created by some members who were unhappy with Apathys new leadership, but now, they are being cleared out. They, like Axte, have also been hitting NW51, another smaller tribe in the southern region.

7. RAM

Now we come on to the tribes who have not had much of an impact on this world, the first of which, are RAM. A tribe based in the South West, who have around 10,000,000 points. RAM were formed in early Decemeber of 2010 by some small players from other smaller tribes in the South West. Since then, some other members have joined them, and some have left, giving them the roster they have today of 31 members.
This month, RAM have made their first jump into the top 10 in individual tribes, but when family tribes are counted, they have been in the top 10 for a while. RAM have made only 190 conquers this month, a small amount, but, they are a small tribe, and 190 conquers would make up maybe even a tenth of their overall points now. When the village conquers are put to an average it equates to around 6 conquers per player, which is fees able for a tribe who’s average points per player are 300,000.
Their OD gain, however, has been extremely small. They have only gained around 5,000,000 points in OD, which, even for a tribe their size, is relatively small. Especially when you compare it to what some of the other tribe are making, even Apathy, who are twice their size, are making four times the OD that RAM are making.

8. OWL

Owl are the eighth ranked tribe when Family tribes are included. They sit around 2,000,000 points behind RAM, they are located quite centrally in the World, surrounded by the top 4 tribes, sharing a border with each of them. The don’t seem to have anywhere to go, and, in due time, will just be eaten by the larger tribes as space starts to run out.
OWL have only made 200 conquers this month. Which is a very small number, which means their growth is slow. That’s understandable when you evaluate their position on the world. Although they still managed more conquers than RAM. Now, these 200 conquers make an average of 5 conquers per person, for each of their 42 members. Which, surprisingly, is only 1 conquer below that of RAM.
OWL have gained 15,000,000 points in OD over the course of the month, but, unlike most of the Top 10, the majority of their OD gain resides in ODD. They gained around 13,000,000 points in ODD. OWL have been under heavy attack from MIND, who are taking a lot of villages. The SHEEPS, Axte, and HATE families have also taken some villages from them too. They may not last much longer if the attacks continue.

9. LKJ2

LKJ2 are the first tribe who ARE NOT in the actual Top 10 in game, but, when families are considered, some tribes lose individuality in the rankings and are put under a family tribe. LKJ2 are officially 11th, but, when families are counted as a single tribe, they are 9th.
These guys, surprisingly, started on the 21st of July, a long time ago, and very close to when the world started, but, since then, they have remained relatively unknown, only now making an entrance into the world. Although, their entrance may be short lived.
OD wise, the tribe have made a jump of about 10,000,000 points. Which is more than what RAM had made, but less than anyone else. Again, like OWL, the majority is coming from ODD, as these guys, like OWL, are under attack from MIND, and the various other top families.
These guys managed to make 227 conquers, though, which is more than what RAM and OWL have done in conquers. But, they have more members, at 46, so their average,  like OWL, is 5 conquers per player.


NW51 are another tribe who have jumped out of the blue. They are officially 12th, but whn families are counted, they get bumped up to 10th. They are located in the south, between the rim, Axte, and Apathy, and the also have clusters spread about within Axte. They have about 6,500,000 points. A very small amount compared to the larger tribes. But, they are holding their rank, with about 2,000,000 points on either side of them. These guys only appeared in the top 10 this month, moving from the 20’s all the way up quite quickly, although they are not big enough to have a great effect on the world.
Surprisingly, their OD gain is quite high, they have gained around 46,000,000 points this month (Although some of this may be from members joining) but, like the other smaller tribes, their main gain has been ODD. Which has made a massive leap of around 30,000,000 points. Which means they have been defending, but, they have been losing a lot of villages to the Axte Family.
They have managed to take 192 villages, a total quite close to RAMs, so, for a small tirbe, it isn’t too bad. Those 192 villages make up an average of 4 conquers per player. This isn’t too bad when you see their average is below 150,000.

Now, that’s the top 10 tribes wrapped up. In my opinion, any tribe below Apathy in the above rating are not going to make any significant changes in the world, and only seem to be there as food for the bigger tribes. It’s just a matter of time before they get wiped out.


Seeing as that was the Top 10 according to family tribes, the actual Top 10 is as follows.

1. Axte (Axte Family) – 59.635.054
2. MIND – 58.817.476
3. NUKE – 52.029.151
4. SHEEPS (SHEEPS Family) – 47.005.694
5. HATE (HATE Family, the other part to the Family is FEAR, rank 12) – 39.905.881
6. Apathy – 24.439.047
7. PL@GUE (SHEEPS Family) – 23.868.812
8. MyBad! (Axte Family) – 22.957.192
9. RAM – 10.774.427
10. OWL – 8.981.223

In the top 10 in game, scores are a lot closer, aswell, MIND are less than 1,000,000 away from Axte, NUKE are in front of SHEEPS by 4,000,000. HATE are in a gap of 6,000,000 up, and 20,000,000 down. Apathy have just taken over PLA@GUE, and PL@GUE are only just in head of MyBad!. Although, MyBad! are double the size of RAM, below them, and RAM are 2,000,000 in head of OWL.


I guess this is the end of this blog, as I am not doing top 10 players and wars in this issue. That will be covered in the next issue when I, myself, am up to speed with the worldly happenings.

Now, I know I have been very delayed in making this, but, I hope this blog is a good read, and please, if you have any criticism of the BLOG (Not the time it took to release) then either comment below, post on the forums, or, mail me. If you have any problems with the timing, I would prefer it if you were able to mail me.

Thanks for your patience guys, I will try get the next issue up before March has ended, so I will try and write fast for you all.

Once again,

Armstrong Out