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October 26, 2011 in World 013 News, World News, Worlds 11-20 News

October 25th and I’ve been seriously lacking in the blogs recently. It’s been a mix of things and I’ll let you guys and gals in on it. First, World 13 is basically over, as much as people would like to believe it’s not, there is simply no stopping INSO. They work well together and have great systems in place to get almost 100% participation. The world forums are slow, so there is less to work with in terms of the growth of the world from players eyes. Players refuse to talk with me about the blog, thinking that I have other motives for talking to them.

From the last blog til now, we have lost a bunch of players, some high profile, most were simply players that lasted this long. It’s always sad to see players leave, since it means that our book on this world is closing soon. A lot of us have put many years into this game world, and to know that the end is coming, is actually a bit upsetting. I was very lucky to be hooked up with the right players from the start and to end up with INSO. When W13 ends, I will be sad that I will no longer have the daily interaction with my tribe mates, these people are my online family. As much as people complain about the world dragging, some people secretly want it to go on longer just so they can interact with the friends they have made.

With all that being said, let’s get into some stats and maps and fancy things…

Current Map

There are now 149 players left. Gigantic seas of barbarian villages strewn across the world. Some players are scrambling and trying to survive, some are fighting their enemies and some are simply just there.

INSO controls 63.68% of player owned villages
Gensis controls 13.87% of player owned villages
P:R controls 10.38% of player owned villages
NEB controls 7.53% of player owned villages
Bey0nd controls 1.96% of player owned villages
~PWC~ controls 1.00% of player owned villages
|RGR| controls 0.77%  of player owned villages
FFS controls 0.12% of player owned villages
KotS controls 0.01%  of player owned villages
TIBET controls 0.00% of player owned villages

INSO has 161,050 villages
Gensis has 35,072 villages
P:R has 26,237 villages
NEB has 19,034 villages
Bey0nd has 4,947 villages
~PWC~ has 2,533 villages
|RGR| has 1,946 villages
FFS has 315 villages
KotS has 16 villages
TIBET has 1 village