Armstrongs Eye on W51 – Issue 10 (part 1)

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Yes, it’s been a while since I posted a large blog entry, and first of all, I’m going to express my apologies over the severe lack of, decent shall I say, blogs recently. Anyway, I’m going to try and cram as much information as I can over the next few issues. You can think of them as ‘parts’ Part 1 deals with Tribal Dominance, and the changes to the top 5, the next part will be on top 5 tribes and top 10 players, it is already under way. Other parts will focus on specific world issues and events that have happened. Here goes!


Now, what has been happening since my last… Issue. Well, the last large issue was… 25th March. It’s been a long while since, but, I am going to do my best to cover everything I can in the next few blogs, more to come very soon.

The last issue covered the worlds dominance, and it was a rather long winded issue on the world, with the statistics on who owns what etc.

Since then, SHEEPS have merged into Axte, MIND split into BLISS and TRIM, and HATE are more or less gone, eradicated by NUKE. These are things that I will be covering over the next few issues, all of which are in progress now.
Also, since then, the look of the world has changed. Below is a map of then, and a map of now, so you all can see the comparison between the world then, and the world now.

The world then showed a lot more of a split between who owned the world. The south was split between SHEEPS and Axte, the north between MIND and NUKE, with HATE in the East. There were also a lot more tribes around at the time.
Compare this to the map that we have now, which is completely different to this one


You can see in this map the huge amounts of change that have happened in the last 3 months. The world really started to change with the merge of SHEEPS and Axte, with the best SHEEPS members becoming a part of Axte, and PL@GUE becoming part of the Axte family, now alongside DSBAND and other Axte safe houses. Another large change was the collapse of MIND. A tribe that use to contend Axte fell quickly, more due to internal issues, and split into TRIM and BLISS, with TRIM now controlling the vast majority of the North West. The last major change in the world, is NUKES domination over HATE. They have quickly eaten into HATE and now control 4 of the K’s HATE previously owned. These will be covered in more detail later. Now, we will look at some statistics on the worlds ownership.

—North West————North East—
| 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |—| 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 |
|10|11 |12|13|14||15|16 |17|18|19|
—South West————South East—

Now this above diagram also contrasts greatly to what it used to look like. Axte now own a significant portion of the world as it stands, with NUKE being second. Also, HATE has lost dominance of the majority of their K’s, being left with only 3 (Although this may partly be due to the change in the Auto-Updatng maps from 1k to 1mil to dominate) The Axte family now control 28K’s of the 65 that are dominated on the above map, which you could say is almost half the world (the real number isn’t so close to that) with NUKE controlling only half of that number of K’s at 14.

Now we will have a look at the actual figures on who owns what:

AXTEOwn 28K’s
Overall Points Owned (Out of 6500) –  2050.99
Average Dominance per K - 73.25%

Although it may seem like Axte own half of the world, they only dominate just under a third of it.  (A third being 2166.66 points) The average dominance of Axte per K is also quite high, which means they have a firm grasp on their K’s. A firm grasp means that you will be less likely to lose them, although this isn’t always the case as HATE lost K’s that were 90% dominated by them. But, Axte seem to have a strong grasp on their positions and they don’t seem to be giving in either, as they are sucking dominance from KO in the southern K’s.

From this you can tell that Axte have amounted to a large gain over the world, although they dominate less than it seems. I say dominate as being second in a K isn’t dominating it,  so the only areas they dominate, are the ones they are top in. Soon, though, Axte will run out of space to the east and the west and will have to push north to the likes of NUKE and TRIM/BLISS.

NUKEOwn 14K’s
Overall Points Owned (Out of 6500) – 1237.9
Average Dominance – 88.42

Now, whilst NUKE may dominate less K’s, their dominance in those K’s is a lot higher, which, in turn, gives a higher average. NUKE have a much stronger hold on their K’s and are clustered more tightly, meaning any attacks can be met with a lot of quick support. NUKE look set to dominate even more K’s and secure some they already own if they continue their eating into HATE. NUKE are definitely Axtes number 1 competition for domination at the moment, as NUKE have proven themselves in war against HATE.

Obviously, NUKE are in second in terms of dominance, but, they are still a while off having what Axte has. But, dominance for NUKE may be hard, as they are almost finished with HATE, and they seem to be on good terms with TRIM, which wouldn’t allow an expansion to the west. Even if they had 100% in all their K’s, plus the 3 that HATE have, it would only amount to 1700, 300 less than Axte.

TRIMOwn 8 K’s
Overall Points Owned (Out of 6500) – 566.57
Average Dominance – 70.82

TRIM, like the rest of the tribes after NUKE and AXTE, dominate considerably less K’s. But, in the case of TRIM, that dominance is contested locally by BLISS, another tribe who broke off from MIND. The two tribes both reside in the same areas, and have intertwined themselves in the north west. This explains their low average dominance, because BLISS are nobling in the same areas, so the points for TRIM go up and down depending on how much they have nobled compared to BLISS. If they want a dominated area, they need to either, get rid of BLISS, or work on out nobling them, and eating everything near, or they could go to the extent of a war, with TRIM attempting to force BLISS out.

TRIM are quite contested for space, with BLISS intertwined with them, space will be competed for. Also, they have AGG to their west, and, unless they fight them, or Axte or NUKE, they will be boxed in their corner for a while, with no room to expand.

AGG – 3

Average Dominance - 74.07

AGG own only a small amount of K’s, under half of what even TRIM own. This means that they have less overall dominance of the world. But, despite this, their average isn’t exactly a low amount. Their average dominance on each of their K’s is above that of Axtes, and also that of TRIM, but it is lower than NUKES average. If they were able to control more K’s (although it’s unlikely) they would have a larger portion of the world, and if they had them same amount of K’s as Axte, they would have quite a few more points in dominance than Axte.

AGG are stuck on the rim here, they are more or less isolated, although they do have 1 secure border behind them. Expansion inwards towards the core would be difficult as there are many larger tribes in the way, eg TRIM and AXTE. The only tribe around their size is KO, and they only share a small border, so expansion would be tough.


Whilst KO may have ownership of more K’s than AGG, those K’s are alot more contested for. This is due to KO’s close proximity to Axte, and them being under attack from Axte aswell. Axte have been slowly draining KO’s dominance, hence their lower average, the lowest of all top tribes. KO have 2 K’s with dominance under 50%, one being 33%, making the continent insecure unless they focus nobling in that specific area.

KO are in a tough spot. They are losing dominance to Axte each day, and aren’t regaining fast enough to make much of a difference. The tribe will need to hold their villages as much as they can in order to keep the K’s they can. The attacks from Axte will be tough to deal with, due to the huge size difference, and holding on to villages will become a harder task than before.

All of this together shows how far the world has come since the last issue. Axte have gone from owning under an eighth of the world, to almost a third of it, although you do need to bear in mind that it is done on K dominance, and these tribes do have large (although not largest) presence in other K’s meaning that they have an influence in those K’s.

It just gives a general overview of their domination, it also makes big tribes seem a lot less scary, as instead of them having 28 out of 65K’s, which is just under a half of the world, it gives them 2050 points out of 6500, which isn’t even a third, although that is no reason to doubt a tribes power.


Since the last issue the top 10 tribes has changed a lot, this, along with player, will be looked at in more detail in the next part, but, for now, I will list the tribes and compare it to last time.

1. Axte F.
4. AGG
5. K.O

(DSBAND could be at 4 but they are included as Axte Family)

The top 5 has changed extraordinarily, for one thing, there is no more SHEEPS/PL@GUE, or MIND. Also, both HATE and APATHY, have completely dropped from the top 5. Another very noticeable change is the huge extent in points difference. The SHEEPS Family were only 15mil behind Axtes family, but now, NUKE are 100mil behind the Axte Family, who are happily residing at the top with over 180mil points, compared to NUKES 80mil. Below the top 3 there are no tribes with over 50mil points, the closest is AGG who have 24mil, not even half of that.
These smaller tribes have a much slimmer chance of surviving the world than Axte or NUKE, but, although Axte have the huge point advantage, NUKE have proven themselves extremely effective in war. If these two tribes were to battle the endgame out, which i suspect they will, it will be a battle worth watching.

Now, this has been very brief on the top 5, and I hope that isn’t too much of a problem. part 2 is in the works as we speak and it contains more details on the top 5 tribes and the top 10 players. I know you all wanted something to read so I decided to publish this in parts as I go.


I hope that you guys have enjoyed reading this issue, and I hope it has made you look forward to the next parts that are in store for you all! Until then, you will all just have to wait patiently. The next part will be out very soon!

Thanks for reading!

Armstrong Out