Armstrongs Eye on W51 – A Couple of Interviews

May 27, 2011 in World 051 News, World News

Now, I’m sorry I haven’t done much recently, but I shall try do a bit more in the future (yes I know I keep saying that). I thought earlier that I might just bring you up to date with some of what I DID have for a previous blog that became outdated. Here are a couple of interviews (slightly outdated) from the leaders of Axte.

Now, these interviews may not be up to date, but, I hope they give you some sort of insight into how the Axte leaders view the world around them and what they think will happen to it.

Here is the interview with Ben (88Ben88)

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Here is the interview with Aaron (Army of Loners)

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Now that I’m here I think I may do a short story on KO, the group of players who left Axte to fight PL@GUE.

KO are made up of predominantly ex-Apathy players who were drafted into Axte to help out with the SHEEPS war, these guys did help quite a bit in the war and made a few conquers on players before and after joining the Axte group.
Now, the main focus of the Apathy group were players who had left Apathy whilst they were at war, players like Magnetosome, who left and made his own tribe and eventually joined PL@GUE.

Not long after the Apathy members joined, the SHEEPS war ended, and Axte were now allied to PL@GUE, meaning Apathy couldn’t hit their traitors with what they thought they deserved. This didn’t make them happy at all. They had to patiently wait until they were allowed to hit, even if they were attacked first. Soon, all wars were extremely far away, and some players relocated, but others were too small to do so. Those who did relocate only had small clusters because of the amount of Axte players around, so they couldn’t be of much use.

The fact that these players were now practically living off internals wasn’t a very nice thing for these players to experience, so, a plan was made. This plan was to break off from Axte to attack PL@GUE, which they did.

Before the plan was put into full effect, the members of KO went to Axte and explained their situation, Axte seemed to be behind them in their motives and said they would join in, but, not long after the KO members left, they were deemed traitors as the Axte dukes thought that they wanted to hit Axte, which was most definitely not the case. Axte dukes thought that KO were under NUKEs influence, which they weren’t, in fact, they were doing the opposite of what NUKE may have wanted.

Because Axte thought that KO had plotted against them, they took in the members of PL@GUE and have been sending them support and attacking KO, which leaves KO in a sticky situation that could cost them greatly, and, unless something is worked out, they could become the next war target for Axte.

Whilst Axte had been informed of KO, another plan was going on behind their backs. A former member of SHEEPS was trying to piece SHEEPS back together without anyone knowing, this plan could have split Axte in two very quickly, and would have given a perfect opportunity for anyone to hit them, but, this plan was caught up on, and was prevented from happening.


Anyway, I thought I would give you guys something to read seeing as I haven’t posted anything in a while. I will try and get something done next week as it is half term!

Armstrong Out.