A Wild BigT Appears: W23 Blog Vol. 1

July 24, 2010 in World 023 News, World News

Welcome World 23 and anyone else who may be reading,

Well, the obvious meat of this blog will be about the recent “drama,” if you so wish to call it, regarding the dissolving of LOOK Family.

So to begin, as you can obviously see, LOOK F. is no more. Where the 3 tribes that made up said family once stood, we now have two main tribes Lock and S.V:

Lock, located in the northern continents that used to belong to LOOK F., consists of all the major players of LOOK before their major merges with KOF, ~POD~, PLG, and ~TDL~, have reclaimed the rank 2 placement that LOOK had.

S.V consists of former ~POD~, KOF, PLG, and ~TDL~ and spans all across the south and has taken rank 4 where L00K was once listed.


Now, while this is obviously a large and interesting change in world 23, I personally do not think that it deserves the level of attention and criticism that some people have given it. While I completely understand that, at first, it was a shock, but some people came out swinging on the public forums, and left me a bit baffled:

To quote my Aussie friend, Geomikajak –

“LOOK have single handedly made w23 BORING!!”

This post in the forum was followed by several people agreeing with him.

Now, like I said earlier, I understand that it was a shock for most people, but you guys should give things a little bit more time before you start going around saying that the world as we know it is over.

Now, the below is all speculation, there is talk that S.V and Lock are not on the best of terms, but I hope that everything I say below is true. I hope that S.V and Lock fight along side one another, and continue the war. So, I will pretend as though such is the case for now.
But… Only Time will Tell….

Luckily for everyone, former LOOK Family have reunited (under new tags), as I said earlier, and in my opinion, it was for the better…

They have gotten rid of inactive baggage (for the most part), as well as allowing for a much more organized system of warring; Each tribe has its own front to focus on with players organized by location, rather than simply being organized by whatever tribe sent you an invite – because there were quite honestly players from the same tribe on opposite sides of the world. Not that it would be impossible to become successful that way, simply that when facing the entire rest of the world… you need to be as organized as possible in order to be successful.

Two tribes with two different areas of focus will, ultimately, in my opinion, lead to a much more exciting war for everyone.

So, thank you to LOOK for stirring things up a bit. I hope to see more from you in the upcoming months.


Now, that reminds me, regarding how “the war” has been going up until this week – Juiced had a great start on LOOK F. while NBG was distracted with TITAN. But, as time went on, LOOK began to dominate in the stats with quite a lead.

Now, I am not saying that Juiced cannot pull its own weight, but once NBG finished with TITAN, and started focusing on LOOK, you can clearly see that Juiced has taken the lead once again, not to mention that NBG was leading with a monster 1200+ conquers in the past month.

But let us not focus on the past too much, lets look forward to the future of this war.

And let’s hope it will prove both fun and challenging for both sides.


Well that’s all for this week, and I am not one to disappoint, so here is a bit of poetry. ;)

Turning the Other Cheek  and Looking the Other Way
By BigT (Aka Tom S.)

LOOK is gone, but don’t be sad,
There is still much more fun to be had.

So let us take this time to say goodbye
To LOOK, but be happy and don’t cry.

Let us all remember the name that did fall,
Let us remember, let us recall.

LOOK, you were here when I started,
And its unfortunate that you have departed.

LOOK grew and grew, growing nonstop,
Defeating ~POD~ and causing PLG to drop.

You took out the Knights of Fire,
You climbed the ranks higher and higher.

While you have lost the famous tag,
Juiced and NBG do not yet have this in the bag.

You have the players, you have the power,
To turn things around within the hour.

Down to two instead of three…
I expect great things from Lock and S.V.


BigT’s Sneak Peek at Next Week:

Hopefully, I will be having an interview with a representative from former LOOK to ask some questions about the recent events


Now, feel free to leave recommendations and requests in the comment section :)
I did my best to be accurate, as I always try to be knowledgeable before I open my mouth – so to speak.
It was my first one, so go easy on me :P

Much <3 to everyone,