Another One Bites The Dust…

October 30, 2010 in World 052 News, World News

October 30th, 2010

Welcome to the third edition of our World 52 Blog. There’s a good amount to cover this week, but our main point of discussion will be the departure of Purple Predator from TW and the downfall of : P. Over the last week, many more players nobled, and there have been a total of 285 ennoblements so far on this world. The top tribes have shuffled around a bit, and we have a totally new top 10 players. I’m sure that you get you’re all busy, so let’s get you caught up on all the recent events!

Players On World 52

Players this Week: 55,137
-1121 From Last Week (56,258)

Tribes on World 52

Tribes this Week: 3,046
+ 140 From Last Week (2,906)

The Downfall of : P

October 23, 2010

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October 30, 2010

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In mid-September, roughly 2 weeks before the world started, Purple Predator announced that he would be leading a premade in his final world of Tribal Wars. Predators rose to power fast. Within a month they had achieved the number one rank in both points and opponents defeated. On the topic of how long : P would be here:

Beyond several months is a possibility but that really will depend on how the world shapes. It has yet to get interesting.
-Purple Predator

Predators were on top of the world, literally. Then everything fell apart. Sneggy and Kingsam were nobled and Purple Predator got banned. Without their leader and two best players, : P was in pieces. No one stepped up to take over leadership, and so : P came to an end.

An comments from inside : P would be much appreciated.

Its a Small World…

1. Afjlas

This tribe has nobled the most villages in the world so far, befitting of the number one tribe.  They have also lost some villages, leading to a still impressive 27-4 nobling record.  They will face their first true test this week in the form of World 53 opening.  How many of them will leave to play 53, and will they retain the number 1 rank next week?

2. Tactic

These guys have been very quiet externally so far, while nobling their way into the number 2 rank.  They are a wee bit too close, but have plenty of room to spread out.  Wala20 recently nobled out the formerly number 1 player – Dvergr.  As a tribe Tactic has posted a 15-0 nobling record.

3. -RIP-

Wll this World 52 family tribe does not seem to be loved by everyone.  As a tribe they have amassed an 8-2 nobling record, and the number 1 ODD rank.  5 of their 8 conquers have been barbarian villages.

4. Dalek

This “teaching tribe” has this week made its first appearance in the top 5.  They have a very low OD rank for a top tribe, only ranked 18.  These guys have been quiet and have a 4-1 nobling record thus far.

5. NiNi

Kustard King’s prediction for most promising tribe (see interview below).  MTAR leads these guys so they should do well.  They have statistically the best nobling record so far, at 20-0.  Last week, they showed their ability to defend as two players tried to cotrain Bcardi and neither had any troops return home.  Rumor has it that it was Mattcurr and RaoulDuke, two big names from afjlas.

Top 20 Players

1. zammolxe 16,835

2. Rainycloud 16,712

3. danis21 14,926

4. yewpeng86 14,647

5. wala20 14,352

6. Yashie Spunky 13,352

7. IWillControl 13,036

8. sidney07 12,630

9. MTAR 11,981

10. Half Blood Princess 11,327

11. cafs 11,260

12. paybacktimeisnow 10,234

13. darkdude387 10,154

14. kingoftheroad143 9,989

15. three blind mice 9,904

16. shiei 9,827

17. A Humble Player 9,807

18. ultrasbg 9,581

19. noobish idiot 9,554

20. Bcardi 9,547

1-On-1 With Kustard King

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October’s Poll’s

At the end of each month, I will conduct a series of poll’s about the world.  To respond to the polls, send an in-game mail to Frailbeauty.  The title of the mail must read “W52 Blog Poll”.  Any mail under another title will be marked as spam.  You must write the category and who you voted for.

The categories:

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Final Thoughts

World 53 will open on November 2nd.  How many players will we lose to a new world?  And which of the high-ranked world hoppers leave for more desirable settings? The departure of these players will open up the ranks for some of the newer players, and the top tribes will shift accordingly.  Im always interested in reader feedback, either here or on skype @ thedrcox.  Once again, thanks for reading!