And The Nobles March…

October 23, 2010 in World 052 News, World News

Welcome to another addition of your world 52 blog.  This week, fun has finally arrived!  Nobles have made an appearance on our world, and now the better players and tribes will begin to pull ahead.  This upcoming week will be one of the most exciting times for the world, as each player begins to try to build there own empire.  We know who the first players to noble have been, but who will be next?   Will it be you?

Players on World 52

Players This Week: 56,258 
+ 13,738 from last week (42, 520)

Tribes on World 52

Tribes This Week: 2,906
+ 665 from last week (2,241)

Noble Season


October 18th, 2010: 02:34:00
       Reduaram conquers 501|481

Five days ago, Reduaram became the first play to conquer a village in World 52.  He took a 1200 point village off of 0belix, who elected to restart in the middle of his tribe.  However 72 hours after becoming World 52’s  first nobler, he made this announcement.

Cheerio fellow forumers. Tis high time that I left TW. Unfortunately I have other things to do than spend time here.Perhaps I will see you in the future, perhaps not, I haven’t decided yet. But for now at least, I’m outta here. Have fun!

Riptide Reload

The next cap belonged to Riptide Reload (Purple Predator) who nobled the next day.  And the next.  And the next. Riptide Reload currently sits atop the world with over 11k points, and 6 villages, twice as much as anyone else!


Another big  story in the early noblings,  mortlikesfarming became the first player to noble a village over 2k points, when  he took BlackoutBoys 4k point village.

I was told this dude was going to noble me. But I just cannot believe that cute little mort would do such a thing. Regardless…he can’t because as we all know. I am King Julian!
-Sneggy, October 19, 2010  10:30:00 ST
October 21th, 2010: 20:11:30
     MortLikesFarming conquers 550|648

Up until this point, : P and afjlas were apparently a cuddle-loving family, but with Mort nobling sneggy and kingsam, what does the future hold for this hugfest?  Well…

We quit so the family nobled us out…that simple
We quit due to RL, and gifted village to mort.
Blackoutboy quit, so we took his village peacefully, not many :P members near him so his brother tribe took it.

Is there truth to this or not?  Was it all planned by the family, or did Mort just catch blackoutboy off guard?

BlackOutBoy - Opponents Defeated as a Defender:
October 21st, 2010:  20 ODD
October 22nd, 2010;  12,522 ODD

An ODD rise of 12,000 points on the day they were nobled…

Diagnosis:  Sneggy and Kingsam didn’t gift their village.  It was taken from them.

The World’s Development thus Far

1. : P

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These guys have jumped afjlas for the number 1 spot this week, though it is held by a slim margin.  With nobling going on, these two tribes should be switching ranks for the next few weeks, unless one of them is involved in a major war, or if one of them disbands.  For more discussion on : P, see the interview with Purple Predator below.

2. afjlas

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The tribe with  the largest spread in the entire world.  I recently found out some of the names behind the accounts of this tribe, and they have the ability to maintain that vast spread.  These guys held the top rank until yesterday, when : P seized it through nobling.  Expect them to bounce back and continue to switch with : P for the highest rank in the world.  Both of these tribes have begun to separate from the rest of the competition, and I have been told that they are “One big happy family”

3. Tactic

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These guys are in good position, with a spread that spans all of K64.  They should remain in the top 10 for awhile, and they can solidify their dominance of their continent very soon.   They have the ability to expand in all four directions, with no large tribes near them.  I had hoped to contact their leadership for some comments, but everything there is on a “need to know basis”, and I “don’t need to know”.  Watch out for these guys.

4. -RIP-

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Not much has changed with these guys since last week.  They are still part of one family that is located in one K.  Soon their continent will get too crowded and disputes over noble targets will arise – or disputes over the lack of noble targets.  With over 100 members in continent 55, most of there members will have no room to expand.  It will be interesting to see how they deal with this.

5. Reform

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Reform is a tribe that is for the most part located in K45.  As : P begins to noble, there could be problems between these two tribes.  They are surrounded by : P on 3 sides, and they have the -RIP- family to their south.  There is not much room for expansion for these guys – unless they fight for it…

Top 20 Players

1. Riptide Reload 11.227

2. mortlikesfarming 7.696

3. Sterfry 6.432

4. yewpeng86 6.227

5. MTAR 5.818

6. Dvergr 5.776

7. JadeEmp 5.451

8. JJJ-Raven-JJJ 5.290

9. lugz@n 5.143

10. zammolxe 5.048

11. 4play 4.882

12. Reduaram 4.830

13. Varialis 4.706

14. Itirupcapu 4.690

15. IWillControl 4.422

16. Rainycloud 4.367

17. kingoftheroad143 4.351

18. RaoulDuke 4.262

19. cafs 4.168

20. Bcardi 4.080

1-On-1 With Purple Predator

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Final Thoughts

The nobles have finally come.  We are nearly 1 month into the world, and the excitement is beginning to build.  So far only the top players have nobled villages, but by next weeks issue, there should be dozens of more players with multiple villages.  Now we even have our very own cow as a moderator.  I am always interested in reader feedback, so please feel free to post comments.  If you have idea for the blog you can pm me on the forums, or you can contact me on skype @ thedrcox . I’ll see you guys again next week, but until then – happy farming.