Armstrong’s Eye on W51 – Issue 11

October 11, 2011 in World 051 News, World News

Well, hello guys, much to your happiness, this is a proper blog!

I know it’s been a while since a proper blog for you guys, but here it is, and yes, it’s a proper one. Open your eyes! Look! See! It’s a blog! It may be a complete amazement for you, but I’ve written something of a decent standard for you! Anyway, let’s go.

Well, lets look at the world at the moment, just to see where we stand.As said previously in the forums… This map looks pretty familiar doesn’t it? I mean… Look at the shape!

Yep! Funnily enough our world is starting to look a bit like pacman! The love-able yellow guy has made a guest appearance here, let’s just flip this image to make it a bit more accurate.

Yeah, if you just flip him round a bit, and give him an eye, it looks a lot like Axte and Nukes positioning on one and other! I suppose you could be even MORE accurate and use Ms Pacman as she has her bow, to represent the smaller tribes on the western rim, but hey, everyone likes simple pictures don’t they!

Now, back to the map… Where was I…

Ahh yes, the world. Obviously we can see from the above, above, above map, that Axte are more or less dominating the world with their recent merge with TRIM. They have managed to take in more or less all of their members, the remainder floated around or went to Nuke, which leaves them isolated in a sea of Axte. Their villages will be hard to defend if they weren’t pre-stacked as there isn’t much around in terms of support.
GOAT are still around, between Nuke and Axte, giving a sort of barrier for the outnumbered Nuke in that corner.

Nuke are cornered in the world with only GOAT and ~DOGZ~ as the smaller tribes by them. They have been caught in a trap by the merge of TRIM and Axte leaving them almost surrounded. Obviously they have their rim back-lines to call support from, but that will only last for a certain amount of time until they will be relying on their defensive skills rather than the quantity of the defense.

There are still some smaller tribes around Axte aswell. Tribes such as STAND, TDR, and KR are still around on the rim despite there being wars in those areas previously, such as KO and Ultra, both tribes who fought Axte, and some of the remnants are in the afore mentioned tribes. These smaller tribes will either be the targets for the rim players of Axte, or they will be focused on after the Nuke war. I suppose they will be worked on simultaneously, just with a lot more focus on Nuke than on any other, smaller, clean up operations being ran at the moment.

With the way the world is going it seems that Axte could win this world, due to the enormous size difference between the top 2 tribes. The tactic they pursued seems to have worked, in which they take they take out the weaker members of tribes in a war, and merge with the rest of them, somehow managing to keep enough spaces in their tribe for all of these people. And, well, if they don’t have enough spaces, they use the players as co’s on other accounts to boost their activity. This idea, in theory, isn’t too bad, but in reality, with so many tribes and ideologies under one roof, it could lead to internal disputes, that have happened in Axte in the past, so who is to say it wont happen again?


Well, lets look at something I used to do. Who owns how much of the world. I’ll use a smaller continent grid that’s colour coded to show who owns which K. Then I’ll do what I did before and work out the percentages that certain tribes own of the whole world.
—North West————North East—
| 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |—| 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 |
|10|11 |12|13|14||15|16 |17|18|19|
—South West————South East—

It’s fairly clear and easy to see that Axte own the vast majority of the world. They dominate most of the K’s that are available for domination.

Out of a possible 7000 points available (100 points per K, which 70/100 being given with percentages, and 30 with no domination) Axte own a very large 3369.83 points, which is very nearly half of the world. If you factored in K’s that they partially own, I am sure you would find that they influence over half of the world. Now, Axte own a very respectable 45 continents, and, again, this is out of 70 continents. Ideally they would have 4500 points on the world, but, unfortunately, they don’t have 100& dominance in every one of their continents. In fact, their points average out to be around 78 per continent, which is still a reasonable amount. They do have a lot of high domination K’s, especially in the south where there are a lot of 80/90 point continents. But it’s the smaller K’s, such as 21 and 95 (where they own less than 40%) that bring them down.
If these K’s were brought up in domination, they could over half of the world under their very thumb, but at the moment it doesn’t look like the will be stopped.

NUKE on the other hand only own 16 continents. Only a fraction of what Axte own, not even a half even. But they get 1233.27 from these continents, this gives them an average of about 77 percent, which is just lower than what Axte have, so on a domination level, they are on the same kind of level. Obviously Nuke are much smaller than Axte, around 3 times smaller. This, although small compared to Axte, is still almost a quarter of the whole world.

The other 4 tribes, together, own 9 continents. ~DOGZ~ own 2, STAND own 3, TDR own 2 and KR own 1, and GOAT own 1.  Now together this is quite a considerable amount, but as they are individual tribes, well, it will be difficult for them to work together to do anything to make an effect on the world.

 A Note From a Player

Now we have a note from a respected player here on World 51, this note comes from Army of Loners as he is known on the forums, or just Aaron.

Extra SelectShow

It’s a shame to see one of the players who has become well respected here leave us. At least he will still be around on the forums to check up on us eh?

That’s it for now 

Well, that’s this issue out, sorry for it being shorter maybe than expected, but next week will bring more information on tribes and players at the moment as Battle of The Bands will be over :)

Armstrong out