Armstrongs Eye on W51 – Issue 4

November 16, 2010 in World 051 News, World News

So once again we are here with the blog for this week. There has been more bak

cstabbing and betrayal in W51, and the world is shaping up to be the most controversial world I have played, with a lot of backstabbing and hugging involved in the process. The newest victim of this was, of course, FRM. This week will be about FRM’s downfall, and, I will be having an interview with the leader of a tribe that is not so much in the spotligh,


FRM were recently disbanded via a means of dirty play. FRM had been experiencing internal difficulties and arguments for a while before this disband. And all of these would have affected the decision of one of their leaders to do what they did.

Details, Details, Details…

Now, for the details of FRM’s disband. From what I know, there had been internal disputes going on inside FRM for a while now. This is what I heard from one player.

(all opinions voiced are not my own, but those of people I know)

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(each opinion is in a different text type, normal, bold, italics)

Obviously, other people had different opinions towards FRM.

Jimi9mm, the other duke of FRM, though FRM still had potential, despite members leaving for K-T.  
It seems they felt that we were in a bad position. But we were not. The core players in the tribe were still intact. I know who could be relied on and we still had that core intact.

Another member, Grutflut also though FRM had been going strong at the time of the disbandment.
I feel like proud, I’ve been part of GTL and FRM and they could not take us down because we had something more than the others, some kind of faith and we played the game as it should be.

There is a lot of speculation over the events on FRM’s disband, but, I believe it goes a little like this; FRM had been having internal difficulties, what with their dukes varying online times, and changing his mind on whether he was going to quit or not, during one of these times of low online activity, he set Unknown-Soldier, a baron, as co-duke to help out. Whilst Unknown was a co-duke, internal issues started to get heated, players were arguing over barbs, and certain members couldn’t take that. Those players left, and joined K-T. Now, this arguing continued, making Unknown-Soldier frustrated at the tribe. A couple of times he said to me he may leave FRM. Unknown then received a mail from SHEEPS duke, Charles the Bald Sheep. Now, this mail asked for FRM’s surrender, but, they would not surrender. Although, Unknown expressed how he wished to join SHEEPS. Charles left him at that, thinking a friendly duke in FRM would be a good thing to have. But, Unknown was sick of arguments within FRM and decided to leave, and passed 2 sits to SHEEPS, one of which had duke, whom subsequently, hit disband on the tribe.

FRM have now split up, there are 5 tribes they have moved into, these are;

temp took the majority of FRM members after the split. With a member base of 42, they are trying to regroup, and so far, they have salvaged a lot of the members from FRM. But, in some people’s opinions, most of the better members went to the other tribes, leaving temp with the leftovers.

SHEEPS, PL@GUE, and K-T took in a minority, about 2 members going to each tribe on the day of the disband. Although, others had left previously and joined them. These new members give the tribes a higher succession rate in the south, compared to before. As now, they have members right in the K74/73 area, as opposed to SHEEPS having north 63, and nothing in any more southern areas.

U.S.S was formed by Skummel, and contains only him. With 80k they may become food for the approaching SHEEPS and PL@GUE. But, if they were to join temp, or another tribe, it would help them greatly.
Below is a map of FRM members before and after the disband. FRM is pink, and the coloured ring around the members indicates the tribe that they joined after the disband. As you can see, along with former HERO (who left FRM earlier in the week) SHEEPS and PL@GUE have been able to make their way further south into the now K-T dominated K, 74. Temp is surrounded by former tribemates and enemies, which could prove a problem for them, as they have both SHEEPS and PL@GUE to the north and south, with PL@GUE and K-T to the east.


I Interviewed one of the dukes of K-T this week, Obscurum.
K-T is a smaller tribe in the top 10, ranked 7th at the moment. They are based in the south, around K’s 74 and 64. I asked Obscurum a variety of questions, not just about his tribe, but about him, and some of the recent, worldly, events.

Interview below, I am bold, he is italics.

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The top 10 has had more changes this week, with (WAR) and FRM dropping out, and other tribes coming in. Here are the rankings;

Rank. Tribe (Change)
Äxte (=)
2. -HÄTE- (=)
4. PIMPs (=)
5. PL@GUE (=)
Nuke (=)
7. K-T (New Entry)
8. Cuddle (+2)
9. Wolves  (=)
10. FRST (New Entry)

There have been two completely new entries this week, after FRM and (WAR) dropped out. Both K-T and FRST have come into the top 10, with K-T jumping right up to rank 7, and FRST entering at 10.

1. Axte

Axte still remain the number 1 tribe on this world, and still, by quite a considerable margin. Now that they have dissolved (WAR) a lot more eating can go on for them, meaning they can expand and grow a lot more than before. They lead by 4 million points on number 2, HATE. Their average continues to rise, with it now becoming 440,000 points per player, the highest of the top 10 tribes. Also their points per village is 8,400, closing in on the points per village that late game tribes have. Soon enough, Axte and others will also have these high, 9k, village averages.

As the chart on the right shows, Axte follow a smooth line of growth. The large stunts are where they have recruited members, most recently, top members from (WAR). Axtes growth does not stop or go down, apart from when members leave the tribe.

Axte show no means of slowing down, and, although publicly criticized, they continue growing at a strong, steady place, with many spaces left for recruitment.

2. -HATE-

-HATE-, like Axte, and many other tribes, have kept their position since last week. HATE have not recruited much, and from their original member base. A week after they started, they had recruited around 27 members. They have only gained an extra 10 (obviously swapping members). Their overall tribe changes amounts to 87, the second lowest in the whole of the top 10, their player average is the 3rd highest in the top 10, and their points per village is also quite high, at 7.8k

The graph here shows HATEs growth, it has been fairly stable with a few lumps and bumps along the way. There are no obvious signs of recruitment from the graph, as they have only recruited 4 players over the last month.

With HATE continuing to grow at a steady pace, they show no signs of stopping. HATE do not seem to have much of a public presence, which keeps them out of the limelight.


SHEEPS are still rank 3, and with 46 members, are quite close to their full member base. They are top in both ODA and ODD, so these guys know how to play effectively. They recently took in 4 members of FRM, 2 before the disband, 2 on the day of it. Obviously, Unknown-Soldier was one, someone who has been commented on in the forums. They have the 4th highest points per player in the top 20., but, are closely followed by a tribe ranked quite a bit lower. Their points per village average is the second highest in the top 10, but only by a small margin.

The graph to the right shows SHEEPS growth, over the past 4 weeks they have had some losses, they have also had large growths from recruiting players, aswell. Although close to the member limit SHEEPS can still kick and recruit if need be. They are a very consistent and solid tribe.

4. PIMPs

PIMPS are still in the top 5, which is looking rather solid now, and I don’t expect any major changes from it in a while. Well, PIMPS have the second lowest member count of the top 10, with only 25 members, giving a chance for recruitment. They have the 2nd highest player average in the top 10, at around 330,000 points per player. their village average is in the top half of the top 10, and is in fact, the third highest. This average is only 50 points, and in 100 villages only makes a 5,000 point difference, that is easily made up by taking just one more village.

This graph shows that PIMPS have had quite a few dips over the past 4 weeks, but, it only took them a fraction of a week to recover. The seem to grow in an almost straight line, which shows consistency on their part, which is a good thing to have.

PIMPS have the potential to catch up the distance SHEEPS have on them, especially with their low member base.


PL@GUE have managed to hold the rank 5 position from anyone else, and have a lead now on number 6 by 1,300,000 points, which would take Nuke a while to catch up. They only recently slipped into the top 5, but look to hold that position for a while now. PL@GUE have the lowest player average in the top 5, and the 6th lowest in the top 10 tribes. Their village average, however, is only 7,300, 300 blow the next one up. Over 100 villages, this average makes up 30k, and, although it can be made up easily, if another tribes takes villages at the same rate as you, they will stay in the lead by 30k.

PL@GUEs growth recently has been rather jumpy. They have done some recruitment, which makes sections of the graph rocket up. And between recruiting they grow at a very steady rate, at which they can comfortably keep 5th at.

PL@GUE seem set to hold their new position of 5th, but, do not have much room at all for any new members. This new batch of members from FRM may be their last before they start to kick more people.


Nuke have maintained rank 6 for a good while now. They seem set to hold it now, what with their close competition, (WAR), now gone, and K-T a while behind. 1,600,000 points behind to be exact. Nukes member average closely follows that of PL@GUE, as does their village average. At 150,000 points and 7,300 points respectively. They are stuck in between 2 tribes in the rankings, and are a good 1,000,000 points from going either up, or down. It is likely they will stay at rank 6 unless something goes wrong in a top 5 tribe.

Nukes growth has been fairly continuous now. There are little dips here and there, but also, no large jumps from recruiting. The seem consistent at the moment, with nothing to worry about.

Nuke, after warring Teddy! are all free to grow, and they have taken advantage of this by piling up in the rankings.

7. K-T

K-T are a new entry to the top 10. They gained their place through recruiting members from FRM when some of them left for there, PL@GUE and SHEEPS. They have a nice positioning, where they can grow into FRMs old space, they can also fill the rest of K74. Their averages are not too great. Some of the lowest in the top 10. With a player average of 100k per player, and a village average of 6,700 points per village. Their lead on cuddle isn’t too great, and with cuddle having more spaces open, they could overtake them.

K-Ts graph shows how much the recruiting helped them. They made a huge jump from 2.5 million to over 4 million points. From then on, they have been growing at a faster rate, and also, now with FRM gone, have a lot more room to expand.

As long as these guys stay safe, they have potential to grow further.

8. Cuddle

Cuddle jumped from 10th, to 8th from last week. A growth of 2 rankings, yet still keeping a low member base. They are recovering from previous incidents, and seem to have recovered just about all points lost. Their player average is particularly high for their placement, as it is 5th in the top 10, and their village average is, again, the 6th highgest, at 7,700 points per village.

Cuddle have had difficulties, as you can see, huge drops in points, and they are now close to fully recovering. They lost half of their members, though. But are now, on their way back up in the top 10.

Although having fallen a lot, they are getting back on their feet, ready to rumble.

9. Wolves

Wolves, once again, in 9th position. They are still there from last week, despite 2 tribes dropping out this week. Wolves player average is the lowest of the top 10, at only 80k, and just make it into the top 10 through sheer numbers. Their village average is 7,600 points per village, putting them 6th there. Their member base is close to full, meaning they wont be able to recruit more. And with some tribes with low member counts coming in close just outside the top 10, there could be trouble for them.

Wolves obviously recruited recently, as the graph shows, but, they have periods where they don’t grow much, take yesterday for example, where they grew only 8k and took only 1 village.

Wolves need to push up if they want to stay in the top 10 for any longer that is for sure.

10. FRST

FRST started about 3 weeks ago, and have almost tripled their original member count. Although they are only just in the top 10, by 80,000 points, they are there. Their player average is around 100,000 points per player, but their village average is the lowest of the top 10, at only 6,500 points per village. They do have space to recruit, though, which could give them a lead on both ranks 11 and 9, if they decide to recruit more, as both those ranks have high member counts.

FRST have done well after only being formed 3 weeks ago. Their recruitment and constant growth has brought the to rank 10, and maybe, just maybe, it will take them further than that too.

A decent tribe as it seems, with potential to go further.


The top 10 players have had some movement this week, mainly the number 1 player changing, after Purple Rhinos long and respectable run at the top, there have been new entries and drops, and place gains.
Rankings and changes are done since the last blog.

Rank. Player (Change)
1. Osiadus (+1)
2. Purple Rhino (-1)
3. Wolves Dine At Night (=)
4. Astird (=)
5. Riiz99 (New Entry)
Obsessed And Confused (+2)
Amaraya (-2)
Hate Machine. (-1)
The Perfect Storm (New Entry)
10. Bojanm (New Entry)

This weeks top 10 player rating was written by H0llygh0st, so, thanks to him for writing it, and I hope it’s a good read for you guys, seeing as he knows the players better than I do.

1. Osiadus,
Ah Ossi, I heard good things about this player :) I know that Triscodian used to play this account, but I haven’t heard from him in a while so not sure. Either way hes leading Pimps and is doing a good job so far. They took down MANIC and they keep a rather small member base compared to other tribes.
With a village average of about 8900 they appear to be doing extremely well :) Lets hope it continues.

2. Purple Rhino,
Now heres a interesting fellow. Rank 2 in points yet only rank 44 in OD. I suppose he has had it easy for most of the time. I see some internal noblings but then again who hasn’t nobled internally? I know that the player in question is a good guy, he refreshed my memory about Opera noble trains once ^^
I expect them to stay in the top 5 ;)

3. Wolves Done At Night,
The first thing that catches my attention is that this guy really does like internal nobling… A bit to much perhaps. His OD is better then Purple Rhino up there though. Wolves is one of the players who came from Jester, but other then that I don’t know much about him =/

4. Astird,
Sammy! :D Ok, first off. Astird is a great guy :) Hes been in Axte since nearly the start and is now helping out the leadership immensely… He basically took over, or so I heard ;) His OD is respectable compared to his rank and although he has some internals he did make some conquers on players outside the tribe. I guess they can’t all be recruited. I expect Sam to stay top 5 although he started to slack lately :P

5. Riiiz99,
The player that rimmed me ;) Its good to see that hes doing so well now. Hes top 5 in points and #6 in OD, #2 in ODA even. I remember that when he nobled me he was still rather small, much smaller then for example Hate Machine and Flyingneo, his former duke. His growth afterwards has been pretty nice. I expect nothing else from riiiz then that he gains #1 after some time ;)

6. Obsessed and Confused,
I remember chatting to this guy back in the days. I think Slaphead is a player on this account and I was led to believe that he is active in the HATE leadership. He has a respectable OD and not a lot of internal noblings. I guess hes a ok player.

7. Amaraya,
Another Hate member. Amaraya used to be rather small when he was recruited but his growth was explosive afterwards. I remember him sitting my account when I was being nobled and he did a great job (Although I myself didn’t) He has a OD rank in the hundreds though. Which is weird because I don’t see a lot of internal noblings. I guess he has a good basher or he has been lucky so far. Either way hes a good player and I expect him to stay.

8. Hate Machine.
No longer the original player, but the one playing now might not be as good hes still doing a remarkable job. Currently also the leader of Hate. This account has been near the top continuously throughout W51 and I don’t see a change coming anytime soon. Quite a lot of internal noblings and a disappointing OD though.

9. The perfect storm,
Melkor ^^ I would have expected this player to be top 5 by now, hes taking his time I suppose. A great player and person plays this account and I hope his activity will allow him to maintain this or even improve. Rank 5 in OD currently but there have been times where he was #1 Some internal noblings but not to much. Keep it up ;)

10. bojanm,
a player formerly Jester but now in Sheeps, the second Sheeps member in the east of the world after Hate Machine. in fact. Not really an impressing nobling record, internals and barbarian villages… =/ But I suppose he must have some other qualities he has not shown yet to be recruited by Sheeps away from their main cluster. Rank 52 in OD, which is respectable but could be improved.

Now then, thats my top 10. Some belong in it, others… Not so much.
Some people seem to be missing though, such as Brancardier who did an amazing job at first but seems to have slowed down.

I hope you enjoyed reading it more then I enjoyed typing it… Phew!

Well, that’s H0llys rating for the top 10. The ranking may have changed since it was written, but, I don’t want to ruin his hard work by changing it.
Anyway, that’s it for players this week.


As said last week, wars seemed to have slowed down now. With not many ‘proper’ wars going on, although, SHEEPS are still actively nobling against Wolves, and PIMPS are still doing some nobling off MANIC, although R.I.M have also made a conquer.

SHEEPS vs Wolves

SHEEPS have been fighting against Wolves for a while now, sorry for not reporting it, but, I have only really started to notice it really. Although there has been quite a lot of ennoblements by either side, it has remained relatively unnoticed in the public eye. Although there have been some brief mentions of it.

Below, are the stats for the major part of the SHEEPS/Wolves conflict, dating from October the 1st. Before that, there were only 6 other conquers ranging in time period.

Side 1:
Tribes: SHEEPS
Side 2:
Tribes: Wolves

Timeframe: 01/10/2010 00:00:00 to 16/11/2010 19:23:42

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 60                                                             
Side 2: 39
Difference: 21

These stats suggest that, up until one point, Wolves were effectively defending against SHEEPS and counter attacking, the same was shown when SHEEPS fought FRM.

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 338,482                                                                                  
Side 2: 269,984
Difference: 68,498

This chart shows that although SHEEPS nobled a good 60 villages, the point difference is much less. SHEEPS look like they have mostly nobled 5k point villages, where as Wolves have nobled larger villages, around 9k per village.

More recently though (Past week) Wolves have been losing villages, they have not gained a village since the 31st of October, and have, since then, been losing villages gradually to SHEEPS.
This weeks stats;

Side 1:
Tribes: SHEEPS
Side 2:
Tribes: Wolves

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 9
Side 2: 0
Difference: 9

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 53,321
Side 2: 0
Difference: 53,321

Wolves are now losing momentum. They are in the top 10 through tribes dropping out, which, on this world, there have been plenty of. With SHEEPS attacking still, will they continue to hold?


This is much more of a clean-up now, and even that has slowed right down. PIMPS just aren’t interested in MANIC anymore.

Side 1:
Tribes: PIMPs
Side 2:
Tribes: MANIC

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:                         
Side 1: 5
Side 2: 0
Difference: 5

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:   
Side 1: 27,017
Side 2: 0
Difference: 27,017
MANIC are going down, they were doomed really, when they broke up. Even PIMPS is not taking much of an interest with them.


Thanks once again for reading my blog!
I hope it was an interesting read for you, and that it was worth it’s time.

Thanks go out to;
H0llygh0st – rating top 10
Obscurum – interviewee

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