An UnderDog Story

February 1, 2012 in World 061 News, World 61-70 News, World News

I never expect to lose. Even when I’m the underdog, I still prepare a victory speech.
(H. Jackson Brown, Jr.)

Can they do it? Can they do it? Well, majority of the world doubt they can, and most have already assumed this tribe has already lost the war. With the assumption that they have a  horrible leader to add. However, as time progresses this said tribe is planning a come back. Will this get them back on top? Gain back all their lost respect? Would they prevail in the war? No one truly knows the answer, however as the world follows us today, we will get an inside look of a true underdog story about  reForm vs. Noodle and Allies.

Side 1:
Tribes: reFORM
Side 2:
Tribes: Noodle

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 0
Side 2:0
Difference: 0

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 0
Side 2: 0
Difference: 0

As we can see from the stats, not much fight has actually occurred between these two tribes, but regardless they are still at war. Even if it may be just a cold war.

To start off we must understand the tribe reForm. Where did it come from? Was it a premade or not? To answer that question we go much deeper, with an inside scope,  an exclusive interview with the leader and the founder of reForm. However, before we get into that, lets look at some statistics/facts of both tribes, reForm and Noodle.


Rank:       35.
Name:      Vicious Reform
Created:   2012-01-1618:03:30
Members: OD rankings
49OD rankings
Points:      64,060
Villages:    49
Average points per village: 1,477
Tribe Changes:  237
Conquers: 0 (+0-0)
Best Rank:        6
18th January 2012
Most Points:     64,259
31st January 2012
Most Villages:   60
20th January 2012
OD Rank: 34.
(53,685 score)
OD Attack Rank:      50.
(33,521 score)
OD Defense Rank:   23.
(20,164 score)

A south-west based semi-premade. Was originally lead by firerat and now is led by 2hot. They have currently drop a lot in rank, and is no longer the tribe that holds the rank#1 spot in K53. They are currently #3 in K53. Their academy have ceased to exist, and are still losing members as we speak.


Rank:       1.
Name:      Sweet and Sour
Created:   2012-01-1619:03:34
Members: OD rankings
59OD rankings
Points:      119,594
Villages:    59
Average points per village: 2,818
Tribe Changes:  87
Conquers: 0 (+0-0)
Best Rank:        1
21st January 2012
Most Points:     111,354
31st January 2012
Most Villages:   59
31st January 2012
OD Rank: 177.
(19,732 score)
OD Attack Rank:      389.
(2,654 score)
OD Defense Rank:   45.
(17,078 score)

 A south-west based premade. Currently holding the rank #1 spot in the world, and is rank #2 in K53. A Chinese theme based tribe, that is led by Shusaku Chiba or the alias name of  Yu Stin Ki Pu. This tribe is rather the opposite of reForm, instead of losing members, they seem to have gain quite a few in-game recruits.

Lets take a closer look at where these two tribes are actually located. A special thanks to mar1n3c0rp5 for making this map last minute.

While now we understand both tribes better, lets take get into the interviews. First off I had the pleasure of talking to firerat. One of my old friends from another world.  He was happy enough to give us an exclusive interview of what happened to the tribe reForm.

Ec-Unlimited: By agreeing with the following you agree that all content of what you say when answering the questions I propose are open to the public. The information that we talk about beforehand and afterwards will remain as where they were. If you agree, then welcome (:P) lets have a good interview. 

Pythagros: (Thumbs up) 

 Ec-Unlimited: Question #1 – How was your tribe formed? was it a Premade? 

 Pythagros: Well, the tribe Orgy. was a semi-premade formed between old friends.We have played many worlds together but then as the join date got closer , well more players quit the game. It had been planned for a long time so we settled for specefic recruitment IG. 

Ec-Unlimited: Would you say your an experienced leader? Is this your first time leading?

Ec-Unlimited: well second time considering I played with you before.

 Pythagros: haha
 Pythagros: Well most recently i led a tribe in HP “Theory” I had nubs such as EC and so on. Till i stuck around we were rank 1 and i was playing under the account Revolutionise. The world was “No Haul” so i would say I have experience in Non Farming Worlds. I have also led on and off small elite fighting tribes. Another major tribe i led was being in the leadership in W 35 of the !?! Family a very very contreversial tribe. All i can remember or bother to type at the moment :D 

 Ec-Unlimited: I see, Was 2hot part of the original premade? Or was he an in-game recruit?

 Pythagros: 2hot was part of the pre-made.

 Pythagros: I met him on W 56 and though with the right direction he would make an excelelnt addition.. Everyone should be given a chance

 Ec-Unlimited: There has been many rumors about how 2hot ceased and stole control after you left, is this true?

Pythagros: Well, I was not there.. But up to my knowledge when i left i asked for elections to be made, i asked for mattcurr to be one of the tribal leaders and 2hot to be remained as baron…baron. It seems it was disregarded and not only did 2hot become duke but degraded and insulted the loyal members of both tribes. I give no credits for any external influences in the demise of Orgy. but simply the way 2hot treated members like shit. Why would you stay with an ignorant leader- I’d say

Ec-Unlimited: Hmm I see . Do you believe that Orgy or their new name “reForm” will win this war against Noodle and their allies?

 Pythagros: There is no “winning” at the moment of wars. Will they survive , most likely i believe so. Is K 53 “Noodles” to claim now.. well we will see. There are still many many factors which can happen and K 53 is and will be one of the most exciting continenets to be based on. I say stick around for the ride.

Ec-Unlimited: What would you have done differently if you stuck around?

 Pythagros: Well- I would have signed the proposed allaince with Noodle, if we were to war them I’d organise a multi-continental gangbang during nobles. Or depending on how well we would have worked together kept the allaince and took it from there. The “gangbang” would have not really effected us with the existance of the academy tribe as with it and the main support would be plentiful with the “Def Requirement” and “Packs Support” installed. We would still be here,strong and a threat. Sadly i had something come up which I couldn’t have changed. WIll i stick around now.. Probably not.. Most likely not. Life should be embraced to the fullest..should it not?

 Ec-Unlimited: Well, hopefully you will stick around the world and we might see more of you, and with that we conclude our interview. Thank you for your time.

 Now we understand much more than we once did. As to how the tribe was actually founded, and who was suppose to inherit the leadership. Seems like there is a crowd of haters that very much dislike 2hot as a player and leader. Essentially the tribe start to fall,  the question remains will they actually survive or not?

 Now we will get into an exclusive interview with 2hot, as to how he plans to fight back or make peace. Will he make a comeback and bring the tribe back to its former glory?  We shall see.

 Ec-Unlimited: By agreeing with the following you agree that all content of what you say when answering the questions I propose are open to the public. The information that we talk about beforehand and afterwards will remain as where they were. If you agree, then welcome (:P) lets have a good interview.

 2Hot: (Thumbs up)

 Ec-Unlimited: Question #1 – How was your tribe formed? was it a Premade? 

2Hot: The tribe was an unofficial premade that was put together by Firerat (pythagros) and I 2 days before the start of the world. 

 Ec-Unlimited: There has been many rumors about how you ceased and stole control after firerat left, is this true? 

 2Hot: I was always supposed to be co-duke. When Pyth made the tribe, he only gave me baron privs, but always said I had the authority of a duke. When he left, he suggested a poll and 30 minutes after it was up, i was in the lead by over 10 votes. I decided to just cease the position to get things running quickly. 

 Ec-Unlimited: I see that your tribe is struggling against your war against Noodle. How do you plan on fighting back? Do you believe that your tribe have a chance of winning?

 2Hot: The war with noodle has definitely been an uphill battle. Not only are they well structured and have quality players, but their diplomats do a great job at playing mind games. I see right through them, but the majority of people can’t see the master plan behind it all. Based on that, we’ve gotten our butts whooped, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Hopefully by the time this blog is released, the world will see we’re not out of the game yet. 

Ec-Unlimited: I see, do you think war this early on is worth it? Has it affected your growth? Noodles growth?

 2Hot: War this early is NOT worth it. I knew it since before the world, but the war came to us, not the other way around. It has affected our growth by dwindling our size. Before we were top 10 and our tribe and academy held rank 1 and 2 in our home continents. Now we’re 2nd in our continent and our academy disbanded. Noodles growth was affected positively by recruiting some of our high point players. 

 Ec-Unlimited: Is this your first time leading a tribe? Would you say your an experience leader or an inexperience one? 

 2Hot: This is not my first time leading a tribe, but I would consider it as so because the other tribes I lead were academy’s. And yes, i would consider myself inexperienced because of what happened to my tribe this world. If i could go back in time, i would do a few key changes.

However, don’t get me wrong, the way things are playing out are not all bad. I’ve found some great people here, loyal, friendly ones who i wouldn’t trade for anyone else. 

 Ec-Unlimited: that concludes our interview, thank you for your time, Best of luck to you and your tribe in your war.

 2Hot: Thanks, you too. Shout out to the tribe East. 

The first thought that had occurred to me, was that it was weird both interviews started off with a response of a thumbs up.  Anyhow, hopefully this blog has helped many players around the world to get a better picture of the tribe reForm. Who is currently fighting a tribe that is twice their size in points. Whether you believe that this tribe can succeed or not,  is up to you.

For a tribe to be successful, there are always uphill battles that one must climb. The world will now observe whether reForm has what it takes to become successful or not. There seems to be a lot at play, and things happening behind the curtains. It appears as if K53, and the surrounding areas may just become war central. An interesting war is on the rise, be sure to stay tune and pay attention. As both sides have begun to gather their forces. There are a lot of politics here at play, so may the best politician win.

With that, it concludes our blog for the day. The next blog will be out within a few days, so stay tune for more exciting news.

                                                                             Sincerely,                                                                                EC~