Are you a hugger or a fighter?

February 7, 2011 in World 013 News, World News

World 13 has seen its share of hugs, merges and other maligned attempts at survival, all the ways that stem from non violence. Do you know what happens to the people that preach non violence? They die.  Dr MLK jr? Gunned down… John Lennon? Shot. Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC? Murdered. Gandhi? Assassinated.  Jesus Christ? Crucified.

Few tribes, it seems, build through aggression. [R] and INSO are (were) 2 great examples of how this game SHOULD be played.  Both tribes started out with the idea of “if it’s not an ally, it’s an enemy, and should be wiped out” While other tribes thought it would be best to merge together, ally up, or hold hands as they wade through the pasture of death left behind from the big bad bully tribes that want to go to war with everyone.

The original TR comes to mind, which is a tribe that I was apart of (under TR|X) Almost everyone in that family of tribes thought it would always be best to attack but retreat at the same time.  Those of us in TR|X thought that was foolish and voiced our concerns with growing threats to our southeastern borders.  Between K24 Elite and ERROR, we had 2 aggressive tribes near us that would have no problem coming and taking our villages. We showed our aggression on other area tribes/players and it caught the eye of both K24Elite and ERROR (who by this time had merged to form INSO) and they invited the whole TR|X tribe to become INSO2.

Survival on the mind, players that shared the same goal, and players that ENJOYED attacking… What a perfect mix!  The rest of TR was left stunned at our departure, some of whom were friends that we started the game with, they were quickly shown that actions speak louder than words. TR pleaded for a non-aggression pact and even an allied spot on our diplomacy page… Didn’t work out that way… The players who preached “NON-VIOLENCE!” were decimated. INSO expanded to control 4 K’s at that point.

PWC and CIV went at it for a while, and the players that wanted peace instead of war, were simply doormats for the enemy tribe to stampede over.

Orion started off as an aggressive tribe, they quickly changed their tune and wanted peace, which caused an absolute UPROAR in the tribe, and started a civil war (and subsequent branch off tribe known as GENSIS)

Eventually [R] found INSO on their doorstep… knocking with a sledgehammer. When Paladin. opened the door to offer a greeting, he was swiftly kicked in the nether region and left to rot. [R] was simply out gunned by that point in time. Like a little poodle trying to attack a rabid wolverine.

On June 15th WAR was declared, borders were drawn, maps were looked at.

~PWC ~ and {E} Declared WAR on INSO. (PWC in light purple to the east, INSO in bright red in the middle) Also, at the time, ~PWC~ and Orion were secretly planning an alliance of sorts in hopes of ganging up on INSO from multiple sides. Keep reading below to see how that went.

It is now February 6th, ~TR~ and Bey0nd merged together to form Riders and continue the war against Orion/Gensis, INSO is continuing its war against ~PWC~/{E} and Orion/Gensis, and PR is just… there. Preaching non-violence (until players violently take their villages)

The current state of our world:

In that time, INSO lost a few large players, Marco comes to mind, the number 2 player in the world… simply hit delete. No warning, no signs of distress, nothing. Leaving a gigantic patch of grey right in the middle of INSO’s core, opening up an amazing opportunity for ~PWC~…. Unfortunately (or fortunately, for INSO) ~PWC~ could not capitalize on that fast enough, and INSO quickly closed up that patch of barbs.

~PWC~ has also seen its fair share of players leaving the game. Infact, at one point in time, they lost most of their council all within a few days of each other.

With a VERY special thanks to a ~PWC~ council member (cannot mention a name, wouldn’t want her to get upset) are these little quips from their forums.

Dear tribe,
I hate to break this news to you like this, but there’s no easy way of doing it:
Many players of the leadership are quitting the game. What started with two of us led to some snowball effect, as there were five of us on the verge of quitting for a while now. As much as we love the community we have become over the last 3 years (almost), we are simply tired of the game. With the enormous success as a tribe family and individual players, the game has just become too big. It should be fun to play, but instead now it’s work & routines.
On top of this, things have changed in our real lives. For some it’s starting university, a new challenge or at least more intense focus on the current job – others now have kids they want to spend more time with. Even though we tried, we simply cannot continue to play the game to our standards, so it’s time for us to retire.
As the remaining members of leadership will require a lot of help to continue and are still a bit shaken by this news we discussed internally last week, we would like to get your feedback to understand how you see your future in this game.
As some will be leaving almost immediately, let me take this opportunity to thank you all for your help & contributions to making our ~PWC~ / {E} family the most remarkable in world 13.
It has been great!

Later on, in “the snowball effect” thread

When I used the word ‘retire’ it was:- meant as a synonym to quitting (excuse my poor language skills, if that’s wrong)- used because part of the word includes ‘tire’ .. and we are tired of the game- not thinking of any pension
I know you’re upset about us leaving – and seeing that you never complained about others leaving in this way… I take it as a compliment for the value we’ve been adding until now.However, if it makes you feel better, let me restate: We are quitting tribalwars.
EDIT: Since I got curious, if ‘retiring’ requires some sort of pension, I checked the Oxford dictionary for a proper definition – and there was no word of it.

So there it is, in black and white, that players QUIT due to being tired of the game… Not due to “real life circumstances” Apparently, they were not fighters. Even Project SIPHO couldn’t help them out.

But you ask yourself… Noely! why would they become “tired” of a game that they’ve been playing for so long and in a war that THEY started? Very good question I would tell you… and then point you in the direction of the stats below.

Stats from 2 weeks before the posts above.

INSO: 239
PWC: 39
Difference: 200

Stats for the WEEK before the above posts.
INSO: 466
PWC: 57
Difference: 409

Players were simply “tired” of being beat up on. Even as we speak, ~PWC~ and it’s members are looking to try and form an NAP with INSO, to “restructure” and attack again…

Well i recently noticed that we are losing loads and loads of villages to INSO. WE are indeed have more players then INSO and many villages/point if we combine together. We have been battered like hell

I suggest we all fall back— ie stop all the offensive missions against INSO… We should all focus on nobling all the barb villages with in out terrotary… Feel all the gaps and make it blue instead of gray or red.

I just looked with in our terrotary there are like 1000-2500 may be more…villages barb.
I suggest we create operations to take all of those villages.
In k8 had like 200… barb villages i eat them all.
I moved to k15 and am eating loads of barb there
I am moving to k98 and will eat tonns of barb…

What i think we need at the moment to be bunch of village whores for a while and noble up all the villages. Then we can indeed nuke inSO orelse they will attack and take all the barbs… and they are doing so at the moment.

This warfare is about terrotary not player vs player we all seemed to have forgotten.. If we cannot consume our own terrotary how can we take form INSO

—–Thats what I think—-

With all the applications from ~PWC~ players wanting to come into INSO and the little circular mail that was sent out in ~PWC~ (should increase the chance of finding that spy now eh?) It just goes to show you that players who want peace in a war game…. eventually die.

Pacifism in a game called TribalWars, a game with WAR in it’s name.  Doesn’t quite work out. The key to winning, is by FIGHTING… So learn how to work with tribemates, take the time to become FRIENDS with them, and be sure to attack ACTIVE players instead of barbs and inactive tribemates.  Players wanting to stay alive through non-violence…. tend to die.

Sit back and ask yourself… “Am I a hugger or a fighter?”