Armstrongs Eye on W51 – Christmas Special

December 24, 2010 in World 051 News, World News


This is going to be a short entry from me, just wishing you all a very merry christmas. The attack breaks have kicked in, and you may have noticed some changes in the top tribes. This is the first Christmas of W51, and it seems quite a few people are willing to share their christmas spirits with the rest of this world.

Well, as I said before, Merry Christmas guys, with Christmas being just around the corner and the attack breaks having kicked in, you can all relax for a while and spend time with friends and family (rather than waste your lives on this game eh?).

Attack Breaks

Well, the attack breaks are here, so you go visit your favourite tribesmembers or enemies. This may cause some irratance for some players as some of their attacks may have landed just in the break, causing a visit.

Anyway, as you should all know, attack breaks run from 00:00 on the 24th to 00:00 on the 27th, so you all have a nice amount of time where you don’t need to worry about attacks, and you wont even be sending attacks all through christmas day.


Well, it looks like the top 6 tribes have left a nice message for the players of W51.
At around 0:00 Server time (or shortly after) each tribe in the top 6 changed their name. This name change is expected to stay in place right up until New year.

Each tribe has changed their tag to form a message, and this message is;

Morthy Banned Fat Santa From TW

Originally, the message was supposed to spell out Morthy Banned Santa Claus From TW, but, NUKE (Clause/Fat) took over HATE (Sante) and they had to change their name so that the phrase continued to make sense.

Now, the one problem with this, is people stealing these tribes tags, as one small tribe has already decided to take PL@GUEs tag. Let’s hope this doesn’t continue in the time between now and New Year.

After seeing this message, the TribalWars team sent out a nice message to all us W51’ers, that had a nice image in it. It was themed with the tribe names, here’s the picture;

This message certainly made me laugh, and I hope it brought a smile to your faces too.

The Festive Spirit

Well, it doesn’t end there. Others, such as Brancardier and myself (IcyGhost) have renamed our villages to say messages such as ‘Merry Christmas’ and many tribes, such as SHEEPS and K-T have threads in their forums to do with what people are doing for christmas, and even help for gifts to buy.

Anyway, just to stay festive, I’m going to leave a few links to some christmas songs, I mean, who doesn’t love a few festive every now and then.
We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Jingle Bells

Anyway, I know it seems a bit soppy, but, whilst you’re enjoying yourselves on Christmas, take a moment to think about the people who aren’t as fortunate as you, the people who don’t wake up to presents, and don’t have grand christmas dinners.


Merry Christmas to all, have a great time, and make sure you relax from the game.

Best Christmas Wishes