A Wild BigT Appears: W23 Blog Vol. 3

August 12, 2010 in World 023 News, World News

Greetings again W23 ;)
BigT here with another blog.

Well, as I am sure you all know, that I was highly critical of both Juiced and S.V for NAPing.
But, Juiced have declared war on S.V, and the sides in the world war are:

Side 1: Juiced F. and NBG
Side 2: LOOK and SV

Oh, that reminds me… S.V has taken punctuation out of its Tribe Tag, it is now SV….
Sooo….. Congratulations?  :P

As everyone knows  I was very critical of both S.V and Juiced for NAPing, as it contributed to what one could predict could be a gang-bang on LOOK –  which, in my opinion, wouldn’t make things very fun.
Now, obviously SV and LOOK are co-dependent on each other, but I hope that they move past their issues with each other and work together.
LOOK is losing to both NBG and Juiced, but that is to be expected.
SV is ahead of Juiced by nearly 150 conquers – Props to SV
Hopefully SV and LOOK decide to coordinate – put grudges aside –  that will make for an even better war.

Now, there really hasn’t been much to talk about… so I decided to do a rather lengthy interview

[12:18:35 PM] TheGillotine: I want to be your next guest :P

As per request, this week’s guest is TheGillotine :)

Me: Hello Gill, do you have time for an interview?

TheGillotine: yup

Me: Splendid. Well, lets start off with you telling me what your in-game name is, what tribe you are in, and what position you hold in said tribe? (formalities)

TheGillotine: you won’t get anything out of me copper, do your worst

Me: lol
Well, I’m actually cobalt –  abbreviated Co, but copper is close enough.

TheGillotine: I play as nightmare1assassin (formerly thegillotine), and have been a proud member of NBG since september 6, 2008, the 4th day of its creation.

Me: So, tell me something, why did you announce that you were “quitting” almost a year ago? Did you actually quit?

TheGillotine: yes I did.  I had a lot going on in RL and I needed to focus on other things.  I kept in touch with people and after RL got straightened out was convinced to make a comeback

Me: Was your original account still existing when you returned?

TheGillotine: yes it was although it was in horrible condition.  The player who had been playing it thought it would be interesting to demolish half my barracks to level 1 and half my stables to level 1
it didn’t really feel like my account and for a while I wasn’t very interested in playing seriously

Me: I see. So you became a co-player with Nightmare1Assassin, and how did that work out?

TheGillotine: It worked out great.  He had built up a sizeable force in K16 (by the time I started playing the account he’d nobled 150 TITAN villages there) and the account was very well organized.  he’s UK so time zones worked out well
He got busy with exams and whatnot and I gradually played more and more on the account until it felt like something I could call home

Me: So, I have no intention of inflating your monstrous ego any further, but how does it feels to be among the most influential people in world 23?

TheGillotine: Hey, at least I don’t presume that people want to hear my published opinion on a regular basis ;)
Not sure how it “feels”.  It’s a side effect of ridiculous hyper-activity, insatiable curiosity, and a need to be involved in everything going on in the world.

Me: Haha, we all know that people love hearing my voice (so to speak)
Has the world turned out the way you expected it to?

TheGillotine: No lol

Me: Care to go more in depth with, assuming that things went “thegillotine’s way,” what would the map look like right now?

TheGillotine: Now that’s interesting
Well if things went my way we never would have stopped warring Juiced but that would definitely have been a mistake
I never would have expected LOOK to split so quickly
and how well the former TITAN members recruited into NBG have done went way beyond my expectations.

BigT: What is your single most favorite event in world 23?

TheGillotine: events are hard
noblign my first village was pretty cool
nobling 150 LOOK villages in a long weekend was fun
and the gutter smutter room was good for a lot of laughs but that was only barely related to TW

Me: All valid selections. What has been your favorite war that you have taken place in, and why?

TheGillotine: I really like wars so this is a toughy
LOD was my first war but I didn’t really know what I was doing
I was head of offensive operations against GOL and we won that 300ish-10 and that worked really well
Juiced was really epic but the actual fighting was frustrating due to inactivity
Knock was at our peak in activity but they were a dying tribe…
all in all I’d have to go with NBG v. TITAN because it was close and both tribes were amazing and I nobled hundreds of enemy villages

Me: Reasonable enough :P
What was the most entertaining war globally (not including NBG) from your perspective?

TheGillotine: hmmm… maybe REBELZ v. Knock because I liked the PNP

Me: An interesting selection, next question:
What tribe’s existence have you most thoroughly enjoyed other than NBG’s, even if the tribe is now gone?

TheGillotine: that is a really wierd question BigT
and the answer is of course…
because it’s fun to make comparisons to them

Me: I have to agree with you there :P
So, you have resigned as a Duke of NBG, care to tell me why?

TheGillotine: Well I only really came back to beat TITAN so my main purpose is done.  I am not going to have nearly enough time to do the job properly and I’d rather have other people step up to the plate who are able to put the time in.  I know there are people out there capable it’s mostly a matter of taking the initiative

Me: Oh, I’m sure there are capable leaders.
Is your resignation a pre-emptive strike at trying to legitimately quit TribalWars?

TheGillotine: that would be the next logical step lol.
but I’m not planning on leaving completely any time soon. I have a vested interested in how this world turns out and I think I can still supply valuable advice in times of need.

Me: Well then, What was your proudest leadership moment while in “office” for NBG?

TheGillotine: the vast majority of TITAN players choosing us over LOOK despite all signs indicating otherwise in the months preceding it

Me: Ah, a just cause for pride.
So, as the world knows, there are basically two sides left in the world.
LOOK and S.V are basically co-dependent, and Juiced/NBG are allied.
Which side do you think will come out on top, and why?

TheGillotine: Well I planned on defeating a united LOOK, and I don’t see how a divided LOOK/S.V will be any more difficult
we’ve been making major gains against LOOK in the north, and in my opinion LOOK suffers from major internal issues that I think will prove quite fatal before long

Me: I know I have stated my own opinion on the split, but what is your opinion?

TheGillotine: Well, I am very, very critical of LOOK’s leadership because of it.  I’ve gotten to talk to many members of LOOK and S.V, both leaders and standard members. First off, for whatever reason, LOOK’s leadership split mostly in half. there are lots of reasons why the current leaders of S.V left, but they aren’t that important in the end. from what I gather LOOK’s leaders were completely unwilling to work together. and that wouldn’t have been too bad if it had just been that, but when zelia, etc. left and formed S.V, LOOK’s leaders decided to kick every member of LOOK and form a new tribe, this turned a revolution into a full blown potential civil war.  no longer did LOOK have the benefit of the moral high ground, and when you disband a tribe you lose a lot of tribal loyalty that’s been building up for almost 2 years.  it was very shortsighted and extremely stupid IMO, especially since almost no one was told about it ahead of time.  I were in LOOK, I would never trust my leaders again, and I’m sure many of them have no faith in their leaders after this, and that will prove fatal.

Me: Very true.
Do you think that if the TITAN/NBG war continued, would Juiced be able to survive without NBG’s help?

TheGillotine: It’s very iffy
they would have lasted a considerable while
but had nothing changed I think the wear would have caused more issues
they were already starting to fray (at least that’s what I thought)
I will say that based on what I’ve seen from people in LOOK that NBG entering the war definitely ahd an effect on how LOOKs leaders handled their tribe

Me: Well, since you have already expressed the opinion that LOOK and S.V will lose, who do you think will win the world, assuming that neither NBG or Juiced split, and the final war is between Juiced and NBG?

TheGillotine: NBG as long as our core remains active and we don’t turn on eachother under pressure like so many tribes do we’ve already been in the fire when we were up against TITAN and we kept in good shape so I think we could beat Juiced in the end

Me: Are you hoping NBG/Juiced  is the final war? Or would you hope there to be splits and ultimately re-invent the world, just as I cannot wait to do way down the road?

TheGillotine: well I’d hate for NBG to split lol
but I’m sure splits will happen as the world gets boring, people have a tendency of creating problems when they’re bored

Me: So do you want there to be splits, or would you prefer the world to end when either NBG /Juiced win their war?

TheGillotine: well there will be splits whether I want them to or not lol
and I want NBG to win the world, but if that cannot happen then I would want Juiced to win for old times’ sake, since they are the only tribe in the world to cross swords with NBG and survive :P

Me: Haha, very true.
Who, in your opinion, is the best player in w23?

TheGillotine: dt0032

Me: Nice choice
Anything else you would like to say to the world 23 community before this interview comes to a close?

TheGillotine: hmmm
ah here we go:
“Live for Today, for tomorrow may never come.”

Me: Cute. :)
I have just one  last question, and probably the most important.
I have called you many things, TheGilliotine, Gill, Gilly, Gilliam, Rebecca, but something I have always wondered, and I am sure the rest of W23 is curious as well:
What is your real-life name?

TheGillotine: I am Legion
Do you remember telling me that it did not matter whether I was a friend or an enemy, since I was at least a person who understood you and could be talked to? You were right. I enjoy talking to you. Your mind appeals to me. It resembles my own mind except that you happen to be insane.

Me: There we have it folks :D
Thanks for your time, Gill.

TheGillotine: your welcome :)


That’s all for this week, W23.
Remember to leave comments/suggestions :)

Much <3,