w57 All Shook Up

January 9, 2012 in World 057 News, World News, Worlds 51-60 News

‘Well Bless my soul , I dont know what’s wrong with me, I’m all shook up’, the world is changing and I don’t know what to do, ‘I’m all shook up.’

Well first things first let’s start this blog off nice and slow with a little bit of music to liven the air.

all shook up

All credits to the song and any use of lyrics to the singer of the song Elvis Presley, and all rights to the host of the song the mighty YouTube.


Now that I have you all in a nice friendly mood, and calmed us down a bit because (yea I am saying it again) we have all seemed shook up lately.


Excluding the recent most blog it has been some time since the last issue, the holiday season and life and all those usual excuses came into play, along with having to scrap blogs that became irreverent rather quickly has led to a rather nasty gap in between the last issues.  W57 is always rapidly changing and a lot of events have changed in that time, I can’t get them All nor would I like to try and do it in an imperfect manner, what I will do is give a highlight of these world altering changes and then we shall continue to move forward into the new year and the many changes that are too come.


Players and what they have been up too

1              Pain.Carbon       Has continued to hold rank 1 for the most part since the last blog, has kept up the nobbling in a consistently inconsistent pattern.  While his daily and weekly amount seem to change often, his monthly rate of growth remains near the same. He has went back and forth lately with the illuminati keep both accounts on their toes.

2              TheIlluminati      It seems this account is unable to hold the rank 1 position , it has kept rank 2 since the last blog posting with the occasional time spent in the rank 1 position, it has continued to feed off other accounts instead of actively fighting in any major wars, save the recent fight with ill. The growth of this account also seems highly inconsistent.

3              lion lio   has stayed in the top 5 since the writing of the last blog

4              HuGgY. In the short time between the last blogs and now this account has managed to skyrocket in growth as predicted before.  It is an active farming account and we will see if it continues to grow could even be a challenger for the rank 1 spot.

5              xenthyl {HI}        has went up some since the writing of the last blog, and is showing a lot of growth and potential.

The tribes and there Doings

1              {HI} After some small skirmishes with JAB, Happy decided to declare on both them and KGD. KGD, under attack by first -4- and then Happy, crumbled as two of their largest players joined Happy. The remainder of KGD joined either JAB or TWS.

After winning their war with EPIC (who then reformed as ACTIVE), Infection merged with Happy forming the present tribe {HI} that is now engaged with JAB and ACTIVE.

2              Infamy  currently at war with fire and ill, they recently took in some members from fire. They are starting to make some headway in the fire war but still have not managed to finish this war, the war with nameless is still going on as well, and hasn’t saw an end yet.

3              Knock!  This tribe has indeed been biding there time very nicely, growing in the far north and securing there area, they declared on ill and a lot of there targets have fled ill since the start of the war.  Ex 4play members that had went too ill, left ill for a new tribe then shortly after came to knock, helping give this small power to the north a true world power status.

4              Ill, this proud tribe to the north has faced war after war, there recent battle with 4play saw 4play disband and there members joining ill, but this seemed to be more of a negative then a positive, the merger, was followed within a day with the war between Ill and knock, and within a day after the ex 4play member’s left the tribe and reformed a new tribe of their own. Ill is now struggling vs. 2 of the top 3 tribes, they have lost a few member’s with in the past couple days to a new tribe, time will tell how this tribe stands in these hard times, regardless of the outcome ill, can be a proud example of a tribe that came into existence and fought for their existence the entire time, the tribe is fiercely loyal and very proud and determined.

5              JAB         The little engine that could, this rim tribe is putting up one nice fight vs the rank 1 tribe, this war has drug on for a long time by the past history of this world. They seem to be holding their own for the present time.

Graphs and charts



Well I did two interviews with a couple players to see their view on the recent changes the world has saw and we can now take a look at their feedback.

Extra SelectShow
Extra SelectShow


The Favor

If I may I would like to ask all readers to mail me a list of some questions and comments they would like to see in next week’s blogs, as the next blog will show some viewer response as well as the interviews. If you have any questions about the world, the blog, or the blogger send them in and I shall put them up this will let you see what everyone else would like to see in the blog and see if I commit too what the majority wish’s to see done. As well as gives us some what will surely be entertaining reads.


Well that will be the end for this week’s blog, next week will show some viewer content and questions form the audience as well as some interviews from people on the world. Later this month I Am looking forward to making a video game type blog and putting it up via video for the viewers. I had done this once before but events that unfolded made the blog irrelevant.  I have tried a different format again this week, and shortened the blog from some of the past ones, as a few people have asked for shorter blogs, I have also included some humor as some have requested. Once again I thank you for reading and if you have any questions as always you may contact me.