Armstrongs Eye on W51 – Issue 5

November 26, 2010 in World 051 News, World News

Welcome back guys to another week on the W51 blog, this week, I will be looking at -HATE-, how they formed, and them now. I have an interview with their duke, Hate Machine. and also, a top 10 tribes review written by Ballistic, the leader of the southern based tribe, METAL.


HATE were formed on the 10th of September, when Apathy were fighting Axte. This short conflict played a large part in the breakdown of Apathy, already slightly broken from previous issues.

During the conflict, Grawler left Apathy, and set up HATE, at around 04:31 Server Time, according to TWStats. 8 others joined the tribe instantly, and, after 24 hours, the tribe had amounted to 19 members.
They were initially flamed and hated on the external forums, but, the tribe kept a very low profile, without having many members post any thing on the externals that could cause issues.

Since then, HATE have only grown, yet still kept a low profile, that is, until they reached rank 1. There is no denying they are a good tribe, as they have managed to keep right up in the top 5 for quite some time now. The tribe have drawn in many good members, with 4 of the top 20 players in their tribe. Although, they only have recruited another 16 on top of their member base after 24 hours.

HATE have not had many major conflicts, but, they have developed a very large, stable, core, consisting of 4k’s compacted together. This would make them a hard target to attack, although their ‘square’ core has 3 borders with tribes, who could, potentially, attack them.

At the moment HATE are 4th in the world as a tribe, with room to expand, and, if needed, they could weed out the tribes to their East, and have domination of 6 continents, which would put them at the most dominant tribe, joint with their close neighbours, Axte.

I managed to grab a quick interview with HATEs duke Hate Machine. This gave me insight into HATEs formation, and their current positionings. Enjoy.

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This weeks top 10 tribes has been done by the leader of METAL, Ballistic. This week, the top 10 have seen some changes, as HATE have moved down a few ranks, causing SHEEPS and PIMPs to move up. These are the changes since the last blog;

Rank. Tribe (Change)
Axte (=)
PIMPs (+1)
-HATE- (-2)
Nuke (+1)
6. PL@GUE (-1)
7. MIND (New Entry)
8. K-T (-1)
9. Cuddle (-1)
10. FRST (=)

1 Äxte

Axte are continuing to do well and have truly started to secure the top spot. They have also started to dismember (WAR) and stand on their own, this may be of the new leaders making. They are now one and a half times bigger than the second place tribe and are continuing their steady growth. They have recruited a little, up from 33 members to 38 members, but most of their growth in the last few day is from conquers of which they are averaging around 34 conquers a day, the highest in the top ten. As for the quality of their members, axte remains the tribe with the highest average points per village (8.486) and per member (479.079) in the top 10. As for axte wars, they continue to do well against jester. Their recent op especially against magria was a resounding success, with magria dropping around 200k in size. It seems that jester is putting up no resistance and is losing points on a daily basis, to both people leaving and due to losses of villages. There is a lot going for them in this war and I think that they are just cleaning up now. Overall, axte continues to go beyond the mere mortal player’s expectations. They go from high, to higher every week, week in week out. The criticism of axte has mainly subsided from the forums and they are starting to be acknowledged as the tribe to beat in W51. One interesting thing that I learned about axte this week which comes to mind is the fact that their leader, red, has quit. This leaves astird incharge of axte. He seems, from my talks with him, a capable leader and it will be interesting to see what his actions are in the future.

2 Sheeps

Just today, sheeps have leapt up into second place. But with 47 members, they are precariously close to the membership limit. They are still top in OD, ODA and ODD by quite high margins, although axte is definitely catching up in the ODA aspect. They are averaging around 30 conquers a day and are currently second place in terms of village growth in the last week. This is another good showing from sheeps but there are some things that do concern me. They have quite a high internal rate with maybe 5 players inactive according to twstats. This may suggest that they are going through a few internal problems. There are also a few players nobling low pointed barbarian villages (less than 200 points) which might be something the SHEEPS leadership wants to look at. They also have had a few humps in the last few days publically, with a PnP out about them disbanding a tribe. Hopefully they can get over that by telling us a bit about how they got that great OD . #Overall though, they are continuing to do very well and we should see them continue to grow.

3 Pimps

Pimps have moved up to third place in the rankings table mainly due to the recruitment of 13 people earlier this week, which skyrocketed them from 9 million to nearly 12 million points in less than a day. This puts them up to 38 members, the same as axte, but with around 6 million less points. They are literally a whisker from getting second place, with only a difference of 13k between them as I type this so we should see a major battle hotting up for that spot. This seems to be a merge rather than a victory in a war, but it has got them a lot more territory and potential to play with. Pimps have also started to secure the northeast as their own, being the major player there, other than mind. It will be interesting to see how the battle for second plays out. Pimps have everything to play for and its only a few conquers away

4 -Hate-

Hate seems to be growing a little bit less than usual and has slipped down, by no fault of its own, into fourth, though it could easily get back into second, with only 30 villages separating it and sheeps. One interesting thing that I can see by just looking at the stats is the fact that they have lost points in the last day. This is due to a player quitting, suggesting that there may be a few inactivity problems. Other than that, it seems that they continue to have stable growth. One question that I might ask is who are they warring and what are they doing? Hate seem to be very quiet publically unlike other tribes in the top 5, and maybe that is a good thing. But it would be interesting to see more of them, maybe a public declaration would be interesting to see what they are capable of.

5 Nuke

way behind hate with 8 million points is Nuke. They are a relatively new tribe but one that continues to impress me as being an up and coming star. They are averaging around 28 nobles a day and are growing impressively on a day to day basis, nobling nearly twice as much as HATE. They currently seem to be warring MONGOL, which seems to be going very well, evidenced by mongol being the tribe with the most village losses in the last 7 days. Keep it up. Personally, I see it being a while before they get into 4th unless they recruit, however they seem to be strongly in the top five and are a tribe to watch in these next few weeks in my opinion as their nobling record (13 enemies in the last 20 with only 2 barbs/internal) is very good. One thing that might crop up for them in the future is a war with hate or axte, two dangerous sleeping giants to the south.

6 Pl@gue

in sixth place with 7.7 million points (you can tell Im enjoying this lol) is plague. Similar to some of the tribes in the top 10, plague has lost a few members and is internalling a lot. This is causing it to lose points and flatline in the last few days, which allowed nuke to overtake it into fifth spot. Five players have left in the last 3 days, a huge blow from which Plague should hope to recover. One of the players left to sheeps, so it might be interesting how that plays out. will plague declare on sheeps or is it just an isolated incident. The most important thing that has happened with plague in the last week though is the shedding of the family. Plague has a new image finally, and one less family in the world is always a good thing.

7 Mind

Mind is a new tribe, which seems to be a merge between reddot and TRIBE. With 33 members, it is pretty compact and overall, although it has only been around for a few days, I think it has some promise. Out of the 36 nobles though, 10 have been barb nobles, however we shall see how this turns out. I do not think it will be the easiest of rides for them, they have two powerful tribes nearby by the names of nuke and pimps and they could find it a bit harder than they think it will be. Overall though, although knowing very little about tribe, I was pretty impressed with reddot whilst it was around, despite its higher barb nobling rate. I think this is a tribe to watch

8 K-T

K-T are ranked in the top 10 but have a nobling rate which is outside of the top 10. However, I think they have improved a lot from last week and are nobling less barbs and less internals than usual. They have lost a few players, but I think this is due to dismissal rather than inactivity because they were small to start off with. in my opinion, K-T have possibly the hardest area of any tribe, with sheeps creeping in on one side and axte on the other, making a K-T sandwich. I suppose their best move is to go down but apathy, a tribe I personally rate highly, is down there too. They are a bit squeezed up and will probably need to war people to become dominante there.

9 Cuddle

Cuddle, or as they were once known HUG, are now back on track and steadily growing. This is I think the end of the rollercoaster that has been their points in the last few weeks. They have the lowest member count out of any tribe in the top 10 and at only 18 members, inactivity will affect them more than other tribes. However, they seem to be doing fine and faring better than other tribes so far. They got the bigger HATE below, but they have plenty of tribes around them to chow on. It should be interesting to see who they go for.


FRST are a tribe that was started around 4 weeks ago and are doing quite well at the moment. Their growth is steady, but has slowed down in the last week or so. They have managed however, to keep 10th despite some competition from the tribes down below. Their principle problem has to be pimps, who have seemed to have surrounded them in a pincer movement. However, they are mostly doing fine. I am not sure what their moves are going to be for the future, so I am intrigued to see how this plays out, however they will need luck if they go against pimps


The players in the top 4 have all broken 1 million points. Osiadus was the first to do so, followed by Purple Rhino, Wolves Dine At Night, and, Riiiz99. Congratulations to them, and i hope the rest of the players will break that point sooner or later.

Compared to last week, there has been some shuffling round.

Rank. Player (Change)
1. Osiadus (=)
2. Wolves Dine At Night (+1)
3. Purple Rhino (-1)
4. Riiiz99 (+1)
5. Obsessed and Confused (+1)
6. Astird (-1)
7. Rycole (New Entry)
8. Bojanm (+2)
9. Rastopak (New Entry)
10. The Perfect Storm (-1)

Like last week, there have been a  couple of new entries in the top 10, and only 1 player has remained in a stable position, and that is Osiadus, who is comfortably at the front by 60k.

Axte dominate the top 10, with 5 of the top 10 players being from Axte, after that, it is joint between PIMPs and -HATE-, both with 2 members in the top 10 players. Finally, SHEEPS, with only 1 of their members in the top 10. Axte have complete domination of the top 10 players, and also have another 3 members in the top 20, and another 7 in the top 40. Which means, overall, 15 of the top 40 belong to Axte, which is over a third.

1. Osiadus

Osiadus has been happily residing at rank one for yet another week, with a 60k lead on number 2, it is a fairly large gap for this time period. Osiadus’s growth speed is around 20k per day, although, yesterday, they sped up a whole 60k in one day.Other then that not much has changed. His OD is still impressive, he is taking down the tribe L-O-S and his graph is climbing steadily. If he can avoid any bumps in the road he’ll be #1 for a long time to come.

2. Wolves Dine at Night

Wolves has apparently reacted to the last Blog and has begun an onslaught against *ABC* with 11 conquers against them in the last week. Which is rather impressive. His ODA rank is shooting up because of it, which means he’ll get even more respect from the community. Hes fighting for his food now.

3. Purple Rhino

Still the same OD lacking pointwhore… I’m joking of course. I would like to say that he is doing well but his graph is become rather stagnant… Has this rhino run out of g(r)ass? Lets hope that this will all change soon. He is currently taking on the Taskforce family… Which combined has less points then him.

4. riiiz99

He climbed a rank since last time. Still #2 in ODA with a impressive growth as of late. If this keeps up he will be #1 in no time! His growth is around 50K a day, which is 30K more then even Osiadus. Unfortunately this boost comes from easy villages…

5. Obsessed and Confused

Also climbed a rank since the last blog. Although his growth seems to be slowing down… Perhaps hes preparing for something. We’ll know soon enough I suppose, his OD is still appropriate for his size. But he has a ratio of 2 internals per enemy conquer… He nobles more of his own tribe then enemies. Ah well, he does need to keep up…

6. Astird

This one seems to have slow down quite a lot. He lost 2 ranks since last blog, he hasn’t nobled much and his OD is stagnant… I guess next blog he will shoot up like a spear. Either that or he’ll get internalled 0o As the duke of Axte this is doubtful though.

7. Rycole

A new entry! From outside the top 10 into #7, quite an accomplishment. His OD is at rank 63 though… Which is quite dissapointing. Then if we look at his ennoblements we see… Some TF and some 12/7. But mostly barbs and internals as expected. After he blows his load on these I suspect he will either fall back out of the top 10 or perhaps he will farm like a madman and start taking on actual enemies.

8. Bojanm

This player rose 2 ranks, which is nicely done considering his location isolated from the rest of his tribe. Apparently hes been feasting on the remnants of Jester. Especially the former duke Randy Mcdandy. His OD barely changed though so I wonder who cleared his villages for him… His OD is disappointing for his size as well. And being in a area without his tribe this must mean hes enjoying protection from some other tribe.

9. Rastopak

The second Pimps member! And a new entry to the top 10 at #9. His recent ennoblements show a lot of OWL but of course also a few internals. His OD sits at #49 which is good but could be better. Lets see if he has what it takes to remain in the top 10 after his nobling spree!

10. The Perfect Storm

Dropped one rank since last time, but whether this is because hes slacking or because the others are owning to much… I’ll leave that up to you. He seems to be targeting tribe less players and barbs now… Not really admirable. However he still sits at #10 in points. ODT, ODA and … #47 in ODD… Thats weird 0o I guess those rankings are close together. Lets hope he steps up his game or he will be overtaken by Hate’s duke Hate Machine.

Thats the top 10 players for this week people! Made by someone who will remain anonymous. And I thank them greatly for it.

Then on to W51’s wars!

W51 is mostly a world of hugging, merging and recruiting. but we do have wars! Not exciting ones of course… But wars nonetheless!

Currently fighting are;

Temp, with Sheeps and Plague. They are the remnants of the once top 10 tribe FRM. Not THAT much fighting going on though…

1Piece, with Apathy and METAL. More like a one sided slaughter if you ask me though. But then again it is 2 on 1. This is still the same war as Apathy/METAL v Rally, only Rally joined Jester for a part, the rest was nobled. Then Jester crumbled, some were nobled others went to 1Piece. So now its Jester remnants + Rally + New rim players v Apathy/METAL. Either way 1Piece needs a miracle to win this.

Axte, with Wolves/Nexus/*ABC* and other local smaller tribes around them. Its a slaughter. SHEEPS are also fighting Wolves and Nexus, the smaller tribes seem to be struggling.


I haven’t covered this war, so I will go from conquers forever and THEN this week. Temp are the remnants of FRM, after they were disbanded. Although most went to temp, others went on to tribes like PL@GUE and SHEEPS, but are now hitting their former mates in an attempt to clear them out.

Side 1:
Tribes: temp
Side 2:


Total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 10
Side 2: 37
Difference: 27

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 68,377
Side 2: 263,236
Difference: 194,859

As you can tell, temp have been attempting to fight back, with 10 conquers against the 2 tribes since the conflict started, but, they are still lacking in the conquers. With a 27 conquer lead overall, SHEEPS and PL@GUE are doing well.

Now for the more recent stats of this war;

Side 1:
Tribes: temp
Side 2:

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 2
Side 2: 5
Difference: 3

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 10,837
Side 2: 37,033
Difference: 26,196

Recently, it seems the conquers have been slowing down, over the last week only 5 conquers were made in SHEEPS and PL@GUES favour. SHEEPS made 3, PL@GUE made 2. Although, temp took 2 villages off of PL@GUE, making the difference in conquers only 3. All the other conquers, seen in forever section, were made in the past 2 weeks.

Although conquers are slowing, temp are losing ground to the other tribes, and, whilst some members are fighting, others sit idle and noble barbs and smaller players. SHEEPS and PL@GUE do not see this as a war, more of a cleanup, really.

1Piece vs Apathy/METAL

Again, another war I have not covered previously, which, I must say, is my fault. I overlooked this war, and METALS other wars, and for that, I apologise. 1Piece are the remnants of Rally and jester. Although conquers on these people may be small, that is because previous conquers are on the now disbanded tribes, Jester and Rally.

Side 1:
Tribes: 1Piece
Side 2:
Tribes: Apathy, METAL

Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 6
Side 2: 11
Difference: 5

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 47,490
Side 2: 73,905
Difference: 26,415

Overall, METAL and Apathy are winning. These two tribes set to dominate the far south together, although Apathy is bigger. Previously, they were fighting Rally, who they had a considerable amount of conquers against, and, when they were recruited into jester, they continued the attacks until they recently formed 1Piece, who seem to be going down the same line as the previous 2 tribes.

*ABC* vs Axte

Once again, another war I have not covered. Axte are on another clean-up here, this time, attempting to get rid of *ABC* try as they will, *ABC* cannot hold off the Axte war machine, and they are losing villages rapidly. Here are the forever stats.

Side 1:
Tribes: *ABC*
Side 2:
Tribes: Äxte

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 9
Side 2: 36
Difference: 27

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 70,675
Side 2: 211,099
Difference: 140,424

*ABC* have attempted to fight, as they have made 9 conquers on Axte, but, knowing Axte, they would have taken them back in no time. It is a good effort, anc nice to see tribes trying to face up against the rank 1.
This week, Axte continued the onslaught.

Side 1:
Tribes: *ABC*
Side 2:
Tribes: Äxte

Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 0
Side 2: 20
Difference: 20

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 0
Side 2: 127,133
Difference: 127,133

Axte are not letting up and *ABC* seem to have stopped countering. So now, it seems, that Axte are just freely taking villages, as *ABC* are failing to defend effectively or counter well. It seems that *ABC* will go down from here.

Wolves/NEXUS vs SHEEPS/Axte

Wolves and NEXUS have both been fighting with SHEEPS for a while, and now, Axte have joined in, in an effort to close the gaps between the two tribes. Initially, Wolves did fight back against SHEEPS, and it seemed a lot closer than it does now. The forever stats are below;

Side 1:
Tribes: Wolves, NEXUS
Side 2:
Tribes: Äxte, SHEEPS

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 102
Side 2: 202
Difference: 100

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 695,811
Side 2: 1,341,550
Difference: 645,739

The two opposing sides have more conquers overall than all of these other wars here. With over 100 conquers per side, and a 100 conquer difference, this war has certainly been going on a while.
Now for this week;

Side 1:
Tribes: Wolves, NEXUS
Side 2:
Tribes: Äxte, SHEEPS

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 9
Side 2: 38
Difference: 29

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 78,615
Side 2: 331,151
Difference: 252,536

This week, Axte and SHEEPS have been ripping into the two smaller tribes. Only 9 conquers were made in their favour and, it seems, that this may be the end for them. There are rumours of NEXUS and Wolves merging, but, is it too late for them to merge? Or will it be their lifesaver.


Once again, I bring the blog to a close.
I thank you for reading and hope it was another good read.

I am extremely sorry that you guys had to wait this long to get a good read off me. I apologize and I feel I let you down. I am hoping to get the next blog out just after this weekend.

I would like to thank Landorian/Hate Machine. for their interview,
Ballistick/Nemeis for his very well written top 10 tribes,
And an anonymous person for helping me finish up.

Once again, thanks for reading.

Armstrong Out