And a Happy April Fools’ Day

April 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

So… gearing up for a way too hectic weekend. :( I’m posting this now because it’s highly unlikely that anything else will get posted until next weekend.


Dos X and ModWar Plan to Leave

ModWar and Dos X have made a joint decision to leave w42. The war between the two tribes has put too much strain on both of them, and neither expects to be able to last more than another week under the current situation. Leaders of both tribes are trying to organize a move to w56, where they intend to join the southeast immediately after the world opens. The new tribe will be called DrunkenWarfare, and it will use the tag DRUNK. YAY has also considered leaving w42, but they have yet to make a final decision.

With this, the entire core and south east of the world could potentially turn into a sea of barbs. KTA and Nyuk may be the only large tribes remaining in the world, and they will have to find a way to work their way around the rim to fight each other. It will be an awkward situation for them, but I certainly look forward to seeing how they handle it.

TROUT (formerly LYCANS) is also considering reemerging as a major player in the future of the world. Their remains are sandwiched between KTA and Nyuk, so they may act as either a buffer for the war or as a game changer. Some ex-LYCANS and ex-IDS.F players have mentioned returning to their old tribe as well, which would give LYCANS significant clout in the world.

Leadership in all major tribes did not respond to requests for comment. ModWar and Dos X are preparing for their world jump, and other tribes were busy angrily bashing their computer screens for showing Tribal Wars backwards.


In Other News…

Leviant2910, our lovely ex-forum mod, has been kidnapped by marmels. For those who don’t know, marmels are small creatures related to marmalade. He was last seen walking in a dark alleyway brandishing an infract stick. I managed to get a statement from Morthy while he took a break from fending off an angry mob wielding pitchforks, torches, and support tickets.

“We will strike back at the marmels with copious amounts of hugs, kisses and cuddles, until they’re feeling so warm and loved they let him go. <3″
– Jon / Morthy


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