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October 15, 2010 in World 052 News, World News

October 17th, 2010

Hello readers, and welcome to our World 52 Blog.  Please feel encouraged to post feedback on the blog, and if there is anything you would like to see, I will do my best to see it happen.  So without further ado, let’s get started.

So far on World 52

Welcome, everyone, to World 52.  A few months ago, the number of active accounts in tribal wars was declining at an alarming rate.

800k+ players back in 2008? We have nearly 225k+ players in 2010

-Michael Corleone.

Worlds are increasingly geared towards premades and “elite” players.


The answer for this?  Increased advertising for tribalwars, and to help draw new players in, a world geared towards helping newbies.  The settings of this world (ie. morale, longer bp, and no choice of starting direction) seems to have kept most premades off of this world, allowing for the next generation of tribalwars players to learn how to play the game in an easier environment.  Will they suceed?  Only time will tell.  Until then, I will keep you all up to date on the major events of the world.  And so we go…

A first glance at the world

As the world is pretty new, there won’t be much consistentcy among the top tribes.  Because of this I will only to a top 5 analysis this week, but will expand to top 10 next week.

1. afjlas

With 37 members and 81 tribe changes, afjlas seems to be trying to fill in 
key spots to help bring together their massive spread.  Matt is the leader 
of this tribe, a well known and respected player.  This tribe has one of the 
best lineups on this world and their individual skill should help them thrive
for a bit.  However, there spread is too large to all stay in one tribe, and 
I expect they will lose most of their players to world-hopping when World 53
comes out.

2. : P

This tribe has a small group of consistent top 20 players, but besides that the lineup 
is predominantly new players.  With 138 tribe changes so far, they seem to be accepting
anyone who is willing to learn.  They have a spread very similar to that of afjlas, but 
with good recruitment, can fill in the spots on the map that they need to.  Purple Predator
is an excellent player and leader, and I would suggest that people who are trying to learn
join this tribe.

3. ~EX~

An average lineup with a handful of well known names.  They are located in the northeast in K45,
and they have the potential to be a major contender to compete for the dominance of the northeast
when the nobles come out.

4. Dogs

A good looking tribe thus far.  As far as I know, they are not a premade.  Located on the northwest
 semi-rim, they have the leadership necesary to maintain a top postion for  the weeks to come.  They
are located very near each other, so problems may arise when the nobles come out, and all the good 
targets in the area are claimed.  They have the potential to secure their dominance very early.

5. -RIP-

If -RIP- were not part of a family, they would be very impressive.  At first glance, they seem to have
a good member base, and only 67 tribe changes.  But their family tribe combined has over 100 members, 
with over 400 tribal changes in less than 3 weeks.  They will have difficulty farming as many farms 
will have to be shared.  Also, there will not be as many targets available when nobles come out.

Top 20 Players

1. Dvergr 3.530

2. Riptide Reload 2.955

3. 4play 2.695

4. RaoulDuke 2.508

5. BlackoutBoy 2.389

6. rhadookoo 2.350

7. Turddy 2.319

8. Itirupcapu 2.234

9. ultrasbg 2.226

10. zammolxle 2.206

11. yewpeng86 2.181

12. Reduaram 2.118

13. MTAR 2.062

14. A Humble Player 2.050

15. IWillControl 2.030

16. Gambit? 2.017

17.  We Have Swagger.. 2.001

18. zachh17 1.983

19. Varialis 1.966

20. a.K.a elmoo 1.948

Weekly Interview

Every week I will do a 1 on 1 interview with a player one of the players in the world that seems most interesting at the time.  Since this is the inaugural blog, I thought we could commemorate it with a 3 on 1. There are no wars going on in the world yet, so I interviewed the coplaying team that has held the number 1 rank for the majority of the world.

Me: Okay, so that all the readers know who you are, could you tell everyone your in-game name and what tribe you play in?
Dentarthurdent: We play the Dvergr account and are in a tribe with a stupid name that changes all the time.
.United.: With very creative leader, he truly gets original names.
Me: Ok, so how long have all of you guys been playing tribal wars, and what worlds have you guys played in the past?

Dentarthurdent: In game worlds: just this at the moment, played w22, w35, w42, w47, w49, w50.
Non-serious/experimental/short-lived accounts on w25, w29, w36, w37, w48, w51 and probably one or two more that I forgot.
Looking at when my first world started, and that I started it semi-rim, I guess I played a bit more than two years, with longish breaks in between.
Hasoona: w11, 15, 23, 47, 49, uk2
.United.: Well, my first world was W26. Played all until this point, with very few exceptions
.United.:We are group of quitters
Me: So since you say that you are “quitters” or world-hoppers what are your plans for world 52? Short term or long term?
Dentarthurdent: Probably short term, we do get easily bored, but depending on circumstances we could stay longer; we don’t really plan.
Me: So do you think that anyone will threaten your rank on this world before you guys leave? Either pre or post nobles?

Dentarthurdent: Yeah it should be pretty obvious that we’ll lose our rank really soon, I think.
Hasoona: Riptide Reload will probably take rank one soon.
Dentarthurdent: After . . . it depends on a lot of things, but we do have potential to take it back.
Me: Well even if you lose the number 1 rank soon, getting there, and with a 600 point lead, is still pretty impressive. Have you guys every all coplayed on one account before or is this your first try as a team?
Dentarthurdent: We played the shirime account on w50 together.
Hasoona: Dent is so quick to answer.
.United.: Yeah, give us chance.
Me: If I remember correctly, the shirime account was very near the top on w50. Did you guys achieve rank 1 there at any time?
.United.: Yeah, we had it from 600 points to 300k points. With few times going back to #2
Dentarthurdent: Yeah :) we had it, lost it, and took it back and held it until the team split up
Hasoona: It was most of the time at the start until 100k+
.United.: FNT was a competition
Dentarthurdent: That would be Four Noble Truths :) But they decided to quit all too soon
.United.: Yeah, when they got convinced who’s the winner…
Hasoona: They had a secret weapon called P.E.T.A.R
.United.: That robot :O
Me: Petar is a great farmbot player
.United.: He isn’t a player, he’s a TW machine
Me: Well I guess you guys are happy being on the same team as him on this world.
Dentarthurdent: Not really

.United.: We hate each other
Dentarthurdent: He asks for sits every night
.United.: We had evil plans to destroy his account, but Dent is a softie
Me: Well at least there’s enough farming area for you guys to share, being half the world apart.
.United.: As long as keeps with his half, we’re fine.
Me: Your tribe really seems to have an intersting spread going on, all four directions. Do you think this will be a problem for you guys down the road, or do you think you will split up into different tribes based on location further down the road?
Hasoona: Leave the politics for the politician, I think.
Dentarthurdent: I believe we will merge with the Predators and take over the world from there.
Hasoona: As long as we are playing i dont think we will be leaving.
.United.: Yeah, merge and win. Matt is a poor leader.
Dentarthurdent: Yeah, we try not to get too involved and just do as we are told.
Dentarthurdent: As poor as our leader is, we lack the independent thought needed for scheming..
Me: What good soldiers you all would make.
.United.: We’ll be more of servants :)
Dentarthurdent: I make great instant coffee!
.United.: I make decent omlets!
Me: So, do you think that afjlas(or whatever matt decides to change the name to next) are the best tribe in the world?
Hasoona: It is still too ealry to tell.
Hasoona: But if you can judge a tribe by the talent it has , afjlas would be your best bet.

Dentarthurdent: agreed.
Dentarthurdent: I’ve heard great things about Purple, and I believe most if not all of them to be true, but the majority of his tribe is just not quite as impressive as ours.
Dentarthurdent: As for the others, to be honest I haven’t even looked at them.

Me: Nice well, it’s probably past omar’s bedtime, so let’s wrap things up here: Do you have any tips for the players of w52, so that they may one day be as awesome as you three?
.United.: I have two tips, farm efficiently and have no life.
Dentarthurdent: Here’s another tip: Don’t.
Hasoona: Or have a life and play a co account
.United.: Or have Dent as your coplayer, he farms alone.
Hasoona: Yeah have Dent

Hasoona: He will do all the farming for you .
Dentarthurdent: And prepare to be yelled at
Me: Alright guys, thanks for your time. Good luck and happy farming
Dentarthurdent: Thanks, to you too!

.United.: Thanks for having us :)
Disclaimer: All maps, graphs, and rankings are of October 14, 2010

Final Thoughts

Well we are now almost three whole weeks into the world.  By the time the next edition comes out, hopefully the first few caps of w52 will have been made and the real fun can begin.   This blog was a bit short as I have just gotten the job, and had a short week – expect more content next time. If you wish to comment on the blog, or submit ideas/request, you can post below or contact me on skype @ thedrcox.  Thank you for reading, and see y’all next week.