A SOHK Problem

March 9, 2011 in World 052 News, World News


banner With things settling down in the north, the only outstanding war, save for -MM-’s fight against RIM, is the SOHK – P.S. conflict that began to develop two weeks ago.

What prompted these two tribes to clash?

What role has B52s played?

Will -MM- step in to assist one side?

Let’s get started with this week’s blog.

World Map – Top 10 Tribes

Phat and -SWAT- both lose a rank this week, but that is only due to Bush’s jump from 6th to 4th. As you may have noticed, they annexed a large amount of players from K43, who are primarily ex-THINK/CCC. KingJame$., duke of Bush, explained his rationale:

“There were some decent players in K43… Would be a shame to rim good players that could be of use to the tribe.” – KingJames$.

The void left by NiNi’s disbandment has now been almost completely filled, and it will be interesting to see how the NiNi players conform to their new loyalties. Phat and Bush become major players in the north; will the ex-NiNi members be forced into a war against each other?

Meanwhile, other tribes stay static over the week, with only the 10th position being swapped out yet again: Plague replaces RIM and is on the map in the NW again.

This week we look at section of the world I have not discussed in depth at all in any previous blog – the southeast.

SE Continents

Same map here as above, but with the addition of our friends in -{i}-.

SOHK officially declared on P.S. on February 27th, but the two tribes have shared a border for some time now.

Until recently, though, the two tribes were actually under a NAP agreement and giving no sign of border conflicts. Rodrik33, speaking on behalf of P.S., said that “[P.S.] knew eventually that SOHK and P.S. would war but not anytime soon.”

However, clearly something about P.S.’s policies of running things discontented SOHK enough to warrant a declaration ahead of schedule. Be Mice Elf Again, SOHK duke, spoke about their grievances:

“The very reason we warred them in the first place [was] a not too fussy recruitment policy.” –Be Mice Elf Again

Clearly P.S. was expanding by recruiting a little too fast for SOHK’s tastes, and Be Mice Elf Again said as much in the declaration thread.

P.S. Tribe Changes

As we can see here, P.S. recruited several players from the late tribe DA approximately a week before the declaration. Although some might interpret SOHK’s response to such recruitment as a warning sign, P.S. has continued to adjoin members from other neighboring tribes like CADET, =DIRT=, and VKL. Since Be Mice Elf Again specifically cited P.S.’s lax recruitment standards as cause for SOHK’s declaration, it’s surprising to see that P.S. does not seem to have gotten the message.

On the other hand, P.S. was evidently caught off guard by the dissolution of the NAP:

“The declaration wasn’t a surprise so much as the dropping of the NAP was.” –Rodrik33

According to Rodrik33, the two tribes had been NAP’d since mid January, and was dropped on 2/26 at 17:54 (ST). Although the declaration was not until 2/27 at 18:25 (ST), several P.S. players have alleged that SOHK began attacking before the NAP was cancelled. An objective viewer might frown upon such disregard to sportsmanship. Rodrik33 continued the story,

“We had told SOHK that we were going to be taking in all the actives from DA so we started discussing with them about keeping the NAP with them. We had no intention of dropping it. After a couple days of negotiating back and forth, BMEA tells me that they will keep the NAP with us but didn’t know for how long. We were going to discuss how long but a day later we get incomings.” – Rodrik33

It has long been joked that the real definition of a NAP is “Noble All Players”, so it’s a bit startling to see such naïveté on P.S.’s part here – how could they not have seen this coming? SOHK has literally nowhere else to expand, save west into B52s’s territory, with whom they have always been on good relations. Rodrik33 acknowledged such,

“[SOHK] can’t go towards B52s, only logical choice is us… we do know [SOHK and B52s] have an alliance.” –Rodkrik33

As you may be aware, SOHK and B52s have a net conquer difference against each other of 0, with only 1 conquer each against the opposite side. But is there something more between these two tribes?

With loose rumors circulating that the two tribes were possibly contemplating a merge, I sought to ascertain the truth. Hells Toy Master, B52s duke, declined to comment, while Be Mice Elf Again, said that “[he’ll] neither confirm or deny any such thing”, laughing on the subject:

“Wow!! Where did that one come from?

B52’s are rather full right now, 56 full in fact, a merge of 4? That’s rather ridiculous, even for Randerson.” –Be Mice Elf Again

That may disabuse any lingering gossip, but we shall see if the B52s – SOHK relationship plays a part in this war later on.

Speaking of relationships with larger tribes, players from -MM- have reportedly been attacking SOHK as well. Be Mice Elf Again’s contention in the external forums was that Lawtonisw23, ranked 4th and a member of -MM-, had been attacking their players. Demented Intentions, -MM- duke, speaking from the Borg1966 account, admitted that -MM- and P.S. share an alliance. He stated further,

“We have not ordered PS to attack SOHK whatsoever; though we are allies they have their own set of diplomacy. I stand behind my members; Law doesn’t like receiving attacks if you send them you may get some in return.” – Demented Intentions

Is that an implication that SOHK was attacking Lawtonisw23? Demented Intentions said the -MM- has no intention of joining the war, saying it would be simply unrealistic with their lack of border to SOHK.

P.S., though, doesn’t have much of a border themselves with SOHK. That is reflected in the stats so far, with relatively low conquer numbers.

Side 1: P.S. | Side 2: SOHK

Perhaps the OD change over the last week can shed some light on the situation:

P.S. OD Change

SOHK OD Change

Examining, P.S. has an ODD change of 8.2m to SOHK’s ODA change of 10.8m. Conversely, P.S. has an ODA change of 6.1m to SOHK’s ODD change on 5.4m. Although OD calculation on the offense and defense sides is not a direct correlation, we can reasonably assume that SOHK has been leading the charge against P.S. and P.S. has yet to retaliate comparably offensively.

Be Mice Elf Again said that “[SOHK has] crashed a whole lot of nukes into some very stacked walls and come out on top, so far.”

P.S. has already dismissed several players, most notably WarLady221 and Purple Heart., in an effort to start the war with a clean slate with no inactives. Rodrik33 said that his tribe was eagerly anticipating a fun war:

“Moral is great. We have our first major war. So we are excited.” –Rodrik33

Be Mice Elf Again too said that moral in SOHK was high as well.

It’s far too early to call this war for either side. The most interesting continent is, of course, K75, and we will examine that each week for the coming month in close-up to see the physical changes in terms of dominance. Currently, P.S. has 53.18% and SOHK 18.26%. Regrettably, it will be some time before we can see an adjacent front southeast along the diagonal between the two tribes there.

Best of luck to both tribes – this looks like it will be a fun with much strategy involved :)

A well minded individual sought to alert the world this week about -MM-‘s increasing lead over the rank 2 tribe, B52s.

On the subject of forming coalitions to ensure for the common good, a similar cause has been taken up by TAC against B52s: here and here.

The quest is on to see which tribe will replace NiNi as the tribe to bring down.

Au revoir for this week – sorry for the severe lateness this time, as you might have seen from my post in the externals on the blog thread I was occupied at the doctor’s.

ALSO -> I hope you’re a fan of our new blog look? ;)