A Humble Beginning

January 29, 2012 in I'm A New Blogger!, World 061 News, World 61-70 News, World News

 Never Fear, I am Here!

Greetings one and all, My name is Andrew, or more commonly known as Ec-Unlimited in the Tribal Wars community. I am happy to announce that I will be the blogger for world 61, as I am very glad to be here. Now this is a world that has introduced a brand new concept, limited haul, so I am sure we will have a lot to talk about.

 A little bit about me

Well, as you now know my name is Andrew. I am currently 16, you can easily find a lot more information about me on the blog under the Tribal Wars Staff section, or you can visit forum’s New Moderator Introductions.  However, if its too much trouble for you to do so, I will talk about myself here as well.

 I love to eat BBQ, Chicken-related food, and Sea food. My favorite animals are pandas, dolphins, and dogs. Currently, my favorite world is world 61, as it is the only world I currently play, but lets not dwell upon that point.

English is my second language, as I moved to Canada at an early age. My writing may not be the best,  but I will still try my best to provide something for everyone that is entertaining and without error.

I first joined this game back when I saw it as an advertisement.  Ever since then, I enjoy playing it. There are times where I attempt to quit, but I am always brought back to this community by something as simple as a email or an update of the new settings. Thats enough about me, lets start talking about the blog. To begin, here are the settings for world 61.

World 61 Settings

Speed: 1.5
Unit speed: 0.8
Paladin: Yes, with old-style weapons
Archers: No
Church enabled: No
Noble system: Gold coins
Morale: Points and time based
Bonus villages: Yes
Barbarian villages: Grow to 1000 points
Tech system: Simple
Beginner protection: 3 days
Tribe limit: 60
Hauls: Limited, max 150k per day
Resource production: 33.3% higher then usual
Other info: Players can choose their starting direction. There will be an attack and support gap of 100ms. No fake limit. Standard militia is on. No restrictions on sending support out of tribe.

As I understand, many have been longing for a blog for quite some time now, that there are even some appearance of unofficial blogs . I am here to deliver an official one with the best experience that I may provide you. Provided that I will be able to remain here in this world, I will attempt to create as much blogs as I can do in order to entertain each and everyone of you in the weeks to come. As I am eager to delivery to you very exciting news.

Each edition will provide the readers with as much information as one can contain. Some of them may include interviews, reviews of top tribes and top players, certain secrets of the world, and certain maps to illustrate certain issues. Now I have to confess, I am not much of a map-maker, so if people are willing to help out with the creation of certain maps, I am happy to accept such help. As you must understand that would be a volunteer job helping me to create a better blog for the world, but you would be credited as well. In regards to the interviews, I would not be chasing after each and every player for an interview. If you wish to be interviewed, please write out a proper letter to me through Tribal Wars Forum Private Message System or skype me at unlimited9510. If I believe that interviewing you would benefit the blog overall, then I would message you back, or contact you personally.

Now in this edition, it is just a formal greeting and introduction, and is soon coming to a close. The first proper edition of the blog is well under way, so I would ask that everyone please remain a bit more patient during this time. I encourage all to provide suggestions, ideas, secrets you would like to reveal, and things you would like to see in the next edition. They will be highly considered, and may even appear on the blog if necessary.  Think of yourselves as reporters, and report all news so the world can see.

Now sadly, this introduction has come to an end, but before we go I would like to say a special dedication  to harbinger297 for his effort on making the banner. Hopefully, many of you are excited as I am about the next edition of the blog that will soon follow. Please stay tune, for there is more to come!!

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                             Your Blogger EC~