Armada: Who are they?

July 13, 2011 in World 057 News, World News

Welcome back to the World 57 Blog! After a terribly long period of hiding… I am back! Unfortunately, I am still without skype and my home computer for another week (only one though) but I managed to speak with the leadership of Armada anyway, who very considerately answered my questions about their tribe. Read on for the details!

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Since I have been gone for some time, and have only played our fine world semi-actively at best during this period, I have not paid much attention to the external forums for our world, which makes me a bit ignorant of the current propaganda both for and against Armada. However, what I do know is that they are firmly ranked 1st in our world, and continue to grow quickly, with 8 of the top 20 players. That given… the spread of points between their members is quite large, as they have almost 30 players that have not yet reached 1000 points. I was quite interested by this phenomenom and determined to speak to them myself, to find out more.

After speaking to several of their players, I finally was able to contact a leader, a player named Rotan.L. He was quite friendly, and answered all questions taht I asked him. Unfortunately I could not spend very much time with him, and I hope to go deeper in depth in the future. (My questions are in blue below, and his answers appear in red.)

Earlier in the world many people accused your tribe of mass recruiting. Is this true? 

That’s not true, some of our members have been with us from the start, others have been invited after they have proven themselves to us.

  • From what I have picked up from the externals, the accusation of mass recruiting was quite prominent early on. While I have not heard much of it of late, the mere point tallies of the bottom 25 or so members is a bit worrying. However, they seem to be doing quite well regardless of this fact, so mass recruiters or not, whatever they have been doing is succeeding.

What k are you in, and what are your plans for expanding from there? 

K55 is our main continent.

 Are you participating in any wars at this time?

We are at war with 3 tribes.

How are they (the wars) proceeding so far?

Lights = They’re pretty good, but since we are so far apart there has not been much action.

SR!!! = After the war, most of their members left, the war is pretty much over since SR!!! is almost done

APATHY = After the war, most of their members left as well. Not much hardship with this war either.

  • I will be including statistics in my next blog, as I cannot take or edit the screenshots that I need to be able to post them in a quality way.

Was your tribe a premade?

Some of our members were a premade.

Do you have any particular strategies that differentiate your tribe from everyone else?

We try our best to support and help all of our members. (Which is pretty hard)

What leadership style does your tribe employ?

The duke is Minew, the diplomats are Rotan.L and hyunwoong

  • Rotan did not explain this in further depth, but a consolidated leadership does seem to be the best way to handle 150 members. Central leadership usually is efficient… but with that many members, it may be hard to deal with all problems and also organize them. As Rotan did say, it is hard to support each of their players, when the total is so high.

What was the reason for the name Armada?

The name is derived from the invincible Spanish Armada. When a worthy British tribe comes up, we’re planning to become an alliance with them.

What do you see in the future of your tribe?

I think we’re good for now, but it’s hard to tell since there are a lot of good tribes on W57.

 I unfortunately did not have any more time to speak with Rotan.L, but I will attempt to have a full interview later on. I also will elaborate a bit more, since in this initial interview, I was not able to have a full discussion with him. Rather, I asked him a list of questions, which seemed to work in some regards, but did leave a lot of content unspoken.

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