Apoc+BA vs ‘The World’ + New Updates

August 23, 2010 in World 018 News, World News

Apoc+BA vs ‘The World’ + New Updates

Hello, and thanks for reading this blog, in this blog post, I will be talking more about the Apoc+BA vs ‘The World’ War and about the new updates.

After my previous blog post, a lot of conflict between Apoc and ‘The World’ went on in the thread about me being bias about the whole Apoc-BA vs ‘The World’ thing, so in this blog I’ll try and find something good about The World to put up.

In recent weeks Apoc-D and Apoc-C merged into the tribe Apoc. This involved 98 member being moved all into one tribe, now there are many good things about this merge, this means it will be easier for Apoc-BA to try to finish the world off as the TribalWars Staff won’t want 4/5 tribes still with over 200m points ending the game off, but all good things must bring a flaw, The name Apoc may seem to others as favoritism because other tribes are called Apoc-F and Apoc-N, this may cause sparks between the tribes but will probably not, but it will be something to look out for.

Time to give credit to ‘The World’ one player has proved that they don’t want to give up, this player, (Emmanuelfr) is probably the one the best player that is roaming on ‘The Worlds’ tribal forums, he is, still, only 1 out of 5 players even trying to attack Apoc-BA back, so well done to him! And good luck in the war.

New Updates

On Monday the 9th of August 2010, the Tribalwars Staff updated the server to 6.4, these updates include:

Global Awards.
Players receive a report when achieving and award (plus option to filter such reports).
Premium: Players can add Village Notes to each separate village.
The target of catapults in an attack is now shown on the attack info.
Players can now receive an email when they receive an in-game mail.
Ignored attacks can now be made visible again. + a lot more, this can be found at:


The most loved updates of all these wonderful improvements and updates are the Global Awards and village notes, the Global Awards are loved because it brings in awards for the very old worlds, there were many good things about this but one mighty flaw: They did not include half of the awards that they should have done. But it is also good because for worlds like World 18, a lot of players don’t have much to do anymore, so it gives people more things to do, also it is good because you can share your other awards you have on other worlds with the same account.

Another good update are the village notes, these are good because it allows you to help out a sitter and maybe even yourself of what you want built in that village and what troops you want built, when to send attacks, farming runs etc, this is basically a Notebook but you can have one per village.

Thats it, sorry for the short blog but I have just come back from holiday, peace!

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