A life on the edge

January 29, 2011 in World 040 News, World News

Hello World 40! Its time for another Blog and this week I will be looking towards the ‘Rim’ at the Tribes that have prospered there. Firstly however I would like to apologise for not releasing a Blog this last week, I’ve had my Preliminary exams all week and those have had to take priority. However I am happy to announce that I intend to release one Blog a week from now on excusing any unfortunate accidents that this Bloggers curse may throw my way…

Enough of the excuses, onto the Blog!

The ‘rim’ is a popular term for the edge of a world, the rim encompasses the large circle or square that goes around each world map. By nature the ‘Rim’ is given a bad name and is more often than not associated with inactivity, poor skill and bad leadership. These tribes that live on the rim are often seen as little competition to the Premades and large core tribes that are self styled “elitists”. The term “elitists” basically means that these core tribes thrive on skill, increased activity and normally come with much larger egos boasting themselves as the dominant tribes. However here on world 40 we have a case where a few ‘rim’ tribes have gained a lot of ground and have made themselves world powers managing to stay in the Top 10 rankings; namely PA (the new version of RPX) and T.B.K. Up until now nobody has taken a good hard look at the ‘rim’ and analyzed their potential in this world.

PA Family

The PA Family according to their profile consists of: PA, Worthy, !.! And PAR. This 4 Tribe family occupies the north western region just below Again? And has spread further south incorporating the old RAGE members into Worthy. The PA family is currently involved in several wars almost along its entire northern and southern border, currently fighting the Kata family in the south and Again? In the north. Looking from a statistical view point, the PA family has slightly over 50 million more ODD than ODA suggesting that they have been hit more than they have dealt out.

PA Family ODA = 250,507,093

PA Family ODD = 301,701,001

Difference = 51,193,908

But are those statistics truly representative? The PA family is currently fighting the Kata family and Again? Who are both powerhouses in their own regions of the world. A gap of 50m more ODD than ODA seems relatively low considering the fight they have been entrusted with. The stats paint a fairly grim picture for the PA family, in both wars they are losing by a large margin and the more recent stats show little sign of that changing.

Stats SelectShow

I managed to get an Interview with the PA Families leadership to see what was going on and to find out how life was on the rim.

SoccerFan3195 SelectShow

In summary the PA family whilst currently being a world power may not be able to cling onto that title for much longer unless some drastic changes are made and the tide of war turned. The PA family currently has no real stable food source besides Kata F. and Again? as since the 20th of January only a few captures were recorded against non tribe members with the vast majority still being internals or barbarians.


T.B.K is currently surrounded on all sides by the PA family and NMS, however diplomacy appears to exist between the PA family and T.B.K. However if the stats hold true then T.B.K and NMS are very much exchanging blows with the stats going in T.B.K’s favor almost at a 2:1 ratio. T.B.K is currently sitting at the number 5 spot in world 40 with just 48 members, the lowest in the top 5. T.B.K seems to have grown out of RUM!!’s old continents and now occupies a dominant position in 3 continents trailing by only 15% in a fourth just behind NMS.  As for the tribal OD statistics, T.B.K currently stand:

Rank 5 ODA: 253,712,819

Rank 6 ODD: 256,537,547

Difference: 2,824,728

These statistics bode well for T.B.K showing that whilst they are surrounded on multiple sides they have still been able to deal out a lot of damage to those around them without taking many losses themselves. With just a 3 million gap between their ODA and ODD and their positive war stats on NMS; T.B.K could continue their streak and stay in the top 5 for some time to come.

Their war stats for the past Month are:

Stats SelectShow

I tried to get a larger insight into the workings of T.B.K in comparison to the PA family to see how they differentiated. Here is my Interview with T.B.K’s representatives McMaresy and Der-Kaiser

Der-Kaiser SelectShow

Overall, T.B.K has thus far shown itself as a tribe that can take care of its own members and unless NMS turn their focus onto them all I can see killing T.B.K is their own Inactivity issues or internal strife’s.  Where T.B.K will go from here still looks undecided, if they choose to go onwards with their NMS campaign then it will be interesting to see how far they reach; or will they simply fade out of the picture?

The world!

The map has changed a lot these past few days, the major shift being of the former Again? members moving to NMS giving NMS a solid control of the North West of the world. But how will this affect the Kata/NMS war currently raging on toward the South and East?

From this map it is clear to see that Kata has continued its progression through both the eastern and western fronts eating its way towards the rim. NMS has done similar to its east and west, making slightly slower progression in the east with T29 resiliently holding their ground.

For the two main “rim” tribes PA and T.B.K they have both made very little gain in the last week with the vast majority of nobling being consolidations of inactive players and barbarians. This slow expansion outwards could prove to be the undoing of both tribes as they are not growing efficiently merely swapping the villages they already have between players.

The world at war!

I will be weekly summarizing the main points of this war as it goes on and trying to keep up to date information on how both sides are faring in this world war. The stats for this last week could show a possible turn in the tide of this war with NMS gaining the upper hand and beating Kata F. On conquers.

Stats SelectShow

However overall since the start of this war Kata F. Still have the lead in the stats but for how much longer will this continue now that NMS has settled its differences in the north?

stats SelectShow

Wrap up!

This week has been fairly uneventful apart from the sudden move of Again? To NMS which is what I will look towards next week; the reasons for the merge into NMS and what impact this will have on the world as whole. I’d like to thank all those from PA and T.B.K that give their time for interviews and also to my contact who wished to remain unnamed on the Rim who provided background knowledge on the workings of T.B.K and PA. But from this blog the question has to be asked, what role do you all think that T.B.K and PA will have on this worlds outcome? Leave a comment below with your thoughts on these tribes and how you think they will shape this world.

Thanks for reading,