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January 17, 2011 in I'm A New Blogger!, World 040 News, World News

Hello! I thought I had better introduce myself for those who don’t already know me, feel free to call me Mark or whatever weird and wonderful names you can think up. I’m happy to say that I’ve been chosen to Blog for World 40 in an attempt to spark some sort of debate in our rather un-eventful forums. If you feel like a chat or have any concerns or questions about the blog feel free to add me on Skype for a chat: i_use_troops. Or drop me a Message in game via “Renshi p”. But I hope I can fulfill the job entrusted to me and I look forward to bringing you your weekly dose of news coverage from around World 40. I’d like to briefly apologize for the lateness of the Blog, i was held up by the interviews much like Destruction was as the NMS council is in virtually the opposite timezone to myself.

Well the world has certainly progressed since the last blog; the world has seen what looks to be the final declaration made by Kata to NMS. The winner will control over 2/3 of the world after victory effectively securing world dominance. However a war of this proportion is likely to lead us well into 2012 partake any drastic changes in world 40s politics. The reason for the war declaration made by Phoenix2050 was simple; the time had come for the final war to take place. But there are other threads that would suggest that NMS and Kata went to war over the spoils left over from the UN war amongst other things; Kata stand accused of “hugging” or “merging” what was left of the Active UN members and encroaching into previously declared NMS territory around the K50 Area. Both of these issues however were addressed by Phoenix2050 in his post in the thread “The Epidemic” which provides some heated arguments between Kata and NMS on the topic. It is a good bit of background information for anyone looking to find the root causes of this final war. Additionally Destructions previous Blogs analyze these reasons so be sure to read them if you want to catch up.

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A look to the past!

I thought I would dig out an old map from the good ol’ days when the world had some real life left in it. As you can see a lot has changed, tribes have grown and many have gone completely fading away into Tribal wars history. From the above map I wonder how many of you could have predicted how the map would have shaped up to what it looks like at present? Currently NMS own 33 out of the possible 100 continents compared to Kata who own 45 continents. Additionally however NMS are around 10% shy of owning another 2 continents namely K63 and K64 one of the main frontiers in the Kata/NMS war so are in a crucial position for either tribe. Kata are just edging behind the RPX family in K60 trailing by around 13% which would take their dominance to 46 continents controlled out of the possible 100. Again? following their recent merge with RUM! have gained some ground further south creating a larger front with NMS and the RPX Family.

Onto the war!

Well, what is there to be said about the war so far…? This war is in its infancy, there should be no real visible change until around Easter time when we should be able to see some gains and losses of ground in various areas. Personally I see Kata in a more advantageous location that NMS, this is not motivated by bias in the least; merely observational comments and geography. The reasons for my arrival at that conclusion was because Kata has a solid and defined back line right along the K90’s from which to draw permanent long term defensive support for the extremely long war front with NMS. However NMS almost has an advantage in not having a broadly defined back line, no player can get away with a ‘free ride on the back lines and as such activity in NMS should peak higher than Kata’s.

NMS would have been perhaps better geared up for this war then they are at current if they didn’t have the ever present War Mongers hurling axes into their backs where they could have drawn support from. Instead NMS now faces attacks along almost the entirety of its massive 19 continent long front line and the strain has clearly shown in the stats for the Kata/NMS war with NMS unable to find the Long term support needed for such a large front. But it has been shown that Traditionally NMS are late starters in wars so these stats may well change in the coming weeks. Being placed in Kata myself I do get to hear about Operations from both Tribes, ones that Kata are defending against and those that are launched on NMS. On the Operations watch for the last few weeks I can report that both sides have indulged in some sort of large scale Operation. Beachyme, Ranked number 1 in World 40 and in Kata was on the receiving end of an impressive NMS operation which peaked at around 6.5k Incomings. NMS were hard pushed during the opening waves from Kata landing on Kingkev, caled, fallout and Contessa right along the southern most NMS/Kata borders.

Stats since December the 7th when war was officially declared are as follows:

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NMS appears to have made looses in a few key locations, primarily the heavily disputed K63 and K64 but also K56. Kata’s looses appear to be spread right along the border showing a good stream of co-ordination from NMS allowing them to jump on these exposed villages; however a large chunk of NMS’s growth has been in the North with =CB= around the K20 line. But despite this NMS has held reasonably steady in K63 and K64 not losing too much ground and retaking/ capturing new villages daily making it a slow game of attrition for both sides.


NMS was kind enough to give me Interviews with: TreyInGa. However i was also fortunate enough to get an Interview with A perfect Circle or APC for short. Him having since left NMS i am unable to vouch for the accuracy or Bias shown by his Interview.

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Well that about sums up this weeks Blog, with both interviews taken into account it should give all parties on World 40 a lot to think about over the coming week.  Its been a pleasure to Blog for you and i hope that i can continue to blog for sometime, so until next week just keep on fighting. :D

Thanks for reading, Mark