Armstrongs Eye on W51 – Issue 2

October 31, 2010 in World 051 News, World News

The world is now a week older, with another week to report on. W53 looms on the horizon and it may cause some changes to W51, big or small, we cannot tell yet. This week, I will be talking about Äxtes recruitment of members of Jester, with the regular top 10 analysis’s along with war stats.  


This, below, is the world as it stands from the W51 Auto-Updating Tribal Dominance Maps (as of 30th October). At the moment there are some 20,640 players left on W51 (as of 30th October) and I will be updating this figure in my next blog, once W53 has opened. W52 did not have much of an effect on this world because of it’s settings, but, it will be interesting to see what better settings will do to a worlds activity. I, for one, will continue playing W51, as I planned, and I’m sure a few people will give up this world for a world with better settings.


In very recent news, Äxte seem to have overcome this situation by going on a recruiting spree of around 15 members from neighbour and NAP tribe Jester. This now gives them the rank 1 spot in tribes and they have half of the top 10 player places belonging to them, with another 5 in the top 20.

"A person who reaches the top after a lot of struggle, who has overcome
failures, will remain at the top for a long time because he has already
patched up his loop holes." Chirag Patel

Although Äxte did not reach the top after a long struggle (as the quote mentions) they have still been silently growing up the ranks since the beginning of the world, obviously they would have over come challenges, be it internal, or external. But, they gained the top through recruitment. This quick recruitment has placed them firmly in the top spot (as said before) with 2 million  points between them, and the number 2 tribe. They have also maintained their high average of points per player, even though, a lot of the members recruited were below their average. The recent recruitment has left Äxte at the top of 6 continents, with a close second in another. This also gives them a chance to expand further south, into the South Eastern rim, which also, gives them a secure border. (click for full size)

I have managed to get an interview with Astird to gain light upon the situation.

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Recently, there have been a lot of big changes in the top 10. Manic and Jester dropped out, Teddy! lost a bunch of ranks, and lots of tribes moving up, including 2 new entries into the main body of tribes on this world.

(click for full size)

At the moment the top 10 stands as;

1. Äxte (+ 3)
2. -HÄTE- (- 1)
3. SHEEPS (=)
4. PIMPs (+ 1)
5. PL@GUE (+ 3)
6. Nuke (+ 3)
7. FRM (+ 2)
8. (WAR) (new entry)
9. Teddy! (- 3)
10. Wolves (new entry)

Obviously the changes since the last blog (marked in brackets) are quite significant, with a few tribes that seemed to be holding well (MANIC, Jester, Teddy!) dropping rapidly, even out of the top 10.

Unfortunately, the top 10 analysis is not going to be as detailed as before as I have been pressed for time this week.

1. Äxte

Äxte recently recovered the top spot via the means of recruiting Jester members, there has been a lot of debate over this, with people arguing about it being the right thing to do. But, for one thing, the are firmly at the top with around 11 million points, with an average of around 300k per member. Their location is now firmly set in the South East, meaning they can expand towards the rim. The also nearly surround the rank 2 tribe -HÄTE- which could cause some skirmishes.

2. -HÄTE-

-HÄTE- were pushed down to rank 2 after Äxtes recruitment. -HÄTE- were also put in their rank via recruitment. Even with the core K’s HÄTE are now almost surrounded by a growing Äxte, and with Äxte now having a more secure border to fall back on, it could be a challenge for HÄTE to grow. But, with Teddy! seeming to be weakening to their north, their could be oppurtunity.


SHEEPS are now back in number 3 after Jester fell out of the top 10. Although surrounded by other tribes, they continue to grow steadily, and they seem to be digging into all smaller tribes, causing a lot of damage to those tribes. Although, they have recently lost some villages to FRM which are yet to be recapped, if ever. Despite this, SHEEPS continue to grow steadily, managing a few 100k growths per day. They remain a good 1.5mil behind HÄTE and will need to grow a lot to gain that second place.

4. PIMPs

PIMPs recently suffered a bit of a loss because of Lords of Teradin leaving for (WAR). But, still, they remain 1.4 million in front of PL@GUE. With MANIC having dropped out of the rankings, there should be a lot more easy food for members of PIMPs. PIMPs member base of 32 leaves them able to recruit more players to grow, which could, make up the difference between them, and SHEEPS.


PL@GUE are a new entry into the top 5 tribes, but had been in the top 10 for a while now. Because of Teddy! and MANICs drops into lower rankings, along with Jesters disappearance from the top 10, they were able to sneak into the top 5 tribes. PL@GUE dominate 2 K’s after their all-you-can-eat buffet on the G.O.M family, completely obliterating them and all signs of resistance, with help from friendly tribe Dope

6. Nuke

Nuke gained a good 3 places when Teddy! and the other tribes fell. They continue to take villages from Teddy! making them grow even more. Nuke have been growing nicely, gaining nice amounts of points and villages throughout this week. Although, they have had a few minor point and village losses this week, because of Seven-of-Nine leaving the tribe. But, despite this, Nuke continue, after all, it’s only one member I suppose, whose villages are quickly being taken back.

7. (WAR)

(WAR) only recently broke the top 10, but in doing so, have landed themselves in a nice 7th place, overtaking FRM earlier today. They seem set to take over Nuke too, as they have been recruiting members recently, that gave them the boost past FRM. Their players are entwined with Axte, they parent tribe,  but, have there is space for them to grow into, to the south of Wolves, where NEXUS stands.

8. FRM

FRM have gained 2 places since last blog, but, lost out on 7th to (WAR) who overtook them early today.  With their ex-HERO recruits, they are growing rapidly, and also, taking villages off of SHEEPS, although both their ODD and ODA have been rising, showing they have been taking hits and losing things to SHEEPS. With some internal issues that I know of, the tribe may be drawing to a close when W53 opens…

9. Teddy!

In the last week Teddy! lost a lot of their members, forming GOAT. This has dropped them down to rank 9, where Nuke continue to attack and noble them. They do not seem to grow much, as yesterday, they only managed a growth of 1000 points. The members that left made a dent in Teddy!s side, they were holding out strongly, but, now, it seems they are losing ground to Nuke.

10. Wolves

Wolves are a new entry to the top 10 this week. They have been in this rank before, but were quickly replaced by HERO. But, now, they ahve re-entered, and, although losing villages to both Axte and SHEEPS, continue to grow steadily. They may even overtake Teddy! and become rank 9 in some time.


The top 10 players may also be brief, because of time issues. Sorry guys, next week I promise a better blog for you all.

The top 10 has undergone some changes, especially now Axte have half of the top 10 in their control. -HATE- have 3, PIMPs 1, and SHEEPS 1. Map is below.

1. Purple Rhino

Purple Rhino has managed to stay at the top of the rankings for yet another week. He remains another 80k infront of the second ranked player. He is fast approaching 100 villages, and has a village average of 8.1k. Although it is one of the lowest averages in the top 10, the sheer amount of villages he has is keeping him up as the top player.

2. Osiadus

Osiadus has risen up to rank 2 from 8th, an impressive feat. The only member in the top 10 from PIMPs. Many of the conquers of Osiadus have been internals, numbering 30. But, these internals have helped build up a cluster for Osiadus from which to expand from. The village average is higher than Purple Rhinos, but they do not have the villages to take number 1. Maybe if they manage to get some more internals, they could quietly steal number 1.

3. Amaraya

-HATE-s first of 3 members in the top 5. Having swapped places with Astird, now in 4th, they now have a lead on them by just over 15k. The villages average of Amaraya is higher than both Purple Rhino, and Osiadus, but they dont have the village numbers to be able to overtake them, although, they do have room to expand to the east.

4. Astird

Recently falling into 4th, Axtes Astird is only just in head of Brancardier, despite having 10 less villages, this is due to a seemingly high village average compared to many others in the top 10. The only food local to Astird are the smaller tribes that take up some space in Axtes continents, and these smaller tribes are Axtes focus for the moment.

5. Brancardier

Brancardier fell from rank 2 to 5 over the last week. Although having the same amount of villages as Osiadus, their low average of just 7.4k per village has brought them down to 5th. Brancarier closely follows Astird in the rankings, just 5k behind, so they could start to work their way back up to the 2nd spot.

6. Wolves Dine At Night

A former Jester member, Wolves Dine at Night moved over when Axte recruited the majority of Jesters good players. With the second lowest amount of villages in the top 10, Wolves Dine at Night have the highest village average of the top 10, at 9.1k. If they wanted they could eat some of their former tribe mates from Jester, but that lies on personal loyalties.

7. Instinctive Survival

SHEEPS only member in the top 10 has once again dropped a few places, this time, from 5th, to 7th. Instinctive Survival has had to grow in SHEEPS core, meaning more competition for the villages there, but can still use the villages near FRM to try and take something from them. With a village average of 8.4k, it is higher than a few, but not the best of the averages.

8. Riiiz99

Since my last blog Riiiz99 has risen up to rank 8 from a previous 10th, pushing Rycole down to 9th. The 5th and final member of Axtes top 10 group, Riiiz99 does have room to grow towards NEXUS and Wolves, bot of whom are much smaller tribes than Axte, although, that could cause conflict with SHEEPS, who are also near those tribes.

9. Rycole

As previously mentioned, pushed down by Riiiz99 into 9th, they are the second of                -HATE-s 3 top 10 members, and with their border with Axte, they may need to find somewhere to relocate to soon. Rycole has the third lowest villages in the top 10, and will need to take more to ensure they will not be pushed out of the top 10, maybe even improve their average.

10. Obsessed and Confused

-HATE-s final member in the top 10, they have a large amount of villages (70) but the second lowest average in the top 10. This needs to be improved, especially if they run out of local villages to take, otherwise they will be out of the top 10 before they know it. Location wise, at the north of -HATE- they do fortunately have some food there, in the form of smaller tribes and the crumbling Teddy!


Over the last week, the wars on W51 still continue. MANIC and PIMPs have finally restarted the nobling on each other, although MANIC are not in the best of positions. SHEEPS and FRM are still going at each other, along with Nuke on the crumbling Teddy!

There is also a new war being fought, Axte vs Jester, which broke out recently due to Jester leaders being infuriated by Axtes tactics

(all stats from 1 week ago)

Axte vs Jester

Although still young as a war, Axte  have made the first moves on Jester, and will seemingly continue in their ‘clean up’ of the remaining Jester members that did not get invited to the now rank 1 tribe.

Side 1:
Tribes: Äxte
Side 2:
Tribes: Jester

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 4
Side 2: 0
Difference: 4

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 24,758
Side 2: 0
Difference: 24,758

Although still young, Axte made the first moves in actually nobling something, although the first attacks were thought to have been launched by a Jester leader, Luckydevil. This could be the end for a Jester, a seemingly good tribe, now fallen.


Manic are now losing this fight against PIMPs as it has now restarted between those 2. Add in R.I.M and there is a losing battle being fought by MANIC.

Side 1:
Tribes: MANIC
Side 2:
Tribes: PIMPs, R.I.M

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 6
Side 2: 22
Difference: 16

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 28,821
Side 2: 145,487
Difference: 116,666

MANIC are now 16 conquers down THIS WEEK alone. Unless they can pull some magic out of a hat, this could be the beginning of the end for them.

SHEEPS vs FRM/Wolves

SHEEPS have been fighting FRM and Wolves for some time now, although these 2 tribes are not co-ordinating against SHEEPS they have been causing some damage over the past week.

Side 1:
Tribes: SHEEPS
Side 2:
Tribes: Wolves, FRM

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 11
Side 2: 23
Difference: 12

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 50,943
Side 2: 161,616
Difference: 110,673

As you can see, SHEEPS are 12 conquers down this week. The forever stats tell a different story, though. Will SHEEPS, the most stable tribe of the top 10, be able to blast FRM away next week?

Nuke vs Teddy!/GOAT

With Teddy! crumbling this should be easy pickings for Nuke. They should easily be able to take more and more villages from the falling Teddy! Last week alone, Nuke showed that they are showing no mercy to Teddy! They have also been pushing on GOAT, who left Teddy! to make a new tribe.

Side 1:
Tribes: Nuke
Side 2:
Tribes: Teddy!, Goat

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 16
Side 2: 0
Difference: 16

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 118,852
Side 2: 0
Difference: 118,852

With Nuke losing NOTHING over the past week, this could spell the end for Teddy! and GOAT will start to get hit over again, just like when they were in Teddy! With Nukes continuous growth onto both tribes, this war could turn 1 sided.


I’m sorry if this weeks blog wasn’t as good as before. I prepared it in just over 2 days as I was on holiday. BUT I will make up for it with next weeks blogs, that will have all the War charts and detailed analysis’s the first blog did.

If you want to contribute to the blog (eg. make a tribe/player analysis) please, feel free to mail me, as this blog is for you guys, after all, and I don’t want you all getting bored.

Thanks for reading

Armstrong Out