Armstrong’s Eye on W51 – Issue 6

December 12, 2010 in World 051 News, World News

Hello and welcome to issue 6 of the blog for you W51 players. You guys have requested a few changes for the blog and I am hoping that over the next couple of issues I will be able to implement these changes. This week, my guest writer, who is doing the top 10 tribes for this week, is none other than -HATE-s leader Hate Machine. or Landorian on the external forums. Obviously, to kick start these changes, I am hoping that a new version of the top 10 players, styled with more noblings and stats etc. will please you guys, even though it may not make up the word count the previous blogs made up.


With around 5000 words per blog, and a blog each week, it is quite hard to get so much information into the blog for 1 weeks worth, especially with tribal and player ratings. I am asking you guys now, would you rather have a once per month longer blog with top 10 players and tribes in detail, with shorter, weekly issues with less detailed analysis? Or, would you rather keep it as it is?

Is there anyone out there who would be able to make map for the blog? It is always nice to feature other peoples work in the blog for everyone to read. And if you can make maps, send me a mail, or leave a comment here.

Also, I am having to look harder for guest writers to write something for the blog. If you have anything you want to put in the blog, be it a story of the world, a tribe rating, a player rating, or, anything, please, contact me.

This blog is for you guys, and it is always nice to have other peoples perspectives on the world in the blog. Not just a showcase of what I think.


This week, I will be looking at the relatively new tribe, MIND. And I will also have an interview with their leader about the tribe.

MIND were created just over 2 weeks ago, on the 19th of November, which is the date the majority of their members joined, and since their formation, and initial recruitment from the 19th to the 20th of November, they have not done much recruiting at all. But, being a young tribe, they are still finding theit peggings from which to work from.

Since the recruitment burst on the 19th they have managed to uphold the ranking of 7th, having neither moved up, nor down from there. They have a comfortable lead on the current tribe in 7th, K-T, by around 1,000,000 points, but, are behind the 6th tribe, PL@GUE, by around 500,000 points.

But, they have been growing at around 85,000 points per day over the last 6 days, even with minimum village conquers, which compares to PLA@GUES growth which is around 98,000 points per day, which means PL@GUE will be gaining 13k each day on MIND, which, is understandable, because PL@GUE have 6 more members than MIND. If MIND had the same amount of members, the growth rate would be around the same, as MIND members grow, on average, 2,700 points each day.

MINDs growth compared to K-T is also like their growth compared to PL@GUE. K-T grow and average of 103,000 points each day, gaining around 18,000 points per day on MIND (Mind you, it would still take a while for K-T to overtake them at the growth rate). BUT, K-T do have 10 more members than MIND, whos player average is 2,700 points per day. K-T’s player average, on the other hand, is lower, at only 2,500 points each day. So, from this point of view, it is only MINDS member count that is stopping their growth being as fast as their competitors.

Extra SelectShow

So, that was my interview with the leader of the tribe Mind.


As said before, this weeks top 10 tribes has been done by none other than Landorian, or Hate Machine. ingame. He has gone through the tribes in a bit of detail here, going into inactivity, problems, and invites. So, thank you to him.

Ok, so each tribe will be listed by the normal stats. Rank, Tribe name, Points of the best 40 players, Total points, Members, Average points per player, Villages, and Average points per village. I will discuss inactivity for each, as that is a growing problem in a lot of tribes right now, including my own; I will look at recent invites, or influx of members leaving or joining; we will have a look at who are they nobling, and we will look at OD rank. I will close each tribe with my own opinion, if I have one.

1 Äxte 22.887.569 22.887.569 39 586.861 2619 8.739

3 or 4 inactive or semi active players. 12 or 13 average players by growth, and the rest put up some good numbers daily.

Only 1 recruit in the last week. Bojanm who left the tribe on 31 OCT and recently came back. Interesting how Bomjanm has been in a few top tribes.

Jester Äxte 30th October 2010 – 00:01:09 390,086
Äxte SHEEPS 31st October 2010 – 16:01:15 396,975
SHEEPS Äxte 29th November 2010 – 01:02:38 909,167

Recent nobles include absorbing WAR and a few Nexus.

OD Rank: 1.
(65,960,922 score)

OD Attack Rank: 1.
(50,657,208 score)

OD Defense Rank: 2.
(15,303,714 score)

Top OD, nuff said.

Axte are a great tribe and I don’t see them losing the rank 1 spot without a hell of a fight. Their members for the most part seem active and still hungry. Which at this stage of the game, is a good sign.

2 PIMPs 15.560.732 15.560.732 40 389.018 1903 8.177

Looks like they have 4 or 5 inactive members and a handful of average. I see around 5 putting up outstanding numbers.

A lot of new recruits in the past week/2 weeks from RIM and a couple other tribes.

Most of their recent nobles were L-O-S and FRST members.

OD Rank: 4.
(50,112,707 score)

OD Attack Rank: 4.
(38,382,020 score)

OD Defense Rank: 4.
(11,730,687 score)

Decent rounding of ODA and ODD.

I honestly don’t know much about the tribe, it’s diplomacy, or it’s leadership. They do seem to be doing very well. I look for them to stay in the top 5 for a while. They have a solid core in k33 with protection all around and no strong tribes in the immediate area. It almost looks to me like they are chasing Nuke eastward.

3 -HÄTE- 15.448.667 15.448.667 40 386.217 1863 8.292

Hate, my tribe, has been plagued with members quiting and inactivity with around 7 accounts that went inactive and are being internally nobled. We have recently invited a few new members and even with the inactivity have maintained our growth for the most part. Other than the accounts being internalized the members are putting up healthy numbers.

I recruited around 7 new members in the last week, 1 of which was being nobled by Nuke, as they perceived him as a refuge, so he was removed after we laughed about all the Nukes, Nuke lost. (I have no problems with Nuke, I was just not impressed with how they handled the situation.) Hopefully, we will come to some agreement on borders and future recruiting so this problem doesn’t happen again.

Hate’s recent nobles include, DAHAN2, 12/7, and other smaller tribes in our core areas.

OD Rank: 3.
(52,227,834 score)

OD Attack Rank: 2.
(42,053,331 score)

OD Defense Rank: 6.
(10,174,503 score)

Considering we were formed well after most of the tribes in the top 10, these are solid numbers.

Hate is going through a rough spot right now. I was away for a brief period and I feel it had a harmful effect on the tribe. I also lost my second in command during that time which didn’t help any. However, even with all that, we maintained our position, and are still growing. I see us only going up again from this point. Hard times behind us and a positive looking future ahead.

4 SHEEPS 14.115.520 14.186.564 44 322.422 1698 8.355

Sheeps seem to be another tribe plagued with inactivity. I see 9 or so accounts that are stagnant and another 10 that are growing very slowly. They do still have their core members that put the numbers up though, and I don’t see them falling out of the top 5.

They have had to internal a few members this week, losing around 6 accounts, as well as the 900k+ Bojanm, who went back to axte. I know that had to hurt.

Recent nobles have been mainly A-O and local tribeless and smaller tribed members.

OD Rank: 2.
(63,806,852 score)

OD Attack Rank: 3.
(40,454,590 score)

OD Defense Rank: 1.
(23,352,262 score)

Very good numbers for sheep. They have fought for and defended every square they have.

I honestly can say nothing bad about sheeps. They were one of those tribes at the beginning of the world that I said wouldn’t make it. I saw them the same as I saw Peanut and we see where they ended up. However, they have remained in the top 5 since then and I don’t see them leaving it anytime soon.

5 NUKE 12.806.948 13.414.744 48 279.474 1658 8.091

Nuke are only showing 3 or 4 inactive players but I have to say, I think this will go up. They recently absorbed a bunch of Cuddle members, who were actually in talks with joining us in Hate. The talks were paused while my leadership waiting for me to return from the Academy and when I got back, they decided to join Nuke. I looked at their numbers and wasn’t impressed with the growth of most. I felt they were inactive and stagnant. However, joining a new tribe could put the fire back in these members and cause them to bounce back. The problem also could have been the leadership in cuddle and now with solid leadership in Nuke, could motivate them to grow. Time will tell.

As I said above, they added around 10 members this week, most if not all from Cuddle.

Their most recent nobles are mostly from Nuke. , a tribe that used to be 12/7.

OD Rank: 5.
(41,158,789 score)

OD Attack Rank: 5.
(29,536,535 score)

OD Defense Rank: 5.
(11,622,254 score)

Nuke seem like a solid tribe that has the ability to move up the ranks even higher. The only problem I see for them, is they are moving into Hate territory and are already blocking Axte from advancing north any further.

Because I am running out of time, was given this pretty last minute :) I wont go into as much detail for the bottom 5.

6 PL@GUE 8.485.752 8.485.752 40 212.144 1068 7.945

Plague seem to be suffering the most from inactivity. It looks like almost half their tribe is inactive or growing very very slowly. Only half of them nobled a village in the last week. They have also had a lot leave in the last week and I don’t see them staying in the top 10 much longer.

7 Mind 8.040.934 8.040.934 32 251.279 1005 8.001

To be honest, in the bottom 5, this is one of my favorite tribes. The entire tribe seems to be active and although no one stands out as amazing, they all are putting up solid numbers.

8 K-T 6.608.767 6.746.936 43 156.905 889 7.589

K-T seem to have a handful of inactive players and don’t seem to be nobling much. If they don’t pick it up, they will start falling in rank.

9 FRST 5.316.557 5.316.557 38 139.909 740 7.185

First have a good handful of inactives and don’t really seem to be nobling much either. I see them losing villages to PIMPS but I don’t see a retaliation. You fighting back or merging the hard way?

10 ROBOT 5.093.100 5.442.638 49 111.074 831 6.550

Robot is my second favorite tribe of the bottom 5. I see 2 inactive and it looks like one internal but the rest of them are putting up decent numbers. So yes, that is 45 of them putting in the work. Almost all of them nobled multiple villages in the last week each. Looks like they had a small merger with the tribe skill and added to their members list. Their noblments seem to be a mixture of small tribed members and tribeless but there really isn’t much choice other than Nuke, Hate, and Death in their area. If they don’t get eaten by those three, I see them climbing the ranks very soon, at least up to 8th.

Now, I am going to move on to Top 10 players. You wanted a different look at these stats so i will do what I can to make them more factual rather than opinionated. So, here is this weeks look at what the top 10 players have been up to.


1. Osiadus.
Points: 1.343.533
Villages: 145
Average Points per village: 9266
OD: 4,219,540
Tribe: PIMPs

Since the first of December, Osiadus has only made 1 conquer. But, this 1 conquer was off of an enemy tribe member in the tribe FRST. Even with this conquer, overall growth since the 1st of December has just exceeded 25,000 points. Even though there have been minimal conquers and small growth over the week, Osiadus has concucted some nice ODA and ODD. Overall in the week he has massed up a total of 631,477 total OD. 579,090 points have been ODA.
Before this week, Osiadus had been hecticly nobling a variety of members from L-O-S, taking 20 from the 23rd of November to the 30th. This recent stop in activity, but gain in OD, may show that there are villages putting up resisitance to the bigger players and tribes in this world.

2. Purple Rhino
Points: 1,284,799
Villages: 136
Average Points per Village: 9473
OD: 2,274,589
Tribe: Axte

Since the 1st of December Purple Rhino has nobled 11 villages, the majority of these have been from a smaller tribe, TF;B, with some coming from ex-academy tribe (WAR) and some from another smaller tribe, FALCON. He also conquered one barbarian village, which was 7,347 points. OD-wise, there has been a growth of 345,373 points, the majority of this, 344,763 points, coming from ODA. The ODA gain siginifies that there have been fights for these villages, and that they aren’t just easy pickings.
Last week, Purple Rhino was largely inactive. That may be because the original players quit. Are there now new players on this account? Although, in that same week, there were ODA rises of about 300k, either being late hitting attacks, or there was some activity on the account.

3.Wolves Dine At Night
Points: 1,256,751
Villages: 134
Average Points per village: 9394
OD: 2,683,748
Tribe: Axte

Wolves Dine At Night is now rank 3 after a brief spurt at number 2, when Purple Rhino went inactive, But now, in rank 3, they continue to grow. They have grown around 70,000 points since the 1st of December, nearly triple what Osiadus grew, and, they also gained 6 villages, again, more than Osiadus.
Over that week, a total of 330,009 OD points have been raised by Wolves Dine At Night, the majority of this being ODA, with a gain of 326,808 points gained.
Their OD ranking (45) is quite low compared with others in the top 10, quite a few of whom are in the top 20. There was much more growth from Wolves last week than this, as there were 12 villages taken, amounting to a sum of 120,000 points. Which, really, is quite low. Even if all villages were high points. The OD growth was similar to this one, but it was just under 200,000 points, this week, seems to be an aggressive step up for Wolves.

Points: 1,171,776
Villages: 118
Average Points per village: 9807
OD: 3,993,225
Tribe: Axte

This week, Riiiz grew a total of 114,501 points, one of the highest growths, more than Osiadus and Wolves Dine at Night. The 114,000 points has been made up of taking 10 villages. The majority of which were taken by the enemy tribe of NEXUS. A couple of barbs were taken, both being over 8,500 points.. These villages, all being over 8,500 points made up the majority of Riiiz’s growth. The rest being from building villages.
OD wise, Riiiz has made a growth of 562,968 points, a huge amount, almost an eight of their total OD. The OD growth surpasses the growth of the previous week, by 200,000 points. The majority of the OD is from ODA, as with the other players so far, with 552,545 points being ODA, leaving around 10,000 on ODD. The ODA growth shows asctive fighting and participation on the fronts that Axte have.
Last week, Riiiz had large growth, growing almost 200,000 points, and gaining 300,000 points in ODA. The account is obviously very active, and is being pushed along, with non-stop village taking.

5. Obsessed and Confused
Points: 1,115,460
Villages: 122
Average Points per village: 9253
OD: 3,218,062
Tribe: -HATE-

Obsessed and Confused has made a growth of 91,718 points this week. A large growth in points, more than Wolves Dine at Night. This growth was made up by the taking of 9 villages in this 1 week period. The majority of these have been internal ennoblements, but there have been noblings from the tribe ‘why’ and also the nobling of a barbarian village.
OD wise, there has been a growth of 256,378 points. 250,179 points of this being ODA. So, although there have been a few internal ennoblements, they have been actively gaining ODA by nuking and nobling smaller tribes and their members around -HATE-.
Last week, the OD growth has around 150,000 points, 100,000 points less than this weeks growth. The point and village growth from last week was more than this week. With around 120,000 points grown, and 10 villages taken, so quite a bundle of these points were made via village building.

6. Rycole
Points: 1,111,968
Villages: 127
Average Points per village: 8844
OD: 2,260,998
Tribe: -HATE-

This week, Rycole has moved from 7th place to 6th, and has gained a total of 133,004 points, which has been helped along by the ennobling of 14 villages. These 14 villages were mainly taken from internaling the account goblue777, although, they did take 2 other villages from the tribe ‘why’, as did Obssessed and Confused. It seems -HATE- have a lot of internals going around at the moment, for easy growth.
OD wise, Rycole has made a growth of 102,311 points. And of that 99,857 points has been ODA. Obviouisly, ODA gain won’t be extremely high because of the internal conquers, where villages are generally cleared for you. But, there has atleast been some ODA rise, which shows that why have been putting up a bit of a fight against -HATE- members.
Compared to last week, Rycole has slowed down in growth, as last week, Rycole grew 164,895 points, and took 18 villages, but that time, the majority of them, were abandoned villages, with some internals and some noblings from why also thrown in. Rycole also gained a lot more OD, with almost 400,000 points gained. Which is because no-one can easily clear barbs, they need to be nuked to be taken.

Points: 1,040,706
Villages: 112
Average Points per village: 9218
OD: 1,786,396
Tribe: -HATE-

This week Amaraya jumped an impressive 6 places, from 13th, to 7th, and it was all done in the space of 1 day, which means the others must have been growing slowly. The 7th place has been maintained so far. They have grown 203,987 points this week, which is a huge amount, about a fifth of their total points so far. This was accompanied by the taking of 24 villages, which is, again, a pretty large amount. Of those 24, all were players, but, 15 were internal ennoblemenets, as were the majority of -HATE- members in the top 10. There were 9 other player villages taken, aswell, mainly from Nike and DAHAN2.
Although there have been many internal annoblements, Amaraya’s OD has increased by 423,181 points, with this being seemingly split between both ODA and ODD. Obviously some of these other players in other tribes like DAHAN2 and Nike have been putting up a fight and have been countering. But Amaraya seems to be hitting back and winning, with villages being conquered quite often.
Compared to last week, Amaraya’s growth has improved, as last week there was only a gain of aroun 111,000 points, and they only managed to take 11 villages. OD growth was also halved, with them only gaining around 200,000 total OD points. At the moment, their growth has sped up, and lets hope they can keep this speedy growth up.

8. Asird
Points: 1,038,293
Villages: 113
Average points per village: 9336
OD: 2,365,677
Tribe: Axte

This week, astird has made a growth of 42,387 points, which is very low considering what others in the top 10 have grown. This was made up by around 5 conquers, again, a low amount. These 5 conquers were all player owned villages, from their ex-academy, (WAR) and others.
OD wise, Astirs has still not grown much, with only and OD rise of 66,416 points, like most players, most of this, comes from ODA, for Astird, around 60,000 points of it is ODA based. Astird may not be so active as of late, as they have dropped down to 8 from 6, since the beginning of this week.
Last week, Astird grew nearly 100,000 points, and took 9 villages. They were obviously more active and aggressive then, easily conquering villages from tribes like 1piece. Although, these villages did not supply Astird with a very large gain in ODA, gaining only 80,000 points, but still, it is more than this weeks.
Astird will frop even more if they do not noble and grow some more.

9. The perfect Storm
Points: 1,026,794
Villages: 109
Average points per village: 9420
OD: 3,332,034
Tribe: Axte

At the beginning of this week, The Perfect Storm was ranked 12th, and managed to grow up to rank 8, before stumbling down to 9, where they are here. This week, Perfect Storm grew 140,462 points, which is quite a large amount, definately more than the player above them, Astird. They also conquered 15 villages, which is where most of the points would have come from. These villages were conquered mainly came from members of (WAR) but also came from tribes like NEXUS, HAWKS, and tribeless players.
OD wise, they grew 96,499 points, showing that they did not need to use up that much offense to take the villages that they took. Of that 96,000 all of it, bar a couple hundred points, were from ODA. But that small amount compared to the 15 villages taken is not too much.
Last week, Perfect Storm only grew around 100,000 points and only took 9 villages, so their growth has improved, meaning that they may stick around in the top 10.

10. Bojanm
Average Points per village:

Bojanm grew 58,259 points from the 1st of December to the 7th, which is not much considering what others have grown. This was made up of 5 conquers, and obviously, some building. These 5 villages were taken from 1piece, and Bojan’s own ‘fan club’ BMF.
OD wise, they ahve made a growth of 76,140 points, the majority of this, surprisingly, ebing ODD. Maybe becuase most of his conquers were easy ones from ex-tribesmate, WhiteWeridos. The ODD may have come from counters from 1Piece, but, Bojanm is yet to lose a village to these attacks.
Last week, Bojanm grew around 100,000 points and took 10 villages, obviously they have slowed down from them. Maybe because of the lack of villages in the south? Maybe becuse they have focussed more on defending this week? Either way, hopefully, they will get their growth back up to a good standard.


Wars are going to be more up-to-date than the rankings (I will cover them in a shorter, weekly blog). the wars I will cover are as follows;



This war started out as a war on PIMPS, well, a gangbang on them, before other tribes started to join in on PIMPS side.

Side 1:
Tribes: Mind, FRST, Goat, AGG, FOR
Side 2:
Tribes: PIMPs, OWL

Timeframe: 01/12/2010 00:00:00 to 12/12/2010 22:26:32

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 209
Side 2: 117
Difference: 92

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 1,572,593
Side 2: 907,074
Difference: 665,519

I have not included PIMPs here as conquers are yet to be made regarding them. But, from this it seems that PIMPS are taking a bit of a hammering from these tribes. With a differnce 92 villages and over 600,000 points, it seems this gangbang is working. But, if PL@GUE do get involved, could it change the out come as of yet? Time will tell.


This war, I had not heard of, although, I do not pay much attention to areas out side of the South West, as that is where I am focussed, as a tribe, and a player. Anyway, here are the stats.

Side 1:
Tribes: CTRL
Side 2:
Tribes: WEBASH

Timeframe: 01/12/2010 00:00:00 to 12/12/2010 22:26:32

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 6
Side 2: 19
Difference: 13

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 28,647
Side 2: 125,716
Difference: 97,069

This war is quite minor compared to the gangbang on PIMPs, but, it is still an active conflict, as villages have been taken in the last 24 hours. Not being in the north, I can not comment on this war very much, as I have not heard much about these tribes abilities, although, it may seal the fate of one of these 2 tribes.


This war is about Jester and refugees. After Jester broke down, they recruited many refugees from tribes Apathy and METAL had been fighting, and Axte had been fighting Jester. After this, METAL declared on jester and they soon crumbled, mainly into this tribe, 1Piece. Who have had no mercy spared on them and have been pummelled by these 3 tribes.

Side 1:
Tribes: 1Piece
Side 2:
Tribes: Äxte, Apathy, METAL

Timeframe: 01/12/2010 00:00:00 to 12/12/2010 22:26:32

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 0
Side 2: 77
Difference: 77

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 0
Side 2: 470,201
Difference: 470,201

Obviously, you can see that 1Piece are taking a heavy beating, and they haven’t been able to take any villages off these 3 tribes since the beginning of December. They too, will soon crumble, like Jester before them, and their other tribes before that. It’s only a matter of time.


This war, as you might be able to tell, followed K-T’s recruiting of ex-hero members from FRM. After FRM fell they formed temp. K-T, SHEEPS and PL@GUE set up and op to take them down once and for all, and, with ex-hero members in K-T and SHEEPS, they wanted to take FRM down.

Side 1:
Tribes: temp
Side 2:

Timeframe: 01/12/2010 00:00:00 to 12/12/2010 22:26:32

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 5
Side 2: 110
Difference: 105

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 44,638
Side 2: 790,608
Difference: 745,970

This war is a huge pummeling for temp, who now only have 900,000 points left. Less than all players in the top 10. If this rate continues, temp will be down to almost nothing. They have had multiple members leave and become tribeless, and many that have just given up. So this is most likely the end for temp and FRM.


I’m really sorry for the wait for this guys…
Even I’ve been annoyed at myself for not getting it done.
As stated above, in the questions section, please tell me what you want to see.

Also, I had an idea to showcase W51’s talent, by having a blog once a month for your guys writing or graphics or anything really. If you have a story you’ve written, a picture you’ve made, or anything that’s pretty good, please, send it to me.


Armstrong out

Thanks for reading!