April Round-up

April 30, 2011 in World 046 News, World News

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Welcome back to the World 46 blog! April was a definitive month for World 46, bringing about 2 key merges which have brought the world into the endgame phase.

Two crucial merges during April effectively split the world in half and set up the endgame scenario that has been so long awaited.

The first, which was clearly the cause of the second, was a merge of TSB into TSL. The latter had been winning without much issue a war against the former. The merge was sudden and suprising to most of the world, even to the members of TSB. This catalyst led to the almost immediate halt in the ongoing war between Anarky and Skill?, and prompted the merge that is at this moment happening between the two.

Below is the map of World 46 at the end of last month, before both of the merges.

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The changes between that map, and the map below are drastic. (the map below is updated as of the date of this blog post)

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With the world split, war is imminent. TSL and Candy! (the current name of the tribe formed by Anarky and Skill?) will clearly begin their war as soon as all the pieces are in place.

What will happen now that endgame is upon us? How long will it take?

That is up for speculation of course, but as these tribes seem matched very well, this final war will most likely take over a year at the minimum. With half of the world to noble, it will almost surely become a matter of which tribe can retain the most active players. A characteristic in many worlds that define the endgame phase is inactivity, so we will undoubtedly see many players drop from each tribe.

I spoke to ChachiINcharge, a leader in the tribe Candy! about the timeframe for this war.

Ampatriot: When do you plan for the final war to begin?

Chachi: I am betting 2 to 4 weeks

Ampatriot: And how long do you think it will last?

Chachi: It will last 2.43 years (precisely)


Is he right? Could it last that long? Or longer?
Only time will tell…

And that wraps things up for April! With the wars ended, and World 46 preparing for the final showdown, there are little stats to be posted. Next month though should be an exciting month… bringing about the beginning of the final war…. the end game.

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