Armstrongs Eye on W51 Issue 10 – Part 2

July 30, 2011 in World 051 News, World News

Welcome readers to the Part 2 of this blog – Yes, I know it was delayed and for that I am sorry, I have no excuse this time other than I was distracted, I am not good at keeping down to task once I am distracted, and for that, I’m sorry. Anyway, back to the blog. This is the top 5 tribes! I will do the Top 10 players, and maybe a special blog, when I am back from camping!

The tribe rankings seem to have really stabilized out now. There are pretty large gaps between each of the tribes in the rankings, and after the 5th tribe, the other tribes are less than 1/10th of the points of the tribe currently in Rank 1, Axte. In rank 2 there is NUKE, who have been there for a while now, but are yet to be close to Axte. In third we have TRIM, the dominant tribe in the North Western quarter of the world. In fourth, there is DSBAND, Axtes family tribe, who sit at around 1/3rd of the main tribes points, bringing the Axte family to around 200 million points. Finally, in fifth, we have BLISS, the smaller tribe in the North West, who are a lot less dominant, with under a half of TRIMs points in total.

Now, lets have a look at a map of the tribes, to see how they look visibly.

As you can see, Axte clearly dominate the southern half of the world, with DSBAND taking up some of the dominance along the rim of the world in the southern half. Axte will soon have to move on to the north, which could spark off the worlds biggest war, beating the SHEEPS Axte war by a large margin. NUKE are also just feeding off of HATEs remains, which means they too, will be contested for space. In the North West TRIM and BLISS may start fighting for space, as the area will fill up soon enough. Anyway, onto ratings.

1. Axte

Axte have been chewing up anything in their way recently. They have demolished AGG quickly, leading to their disband soon after their declaration of war, as Axte swiftly turned the stats around once the war had gone public. No they are just biting into KO, as they have been doing for a while, and KO seem to be going down and down, with some people there just giving up. But, Axte may still be snacking on them for a while, as a few members are still putting up a fight. Anyway, Axte have held the number 1 spot for a long while now, and also hold all of the number 1 spots in OD. Their recently acquired members of HATE, albeit a small number, may spark attacks from NUKE, but, Axte seem to be strong in their position, with the back up of DSBAND, if it is ever needed. This month Axte have made over 1900 conquers, jumping almost 20 million points this month alone, although some may have come from their recent recruits. At this moment in time, Axte look set to win the world, owning what seems to be around half of the world already. Even a combined effort by the remaining tribes may not be enough, due to the rule of no supporting outside your tribe.


NUKE have been in a comfortable second for a while now, ever since MIND broke up they have just been keeping their lead over TRIM, who are third. Nuke are quite a clustered tribe, and they quickly got rid of opposition in their K’s, even having 100% in a couple of their K’s, with no one else near by. They have quickly filled up the space previously owned by -HATE- and now have a solid cluster in the North East of the world. They will be a tough opponent for any other tribes if they attack due to their organization skills, showed in their war with -HATE-. Nuke have nobled 1,100 villages this month, a large amount, but Axte have nobled almost double that, mainly due to their huge size difference, this gave them a growth of around 6 million points this month, and a large increase in their cluster. Alot of nukes conquers are from cleaning up inactives and the last part of -HATE- but now, it seems they are focusing a lot on getting rid of their inactive members.


Ever since MIND broke up, TRIM have been the bigger part of the split, with BLISS always being much smaller. TRIM have had to share their area with BLISS, and some people have gone back and forth between the tribes. The increased contest for space, due to noblings, means that at some point, one tribe may have to start eating the other, and with TRIM being the bigger tribe, they could attack BLISS, which would be much more sensible than say TRIM attacking NUKE or Axte. TRIM also aren’t as clustered as NUKE or Axte, with many of their K’s only being owned at 40-50%, although, once opposition has been got rid of, I am sure they will be able to cluster up a lot. Recently TRIM have made over 1000 conquers, which is close to what NUKE have made, and they have also made a large growth of over 8 million points, more than what NUKE has had, possibly because NUKE nobled alot of internals, meaning they have less of a points gain. TRIM may be half the size of Axte, but, they have the potential to completely dominate their area if they took up the space that BLISS currently occupy.


DSBAND, Axtes family tribe, seem to have been going from strength to strength in terms of their rank, they started out as a very small tribe and have quickly grown to the number 4 spot. They are spread, mainly, around Axtes rim along the South, picking up and villages that aren’t any shade of blue of purple. Their points and member count don’t stay stable, as Axte will always pick up the best from DSBAND, and replace it with one of their inactives, also, people leave DSBAND and move onto another of the safehouse tribes Axte has when they become too small, just for their last noblings. DSBAND have made around 850 conquers this month, but their points haven’t grown at all. Infact, they have lost points due to members moving onto Axte, they have only gained 1 million points overall due to members leaving, but lost around 6 million mid-month when people shifted tribes. At some point Axte will have to eat them, as I don’t see them keeping their family tribes around forever if they want to win this world.


BLISS are the smallest tribe that really have any effect on the world. They have joint ownership of the North West, although they are the minority there, with TRIM, which could lead to contested space later on in the world. BLISS are the smaller part of MIND, and only have 12 members, the smallest member count in the top 5. After BLISS, the rest of the tribes don’t make much of a difference to the world, as they are all so small, even KO, who are fighting Axte, will one day collapse due to lack of troops. Anyway, BLISS are doing quite well in their area and have been growing quite strongly in their respective clusters. They have gained 5 million points this month, close to what NUKE had gained, although they only capped just over 300 villages. The rest of their points came from 2  recruits, who brought about 2 million points into the tribe combined. This only shows up as 1 member gain, though, as they got rid of an inactive earlier on in the month. BLISS are curently clearing up smaller tribes, but, if they ever got into a war situation, supporting may become hard, due to the fact they are dangerously spread in the area, intertwined with TRIM. The contest for space could, in theory, bring about their downfall.


Sorry about the short issue, but, I hope you like my map and I hope you like having something to read. I will be back in around 10 days (after camping) to do the top 10 players, with another map, and maybe even a special blog for all of you.

Until then
Armstrong Out