Armstrongs Eye on W51 – Catch Up on Now/2010

January 31, 2011 in Uncategorized, World 051 News, World News

Well, I had wanted to do a catch up on 2010, for a while, but, this will be a short one, it also allows us to look back on this world. And see how it has progressed through the stages, from early, to mid-game. Tribes have come and go, as have players, but there has always been something for me to talk about here. So anyway, here goes.


21st – World forums open, and the world starts.
A number of premades have joined this world in the hope to get to the top.
22nd – Boba County assumes W51 blogging position – now retired
27th – Apathy and Purify go to war – Apathy being the victors.
30th – Undead Billy Mays takes over blogging – now retired
31st – NUTS and MARVEL go to war – NUTS being the victors
DYN collapse


2nd – Mafiya take the rank 1 spot
6th – First noble train created
8th – First villages nobled
10th – HEAD and JUNK skirmish is made official
11th – Tensions between Funk and apathy begin to rise
15th – Funk collapse – their leader is rimmed
~AOH~ declare on Apathy/PEANUT
20th – Mafiya disband
25th – H0llygh0st steps down from the Apathy leadership, leaving Grawler to lead
27th – Sleep disband/Police announce family intentions


9th – Axte declare war on Apathy, followed by DBD the next day
10th – Grawler leaves Apathy and makes -HATE- and Apathy begin to collapse
Heads performance is brought into the limelight
18th – Teddy! declare war on NUKE
20/21st – HEAD merge into FRM
28 – AOH declare on Axte


2nd – Undead Billy mays steps down from the game
3rd – PIMPS declare war on MANIC
8th – Fresh merge into HATE
9th – PL@GUE start attacks on the GOM family
17th – I take over as the blogger
18th – PL@GUE declare on the GOM family
28/30th – Jester lose many players to Axte
30/31st – Jester fight the players that left for Axte


(sorry I do not have specific dates for these, so they will be listed)

Jester collapse to Axte
FRM are disbanded by SHEEPS after UNKNOWN – SOLDIER left the tribe
Kaikura steps down from leadership and leaves K-T
PIMPs start beating on MANIC
MANIC collapse to PIMPS and RIM
METAL declare war on DNA and Rally
Remnants of FRM in temp are cleared up by K-T, SHEEPS and PL@GUE
Jester refugees in 1Piece are attacked by Axte, Apathy and METAL


PIMPS start to get ganged up on by multiple tribes in the north
PL@GUE declare on FRST
PIMPs end up falling apart
MIND start to dominate space
Temp are taken down
Apathy declare war on K-T


K-T split into BLAMED and K-T
K-T disband, members go to SHEEPS and Axte
PL@GUE declare on AGG
Apathy take in some BLAMED and SHEEPS members
MIND declare on FOR
FOR crumble in war
Axte declare war on SHEEPS
SHEEPS start to lose ranks and members
PL@GUE begin merging into SHEEPS


Sorry this was short, please, let me know if I missed anything out.

Armstrong Out