Arisen Ascends

May 29, 2011 in World 037 News, World News, Worlds 31-40 News

‘Arisen’, a tribe that has frustrated the rank one tribe for many months is now no more. Their leader has decided to leave the world and a merge has occurred for the remaining members. Read on for the details!

During the past weeks there have been many discussions about merges mainly between the three following tribes: ‘ASCEND’, ‘Arisen’ and ‘Cure’. Finally, an agreement has been reached. The tribe ‘Arisen’ has merged into ‘ASCEND’. The transfer of players began on 23rd May 2011 and ‘Arisen’ later disbanded on 28th May 2011. The majority of the previous ‘Arisen’ members have joined ‘ASCEND’.

However, there are a select few who have started a new tribe called ‘GenFx’ which was founded by ‘meridius1’ who was the leader of ‘Arisen’. She felt that the tribe had been disbanded prematurely. The current situation with this tribe and ‘meridius1’ is uncertain. On the external forums ‘meridius1’ did announce that she was retiring from World 37. Whether or not the delete button has been pressed is unknown.

There have been several against this merge too. A few members from both sides see very little point in the merge with the previous members of ‘Arisen’ mainly being on the opposite side of the world to ‘ASCEND’. The two tribes have been allies for quite some point, and several members believe the situation should have remained that way.  However, the reason for the merge was to unite as one in order to fight the common enemy: ‘1ns4n3’. ‘Arisen’ had done very well at resisting the rank one tribe considering their size and position. However, they believed it was time to join forces with their friends ‘ASCEND’.

This will change very little from the perspective on ‘1ns4n3’. They will continue to attack the resisting players in the North West corner of World 37, and soon, unless there is a miraculous turn of events, they will secure this area. Over the past months, they have been slowly gaining territory and dominance there and victory looks highly likely.

Uniting the two tribes could potentially lead to organisation and success improving, meaning villages and territory being defended more effectively.  However, they have an enemy who possesses great strength and power that will be incredibly difficult to resist, but they have done reasonably well until this point, so this could continue.

The idea of this merge is to prevent the North West being secured by ‘1ns4n3’ and ‘ASCEND’ do believe that they can achieve this together. Fighting as one tribe will prove to have many benefits and over these next few months we will discover if ‘ASCEND’ can rescue the fate of the previous members of ‘Arisen’ or whether this decision was a poor one. Either way, there are many bloody battles still to come involving the pocket of resistance in the North West.

Below is a map showing the spread of ‘ASCEND’ (blue) and ‘1ns4n3’ (pink):

Below are the war statistics between ‘1ns4n3’ and ‘ASCEND’ since the merge:

We can deduce from the above statistics that very little has changed. ‘1ns4n3’ has carried on, relentlessly, conquering villages and expanding their territory. How much longer can ‘ASCEND’ hold onto their remaining villages in ‘1ns4n3’ territory? Looking at the current situation it looks like it is only a matter of time before they are lost.

In other news, as predicted, several members of ‘ID’ have quit and their villages have turned barbarian. The player ‘BigBrad075’ still exists though. Apparently, he cancelled deletion to retrieve scripts, notes and premium points. It is believed that his account will finally delete in the next four or five days.

The South East of World 37 is once again plagued with high point barbarian villages. They will prove important in the wars as the tribes who conquer them will  gain territory. There are many of these barbarian villages on the front lines of wars which will prove vital.

That concludes this issue of the World 37 Blog! Hope you enjoyed!