Armstrongs Eye on W51 – Issue 3

November 8, 2010 in World 051 News, World News

Once again, I’m back with another weeks worth of information for all you readers. With W53 now open, and the forums once again quietening after Axtes recruiting, everything slips back to normal. But with a strange hint of inactivity. Did W53 really cause the inactivity expected?


Has W53 affected this worlds activity? Well from last week, we saw how there were 20,640 players here on W51, and over this past week that figure has dropped to 18,364. A staggering drop of over 2,000 players. Some of these may be due to joining W53, as I know some members of MANIC have left to form a new tribe over there.There have also been signs of slowed growth on players after W53, as we all know, a new world takes up a lot of your time, what with shorter building times and a race to farm.

According to growth charts on TWStats, there has been no major dip in player activity or amount of players. Infact, they have just been going along at the same rate, but still falling, nonetheless.  

<– Players on the World

<– Active players on the World

These charts clearly show that W53 has not proved to be the bombshell it was expected to be. Although, I am sure that many accounts have been changing hands, and the graph may steepen if people hit delete earlier in the week.


^This weeks Auto Updating map for Tribal Dominance.^ Comparing this weeks (top) to last weeks (above) show that the Axte Family have managed to beat Jester as the dominant tribe in K75. Also, you can see SHEEPS expansion South, into K75, via recruiting bojanm. You can see that Teddy! have changed their name to Cuddle. MANIC are now gone from dominating any continent, replaced now by TRIBE. Apathy have taken over K83 from ~TCE~ and the PL@GUE Family (including DOPE I presmue) enhance their supreme domination of K52.
Other than this, there have not been many major changes in the dominance. Tribes are enhancing their dominance of their K’s, and bigger tribes slowly move onto slammer tribes territory, and it wont be long before there is a real competition for space.

TOP 10

This weeks Top 10 tribes was done by Axtes The Perfect Storm, or ArmyofLoners on the external forums. So, here goes. Sorry about the map, I got carried away with some new brushes I downloaded for GIMP (Click for full size)


1. Äxte (=)
2. -HÄTE- (=)
3. SHEEPS (=)
4. PIMPs (=)
5. PL@GUE (=)
6. Nuke (=)
7. (WAR) (+1)
8. FRM (-1)
9. Wolves (+1)
10. Cuddle (New Name)

As you can see the rankings haven’t changed much in the last week between issues, but below you will see where future changes may occur.

1. Axte Change in Member Count: (-2)

Despite losing 2 members Axte remain at the top of the tribes with a neat 2 million point lead on the number 2, -HATE-. They have been growing around 300k per day, when tribe changes are not involved. But, anything they lose from tribe changes is quickly regained within a day. They are also managing around 30 villages a day, which is impressive. With a continually stable growth in both ODD and ODA they seem like a stable candidate for the number 1 tribe. The Jester merge has managed to keep them from falling victim to the new world of 53, although some Axte members will be splitting their time between here, and there.

2. –HATE- Change in Member Count: (-1)

Averaging a growth of 22 villages a day since the last blog, -HATE- is nobling well for the rank 2 tribe. They are currently 7 members larger than the rank 1 tribe, and have their average points per player 120k less in size. As the world goes on, this gap should shrink with nobling and inactivity from both tribes. A larger player base may come to equal more internally nobled players than a smaller one so keep that in mind. On average, they grow 158,936.4 points/day, roughly 2/3rds of their average player points. Consistent growth in OD, ODA, and ODD point to a steady and consistent growth thus far. Keep an eye on their player average once their bottom four internals are kicked.

3. SHEEPS Change in Member Count: (-2)

Opposed to –HATE-, they are showing more signs of inactivity amongst all players. Where –HATE-‘s obvious internals are focused at their bottom four, SHEEPS shows 29 zero growth days from its players. Oddly enough, 22 of them occurred on a Sunday. A heads up to tribes warring them, Sunday may be the best day to launch an op! Their average growth in points/day amounts to 136,618.6 points, a decent difference considering their million and a half point deficit behind rank 2. According to my calculations, SHEEPS growth will need to improve roughly 23k points to start cutting that deficit. Of course as we have seen a few times this world, selective recruitment may be their needed boost.

4. PIMPs Change in Member Count: (-2)

It seems a strange phenomenon has struck this world recently, as once again the majority of zero growth days for PIMPs focus on a Sunday. Around 8 players seem to be inactive out of their 29 total members, which could affect their rank and fighting capabilities. They grow a little over 100k points a day and average nearly 12 villages conquered daily. Considering an active member count of around 21 members, they are keeping themselves busy actively nobling. Look for them to gain or lose standing due entirely to their activity level.

5. PL@GUE Change in Member Count: (-1)

Fittingly enough, PL@GUE is ravaging the closely pointed 6, 7, and 8 ranked tribes with an advantage solely in villages and points. This close race should be watched carefully over the next few weeks as the lower half of the top 10 look to gain ranks. Expect merges or wars to gain ground from these close tribes. PL@GUE benefits from a 225k point lead on the next tribe Nuke, yet only a 611k point difference between ranked 8 FRM. Significant moves could easily shakeup this portion of the rankings, and watch for PL@GUE’s next move on their climb for rank 1.

6. Nuke Change in Member Count: (+1)

Nuke still remains rank 6 and has shown steady growth in villages, points, ODA, ODD, and ODT. I am starting to wonder if a glitch may have occurred in as Sunday shows multiple zero growth days once again. If it’s a glitch I apologize, if not we’ve stumbled across a very interesting pattern! With a member count of 43, Nuke has a good number to keep internals from affecting them badly as a tribe. However, the last 7 members on their list may as well be inactives due to their points and growth rate. Nuke’s players need to improve their average points per player closer to 7.5k to catch up on PL@GUE.

7. (WAR) Change in Member Count: (+1)

One of the larger debates of the world, Axte and (WAR)’s relationship and how it should really be counted, has been brought up again and again. In game, they are considered a family, but here in the Top 10 they are judged as separate entities. In the last few weeks (WAR) has steadily climbed the ranks holding near their current rank 7. Their member count the last week has stayed consistently around 35 members, although a few weeks ago they had nearer to 25 members. Their early rank growth coincides with their growth in members, however they have improved from rank 12 to rank 6 the last two and a half weeks staying near the 35 member mark. All in all, they are a tribe to watch that could make a surprise appearance in the top 5 with a good war or more recruitment.

8. FRM Changes in Member Count: (-1)

With a member count of 47 members, FRM leads both Nuke and (WAR) in ODD and ODT however (WAR)’s ODA by roughly 1.4 million. That being said, FRM has done a decent job holding their ranking while gaining fair amounts of ODD and ODT from their attackers. They hold a million point lead over rank 9 Wolves and, bar any internal troubles or mass-noblings, should stay rank 8 for awhile. Keep an eye on their future and current wars that will determine how long they remain in the Top 10.

9.  Wolves Changes in Member Count: (=)

Of all the tribes discussed so far, Wolves remains the only tribe without a change in Member Count. However, they have improved to rank 9, their highest rank. The biggest surprise has to be their recent nobling as they currently average LESS than a village a day. Current fights they are involved in with SHEEPS have certainly affected their ability to grow in villages. Even then they continue to gain ODD, ODA, and ODT bringing them closer and closer to passing higher ranking tribes like FRM and (WAR). How they respond to their lack of growth will determine indefinitely how long they remain a Top 10 tribe.

10. Cuddle Changes in Member Count: (New Name)

Cuddle has moved into the Top 10 to replace tribe name Teddy! who has consistently failed to hold back Nuke. Only 22 members, some with signs of inactivity and poor growth, will be the biggest factor in the always complicated equation of holding and improving rank. Their village losses still include Nuke conquers. The possibility of a strong push and growth soon could bring them to pass Wolves only 180k points ahead of them, so watch carefully how the next week goes for Cuddle. All in all they show the same symptoms of Teddy! with their name the only real change.

Obviously, these lower entries have not been in the Top 10 long, mainly due to Jester falling. But will the newcomers be able to stand any challenges from outsiders?


The top 10 players have had a bit of a shuffle round recently. Here they are;

Player (Change)
1. Purple Rhino (=)
2. Osiadus (=)
3. Wolves Dine At Night (+3)
4. Astird (=)
5. Amaraya (-2)
6. Instinctive Survival (+1)
7. Hate Machine. (New Entry)
8. Obsessed and Confused (+2)
9. Brancardier (-4)
10. Chief Eemmo (New Entry)

There’s been a large amount of shuffling around in the top 10 over the last week, players losing ranks, players gaining ranks, and completely new entries.

Purple Rhino
Purple Rhino is still on top in the player ratings, although they are being caught fast by Osiadus. With a growth rate of 9k per day, that is still the second fastest growth on this world. Over the week Purple Rhino has made 11 conquers, all from players. These have ranged in points from 2.9k, to 6.4k (that being an internal). But, are, as said, all from players. This would show active nobling and attacking, which is backed up by a rising ODA over the last few days, which, over the week, has grown by 300k, just over 40k per day. ODD has risen by a measly 300 points, showing very little resistance, or just self attacking issues.
All in all, if Purple Rhino doesn’t up their growth rate, they will be over taken by Osiadus VERY soon indeed.

Osiadus is the fastest grower on this world. Growing 11k per day, which is 2k more than second place. With growth like this they will easily overtake rank 1, in a couple of days in fact, if these averages keep up. And will easily break away bit by bit each day. But, although there have been a total of 18 conquers over the week, about 2 per day, 11 of these have been internals and 3 barbarian, leaving only 4 that had to be fought for. And these conquers gave him and ODA rise of around 170k this week, over 20k a week. ODD has risen by 50k, more than Purple Rhino, showing there is more resistance that is being defeated.
Although growing fast now, will the growth continue once the internals are eaten?

Wolves Dine At Night
Wolves Dine At Night is the third fastest grower on this world. With a 9k gain per day, on average, they can hold their position if the averages keep up. If Purple Rhino shows signs of slowing down, Wolves will slowly and silently gain up on them, eventually overtaking them. Having made 20 conquers over the past week, they really are stepping up. Unfortunately, though, 17 of these were internals. 2 were barbarian and 1 from a player, which seems a bit easy. But if there is food, you should eat it. With inactive accounts from former Jester to be eaten, the growth rate may be kept up for another short while. ODA has only risen by 50k this week. Which backs up the internal conquers. And ODD has not risen at all, showing easy food.
If the internals are still there, by all means, eat them. But what will happen when they run out?

With the 6th fastest growth rate of this world, Astird may not have a high growth rate, but have a secure 50k lead on the 3rd place player, who also have the 5th highest growth rate. They only made 10 conquers this week, but the majority were from enemy tribe, Jester. Namely from Luckydevil. The remaining 4 were internal ennoblements from (WAR). With a rise of 200k ODA wise, there was obviously some fight for the villages. With ODD of only 400 points, it shows there was no fight back counter offensive wise. These were probably from late snipes or self attacks.
If they don’t speed up, rank 5 will SLOWLY catch up, but catch up none the less.

Amaraya has lost 2 ranks recently, dropping to 5. Which is also the same position as their growth rank, 5. Although, they have only made 2 conquers in the last week. Although from other players, that is still a small number.  If the conquers do not step up, the growth will fall. This may be due to lack of space in the local area, or increased competition for space. ODA has only grown by 40k. This could show a period of inactivity. Although growth is still there in it’s slight form, the growth itself is in small quantities.

Instinctive Survival
Instinctive Survival is still in the top 10, after being there for a while. But, the growth rating for them is 11th, outside of the top 10. Which could give smaller rankings as time goes on. With 8 conquers this week, all from NEXUS, although from an ex member of SHEEPS, which could provoke easy conquers. But an ODA rise of 300k goes against this, showing there were challenges. Low ODD rise shows there were no counters on this player whilst they nobled.

Hate Machine.
Hate Machine is once again in the top 10. Their growth rank is 10th, but, they have stepped up recently and taken 16 villages over the last week. None of these were internals, and all of these were over 3k. This shows clear expansion, and judging by some of their positioning, there is not much of a food shortage of food there. Their ODA has risen by 200k, showing they have worked for their conquers and their ODD has not risen, showing they have effectively taken out opposition offensive.

Obsessed And Confused
Obsessed and Confused have risen an average of 7.9k per day. This is ranked 7th overall. They have taken 8 villages from opposing tribes, and 1 as an internal. Their ODA has grown by around 300k this week. They are fighting actively against smaller players, in a bid to grow faster and overtake others. They have room to expand in K47, where they can move slightly south. Their ODD has risen by 30k showing their have been some counters against them.

Brancardier has been dropping down quite a bit recently. Having fallen from rank 1 to rank 10, then to 9, in just under a month. 4 conquers were made in their favour this week. 3 barbarians and 1 player. The small amount of conquers can suggest a further fall in ranks, even out of the top 10 players. ODA has risen by 100k, they must be doing something with their offense, but that is not nobling. ODD has had a tiny gain, not really worth much to be honest.
Growth should speed up otherwise they will be falling more and more throughout the ranks.

Cheif Eemmo
Cheif Eemmo is a new entry to the top 10, after leaving jester for Axte. Their growth rank is 4, much higher than their rank 10. It shows they are speedily growing and could potentially move way up the rankings. They have taken 12 villages this week, mainly off of other players, including Jester members, With members of Jester and ex-members who are inactive, neaby, they do have potential to grow a fair bit.
With a growth rating like theirs they have the potential to move up the rankings into higher spots.


The wars that are going on now are not very public ones. Obviously the Axte vs Jester war continues, along with the Pimps vs MANIC conflict, but, other wars seem to be slowing down quite a lot recently.

Current wars stand at (in order of conquers)
Axte vs Jester

Axte vs Jester

This war is extremely one sided at the moment. With Jester not putting up a resistance. The dieing tribe was once a very good tribe with rank one in sight. Now, they are just crumbling, giving villages away to Axte one by one.

Side 1:
Tribes: Jester
Side 2:
Tribes: Äxte

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1:
Side 2:

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 0
Side 2: 358,292
Difference: 358,292

Jester are clearly going down, and it looks like they will not recover. With most members leaving, they have to either abandon ship, or go down with it.


PIMPs have been cleaning up on MANIC, with MANIC now falling apart. PIMPs now hav do not have much competition neaby with MANIC going down. And they are set to dominate the North East.

Side 1:
Tribes: PIMPs
Side 2:
Tribes: MANIC

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 17
Side 2: 0
Difference: 17

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 103,966
Side 2: 0
Difference: 103,966

As you can see, it is all starting to turn one sided. After the initial noblings there was a silence, followed by nobling, and now it seems MANIC have given up.


SHEEPS have started to slow down against FRM, with them not nobling as much and FRM now suffering from a member loss, where people went to K-T.

Side 1:
Tribes: SHEEPS
Side 2:
Tribes: FRM

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 4
Side 2: 1
Difference: 3

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 24,582
Side 2: 4,542
Difference: 20,040

Although FRM have done a little to fight back, it may be too little too late. With members now leaving for allies of SHEEPS, they may expect heavy attacks coming in soon.

There is not much else to say about other wars. Nuke and Cuddle have calmed down, along with other tribes that were fighting. I expect the SHEEPS conflict may die down soon, with FRM. And R.I.M have all stopped fighting MANIC too.


A special mention goes out to Riiiz99, who, today, jumped up to 5th today from 11th. According to TWstats they grew a HUGE 70k today. Which is EXTREMELY impressive at this stage in-game. So, props to them, and happy nobling!

(unfortunately I did not have time to redo my maps and ratings to add in Riiiz99, sorry)


Sorry about there not being an interview this week, but I did my best too keep up a good blog. Please, bear in mind that this blog without an interview is just as long as the other blogs (without their interviews ofcourse) so it is more or less the same content wise.


Armstrong Out.