Armstrongs Eye on W51 – Issue 7

December 22, 2010 in World 051 News, World News

Right guys, I have said in my thread, this will be one of the shorter weekly issues. If you want the link to that thread, it is Here. So, this issue is going to be about PIMPs demise, their fall from the top 5, and what’s happening now. As this is a weekly issue, the top 10 will be updated, and have smaller ratings on them, this goes for both player and tribe.
Anyway, Christmas is coming close, and with Christmas, the attack breaks draw nearer. Sometimes these are inconvinient, but for others, they are life or ‘village’ savers.


Before the Gangbang on PIMPs, they were sailing smoothly along around ranks 2 and 3. And were doing well there too, they had steady growth, always going up, along with respectable gains in ODD and ODA.

PIMPs started on the 3rd if August, and, according to TW Stats, was created by Muldie325. At that point, the world was still new, and people were only just nearing towards their academies. Recruitment seemed to be slow at first, but then, it sped up a whole lot, taking in members from [ISF], JAGER, and others.

These new recruits gave PIMPs a steady foundation that they could build on for the next few months. Members were coming and going, as were other tribes, but, PIMPS managed to stay areound and also stayed in the higher ranks. And, on the 22nd of September, after a recent merger with JAGER, they reached the rank 1 spot. Although they reached it by merging, they still managed to stay around in the top 5 for a very long time, right up until they fell.

PIMPs then warred MANIC, a war that started off quite well, but, ended up with not much happening for a while. Until, MANIC, like PIMPs have, collapsed. The majority of conquers were made in October, where PIMPs took 48 of their total 82 villages from MANIC. After MANICs own collapse at the end of October, PIMPs upped their conquers against the remaining members that didn’t leave the tribe.

After this conflict, PIMPs again took in new members, this time, from another tribe who helped against MANIC, and this tribe was R.I.M, who also did well against MANIC. With more new recruits to keep the tribe active, PIMPs stayed up with the likes of -H.A.T.E-, Axte, SHEEPS, and Jester.

After this, not much recruitment was made at all on PIMPs part, they recruited 2 new members in the space of a month, but, they were still actively growing and keeping with the top tribes.

Then, at the start of December, PIMPs were declared on by a number of tribes, it was a 5 tribe gangbang on PIMPs, with the opposition consisting of Mind, GOAT, FOR, AGG FRST.

Now, this world has already seen a fair share of gangbangs. There was the HERO vs K-T/FRM/Jester war, the MANIC vs PIMPs/R.I.M, Jester vs Axte/METAL, and, 1Piece vs METAL/Apathy, the PIMPs gangbang was just another notch on the stick, and there will be more gangbangs to come, maybe in the near future.

Back to PIMPs, this gangbang started officialy on the 2nd of December, as the forums say. PIMPs were able to hold their rank for just under a week, until, on the 9th, the first members decided to leave the tribe. In a matter of 6 days, PIMPs had gone from 42 members, to just 7. A sixth of their original total.

The final stats, as of now, from the PIMPs war, are as follows.

Side 1:
Tribes: PIMPs
Side 2:
Tribes: Mind, AGG, FOR, FRST

Timeframe: 02/12/2010 00:00:00 to 21/12/2010 23:13:47

There is an obvious difference in conquers here, PIMPs lacked conquers right from the start, and now, the fact that they have split, means these conquers will just increase on inactive leftovers.

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 89
Side 2: 310
Difference: 221

The points difference is also very large, with PIMPs taking only a quarter of what the coalition had taken off of PIMPs.

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 683,319
Side 2: 2,412,664
Difference: 1,729,345

PIMPs members have now split into mulitple tribes, some went into MANIC, others to PL@GUE, and some others, namely, former R.I.M, to AGG.

Over the time PIMPs members played under the same name, they ammassed over 54 million points in ODA, the third most out of any tribe, and also managed to gain the second highest ODD out of all tribes on this world, with a staggering 28 million points. This led to a total OD of over 83 million points. This now, is all that is there that will show the glory of the once large tribe, PIMPs.

In the externals it is argued that quite a number of tribes ‘won’ this conflict, even if they weren’t directly involved in it.

William Birkin, leader of PL@GUE, thought the following tribes won (Original post is in the forums)

Ramifications of this war? Well obviously Mind, Pl@gue, and SHEEPS are the winners. AGG too I suppose.
It also weakened all of the tribes in this “alliance” considerably except for Mind perhaps who supplemented with Pimps recruits. This will make it easier for Pl@gue to take the Western Rim and for SHEEPS to move up into the 40’s. I see a war between OWL and SHEEPS resulting from this.
SHEEPS won because I think long term. They recived many benefits from recruiting the Pimps members they did. Pl@gue won because it is left with a situation that will give control of the western rim to them. Mind wins because they gain valuable members which will allow them to expand and take the northern rim.

Another poster (Army of Loners, of Axte), had this to say
I think the bigger key is who survived war and who didn’t, and I would have to say Pimps fall from a well-respected tribe to members of Mind will be the biggest game changer in the area.

Obviously, feelings are mixed about this war and the true winners, but, as Army of Loners said, this IS the biggest game changer in that area yet.


Beneath this is a copy of Nickjers Auto-Updating map for W51, this is the tribe dominance tribe,  showing all the tribes that dominate a K.

This map shows that now, the man tribes that dominate continents are tribes of the top 10. This shows that the world will soon be entering the stage where it’s only the top 10 tribes that matter, as at the moment, smaller tribes like METAL, WEBASH, and CTRL have some sort of influence on the world.
Soon, the continents will be dominated by only tribes of the top 10.


The top 10 has seen some changes over the last week. With PIMPs falling out completely, and Apathy, once again, sticking their heads into the action, hoping to rise even more. The ranks are as follows;

1 Äxte 29.679.053 29.679.053 39 761.001 3280 9.048
2 SHEEPS 21.444.705 22.103.731 47 470.292 2528 8.744
3 -HÄTE- 19.656.810 19.656.810 39 504.021 2270 8.659
4 NUKE 19.226.974 20.152.650 47 428.780 2389 8.436
5 Mind 17.487.187 17.487.187 39 448.389 2017 8.670
6 PL@GUE 13.176.297 13.341.219 44 303.210 1629 8.190
7 AGG 11.581.253 12.185.087 47 259.257 1500 8.123
8 K-T 9.984.128 10.394.676 46 225.971 1275 8.153
9 FOR 8.101.905 8.147.635 43 189.480 1079 7.551
10 Apathy 7.445.279 7.445.279 37 201.224 918 8.110

Here is a map of the top 15 tribes, it is Nickjers auto updating map for W51 so it may be a bit slow.

Now, seeing as this is a shorter issue, I will only have ratings for the top 5 tribes, and this week, it is done by Hawk Eye

1- Axte

Total points : 29.352.349
Average points per player : 752.624
ODA rank : 1
ODD rank : 4
ODT rank : 3

Unquestionable dominators of w51 , leading at top with +9.000.000 more point than Sheeps ,
Axte High ODA rank and High average point per player shows they are pretty much aggressive players with a high experienced core.
On The Map , They dominate 6 continents with 39 players which is a pretty decent stats at this state of world ,
Axte have the potential of staying at top and Dominate world for a long while.
In my opinion , Their biggest enemy at this moment is Inactivity , with the low member number and big sized account this tribe have , inactivity can damage this tribe more than any war , if leadership here can get over the possible future inactivities without losing quality of players or mass recruiting in long term. this tribe will own the world soon.


2- Sheeps

Total points : 21.037.395
Average points per player : 452.898
ODA rank : 2
ODD rank : 1
ODT rank : 1

One of the few premades that survived the early stages of this game and my favorite tribe in top 20 ,
Sheeps ODD and ODA shows they were busy in some tight wars recently . they hold rank 1 ODT and in my point of view they deserve it.
On The Map however , SHEEPS need a clean up on the continents it dominate . they dominate around 4 continents with a total of 49 members and share many areas with some smaller tribes like K-T , LOYAL and OWL F….. Sheeps Share a fair border with Axte , which make a war between these two top tribes bloody interesting…
In My opinion , Sheeps has respectable core players with a skilled leader . i think a brief decreasing in the number of their member will make this tribe even better.


3- -Hate-

Total points : 19.496.031
Average points per player : 487.401
ODA rank : 3
ODD rank : 12
ODT rank : 5

a Branch of old apathy tribe , -Hate- was once the most -HATED- Tribe of w51 , however their reputation seems like getting better each day pass… especially with the leadership change from Grawler to hate machine.
-Hate- ODD kinda disappointed me. it seems like they never really faced a real enemy in battlefield .
On The Map , Hate seems like the most boxed tribe of W51 too me. surrounded by Axte and Nuke they will soon get forced to face a REAL ENEMY to break their box.
In My Opinion , with the wide border Hate share with Axte , a war between these two tribes is possible sometime in the future..


4- Nuke

Total points : 18.932.479
Average points per player : 421.976
ODA rank : 4
ODD rank : 7
ODT rank : 4

I dont know nuke much , Never had the opportunity of talking with one of their members . they seems like the most promising tribe of northern continents anyhow…
Nuke seems quite An Average Tribe , They hold rank 4 in both Points and OD and they did a fine job in their war against Teddy!
On The Map , Nuke have control of 5 continents with around 47 members . they share a wide border with MIND , although it seems like they have no interests in nobling in areas near Mind.
In My opinion , This Tribe will do fine. nuke are killing some rim tribes and expanding toward east and it seems they are finding more borders with -Hate- each day pass. i think a Hate , Nuke War is possible sometime in future as Hate need to break out their box and Nuke is quite easier target compare to Axte.


5- Mind

Total points : 17.138.041
Average points per player : 439.437
ODA rank :12
ODD rank : 31
ODT rank : 17

Mind recently won a war against PimPs and with a merge with some Ex-PimPs and a tribe called Goat break into top 5
Mind has the worst ODT rank in all the top 10 , and their very low ODD rank shows this tribe has yet a lot to prove it worthiness . So i hope to see these guys in a real WAR soon enough.
On The Map , mind has a decent position… a solid control over 6 continents and their neighbors seems much less scarier than the rest of top 5 tribes. which leave this tribe a big opportunity to grow and gain size.
In My opinion , Mind is here to stay for a while . with the position and diplomatic skills ( gangbangs ) they got they are here to stay.


Like the top 10 tribes, this is also going to be a quick update, with a little info on the going-ons for the top 5 players, so, here’s the rankings;

1 Osiadus Mind 1.624.190 175 9281
2 Wolves Dine at Night Äxte 1.577.051 164 9616
3 Purple Rhino Äxte 1.550.310 158 9812
4 riiiz99 Äxte 1.387.674 142 9772
5 amaraya -HÄTE- 1.383.719 147 9413
6 rycole -HÄTE- 1.312.090 146 8987
7 Boom Bastik Äxte 1.231.871 136 9058
8 Obsessed and Confused -HÄTE- 1.225.731 130 9429
9 bojanm Äxte 1.222.709 130 9405
10 Alientuga NUKE 1.217.377 135 9018

Map of the top 15 players, by Nickjer

The top 10 players changes much more frequently than the top 10 tribes, with gaps between players here as little as 3k, changes do occur frequently, although, some gaps are as large as 160k, where players have solidified their positions. Anyway, here’s an update on the top 5 players.

1 – Osiadus

Osiadus is still at the top of the players list. They recently switched from PIMPs, over to Mind, giving Mind a nice boost up tha rankings. They grew 141,000 points this week, which is much better than last weeks overall growth.
Osiadus has made 14 ennoblements since the 15th of December, all of these being from other players. Many of them were tribeless players, who would not have been able to get outside support, so would have been easy kills. There was one PIMPs members on the list too. Has Osiadus switched over completely? Osiadus has also made a gain of around 600,000 points in total OD, the majority being ODA, showing aggressiveness this week.

Switching from PIMPs to Mind may have been a very good move for Osiadus, and will open up new feeding oppurtunities.

2 – Wolves Dine At Night

Wolves Dine at Night recently took over rank 2, Purple Rhino, and is infront now by a good 27,000 points. This week Wolves grew a good 200,000 points, a large sum by anyones standards at this point in the game. This was accompanied by the taking of 16 villages, the majority of which were barbarian villages in the midst of K’s 66 and 76. These barbarian villages once belonged to ex-Jester and Axte member, Che.Guevara. They also nobled one village from the player nanren, in DAHAN, a tribe recently being hit by Axte.
OD wise, Wolves has grown around 600k, which may be from having to clear the barbarian villages, as they can’t be cleared like internal villages can. There have been very small ODD rises, which could be from attacking themselves.

Overall, a good week for Wolves, with nice growing on 3 fronts, Points, Villages, and ODA.

3 – Purple Rhino

Purple Rhino, having been pushed out of second to Wolves Dine At Night, has grown almost 160,000 points in this week. A nice amount to have grown, accompanied by the taking of 14 villages. These 14 villages were  taken from the tribe Lib Dem, mainly from the player numen007, who showed some resistance by nobling a village off of Purple Rhino, only to have it recapped.
These fights have earned Purple Rhino a total of almost 1,000,000 OD points, predominantly in ODA, from attacking this other tribe. 5,000 ODD points were also ammased from defending against small counter attacks.

Another good week for Purple Rhino, with an improved village conquer, and point gain compared to last week. They are holding steady.

4 – Amaraya

Amaraya only very recently took over Riiiz99, and is now just 10,000 points infront of them. Like the rest of the top 5, growth was over 100,000 points, this week at 120,000 points. 9 villages were taken this week, mainly from internal ennoblememts, along with a barabarian. Although if there are easy villages, take what you can.
OD wise,  Amaraya gained only 20,000 points, which is explained in their conquers, which were internals, which do not put up a fight if sat by tribe members.

They’ve only just got back to 4th, but, when internals run out, will there be enough villages to keep in 4th?

5 – Riiiz99

Only just losing out on 4th place to Amaraya by 10,000 points, Riiiz is now 5th. Riiiz’s gain this week was similar to that of Amarayas, at 120,000 points, again, around the same amount as some of the other top 5, like Amaraya and Osiadus. This gain was made up of ennoblemenets from NEXUS, and one of the tribes they split into, LOYAL. 13 villages were taken overall from both NEXUS and LOYAL.
Now onto OD. OD-wise, Riiiz made a growth of 1,200,000 points, the highest OD gain in the top 5. This is from continually nuking both NEXUS and LOYAL. This huge gain is made up of mainly ODA, around 700,000 points were from nukes. But, they also had a large ODD gain, at 500,000 points in total. This would be from counters from LOYAL and skirmishes from smaller tribes. But, Riiiz has defended well, as their village count has not gone down.


There are still a few other wars going on in this world. The PIMPs war was the most publicized, but, there have been other wars going on. Like the PL@GUE  vs FRST war, there is also the temp vs PL@GUE/K-T/SHEEPS war. LOYAL are fighting SHEEPS/Axte/K-T and CTRL and WEBASH are still fighting, with NUKE and Death joining in with WEBASH. Here are the stats for each of those wars.


Side 1:
Tribes: PL@GUE
Side 2:
Tribes: FRST

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 20
Side 2: 0
Difference: 20

FRST are not putting up much of a resistance to PL@GUE, and with FRST only nobling 18 villages in the week, they have made a loss in villages. It wont help FRST that members are also leaving. I think it’s the end for them

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 150,291
Side 2: 0
Difference: 150,291

PL@GUE have dominated this conflict, although, there have not been many conquers against this tribe in the stats, this may be because of players leaving the tribe. But it’s a for sure that PL@GUE have won.


This war has been ongoing for some time now, K-T seems to be pulling in most of the conquers here, with over 40 this week against Temp. PL@GUE have made around 10 conquers, with SHEEPS having made only 2 this week. Here’s the stats;

Side 1:
Tribes: temp
Side 2:

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 1
Side 2: 55
Difference: 54

Temp have been losing this fight from the start, and now, they are almost over and done with. The last few conquers are being made, with the last waves being sent out. It seems this is all but over.

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 9,170
Side 2: 409,389
Difference: 400,219

Again, hardly any resistance at all from this tribe. It seems that when FRM disbanded, the players who joined temp sealed their fates.


SHEEPS have been doing most of the work here, with 30 villages being taken, then Axte came in, taking around 20 vilages, and losing 1. K-T are behind in this war, taking only 5 villages and losing 1.

Side 1:
Tribes: LOYAL
Side 2:
Tribes: SHEEPS, K-T, Äxte

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 2
Side 2: 51
Difference: 49

It’s obvious from this that LOYAL are going downhill, this battle is very one-sided, considering the amount of tribes that are fighting here, it’s understandable. LOYAL have done better than K-T and FRST in taking villages, but, they have lost one of the highest amounts this week.

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 20,269
Side 2: 421,377
Difference: 401,108

The points difference here is massive, and LOYAL wont be recovering, like other tribes being gangbanged, this is the end of the road.


CTRL against WEBASH is a smaller war that has been going on, up in the North East, a relatively quiet area since Teddy! disbanded and stopped fighting Nuke. But, this small conflict recently became a gangbang, like most wars on this world. With both NUKE and Death joining in with the fight on WEBASH’s side.

Side 1:
Tribes: NUKE, Death, WEBASH
Side 2:
Tribes: CTRL

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 54
Side 2: 16
Difference: 38

Now that other tribes have joined in, WEBASH and co. are easily leading this war, with a comfortable 38 village lead. Although, they are making a resistance

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 369,343
Side 2: 112,081
Difference: 257,262

Again, CTRL are down, and their cry for help in the external forums has been laughed at and unanswered. So, this may be the end for them also…


Once again, I thank you all for reading this blog, and a special thanks goes out to Hawk Eye who allowed me to use their analysis of the top 5 tribes.
This issue turned out to be quite reasonably lengthed, even though I only did the top 5 players and tribes, and no interview.

Well I hope this has been a good read for you all, and there should be a Christmas feature up in a few days time, ready for the Christmas day itself.

Thanks again,

Armstrong Out
P.S if any of my facts are wrong, please inform me so I can correct them.