A Blast from the Past

November 20, 2010 in World 022 News, World News

Hello W22,

This week we are re-united with an old face from the Tribal Wars community.

This young teen played amongst us many years ago and he is now, arguably one of the best GFX artist around. Everyone admires his talent, most are sickened by his ability, if you have ever seen one of his pieces you will know what i’m talking about.

Yes, i’m talking about Genetic Engineer.

Ultimatum X: So, you used to play World 22, what specific moment do you remember the most?

Genetic engineer: Well there was one moment I remember in detail

Ultimatum X: Explain

Genetic engineer: Ok well I realized how good $CoD$ was and wanted to join unfortunately I was a very low point member and would not normally have been able to join. We were just going into a war with $CoD$ so I decided the most logical way to get their trust was to spy for them. So over some time I passed them information, which, with me being a member of the council was information the general tribe didn’t have access to. Unfortunately As an inactivity precaution I had set our duke as sitter, for in case I went inactive. He got suspicious, logged in and unfortunately found the mails. I was obviously kicked from the tribe, but soon after I was invited into $CoD$ where I lived a long and happy existence. The irony of it all was that, many many months later I found out that the duke of my tribe ( the one I got kicked from ) was also on team with $CoD$ at the time of my spying for them, that annoyed me slightly. But it didn’t matter as I eventually through all my deception got into $CoD$ which was my plan, so it all worked out in the end :)

Ultimatum X: You had a crucial role as a spy for $CoD$ and at the same time you were still a council member, which in the early stages is extremely demanding

Genetic engineer: Yes, It was very hard keeping the two appearances up. I mean, in one place I had to be tactical, try and give ideas of how to tackle the enemy. Whereas at the same time volunteering to give information to them. It’s quite hard to keep up appearances like that for a long time. Pretending to be loyal is a lot harder than you may think. But like I’ve said, it worked out which may just have been a lucky chance for me because if it hadn’t … im not even sure I would have gotten into graphics properly, as I would never have joined the forums and been apart of the graphics community. So in that sense im really glad I did spy for the enemy :)

Ultimatum X: So during your time in W22 you became captivated with graphics, right?

Genetic engineer: I actually began my graphics career before this in the form of pixel art on another gaming forum. From there I slowly changed into making signatures for people on the forum, they were very very basic, but its where I started. Then after playing TW for a while I joined the forums and became active in the graphics community where I realized I could do so much more. I actively tried to improve my skills, doing numerous free shops for the community and following countless tutorials, to become the graphic designer I am today :)

Ultimatum X : You lingered in the graphics forums like a bad smell refining your graphics, and now, you a 15 year old boy is one of the greatest GFX artist on the net, it’s amazing.

Genetic engineer: Im not sure I lingered as a bad smell, I’d like to think that actually I was being a good part of the graphics community. But yes I have been apart of the community for so long, maybe a year going on 2. The atmosphere and helping attitude that came from the graphics community played a vital role in my artistic “growing up” if you like. I definitely wouldn’t say im the best on the net, im not going to be completely humble, I am good, but there are definitely people better than me, definitely 2 or 3 in the community/ used to be in the community that could kick my butt in a competition. But I am happy with where I am at at the moment, although obviously im trying to improve with every piece I make :)

Ultimatum X: Finally, who from the W22 community do you miss the most?

Genetic engineer: It’s hard to say really, I mean I had so many friends that were great and really helpful to me while I was there. I mean, Zionism came with me from LKA to $CoD$ and has always been a great help to me. Maliki the great was one of the best dukes I have ever been in contact with, he was great and although I didn’t know him for that long, I would like to say he was a good friend. Then there’s people like Kingsam, HPG and Dwinpenny who helped me out a lot with how to actually play the game, they were my teacher’s I guess, and great teachers they were. Apart from sam, he was mean :P. But, I really loved everybody that was in $CoD$ they were a great group of people to be in the presence of. I’d love to play with them again, they were some good tribalwars days :)

Ultimatum X: Thanks

If none of you have seen Genetic engineers creations then your missing out, and so your not missing out any longer, here are four of my favorite Genetic engineer sigs:

Now unfortunately we still don’t have a blog banner, so I will try rope GE in to kit us out with one.

With the recent lack of activity and enthusiasm around the forums lately, I have decided to make my blog more interesting to liven things up a bit. To do this I will need volunteers and suggestions. My current ideas are:

  • A quote of the week competition (QOTW) : I will search the new posts for the best quote. The winner of this will write their thought of the week on the blog
  • To have people doing guest commentary on the blog. Talking about things currently happening in W22 or things that have happened in the past. If you want to do this then PM me in game or on the forums
  • I will have a chat with ex-W22 members, like the one this week. If anyone has suggestions on who I should interview then PM me in game or on the forums

You, the readers of my blog are the most important people, so if you have any ideas please put them forward. I’m always open to good ideas.

Finally, it’s time for me to say goodbye, so farewell,

Ultimatum X