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June 13, 2009 in World 009 News, World News

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Well, once again I find World 9 quite boring. To be to the point, nothing has happened but more little noblings and battles. To be able to talk more about the miniscule happenings, I have begin to look once again to my favorite tools- TW Stats, the in-game rankings, and the Statistics page. So, I will (durring this next week) be recording the number of players every day and will come up with a graph, and estimate some cool facts for everyone to look at.

First off, the facts:

Top 10

DNS retains its position as number 1, but RAW and =D-N= (who, by coincidence, are warring each other) are practically fighting over second runner, with RAW closing in on Number 1, only 1 mill points off, leaving =D-N=, F:M, and all the other tribes far behind them. Now, let’s see how the world is doing as a whole.


The first thing I thought when I read this was ‘Woah, who is spamming up the mailboxes?’ I mean, 2485 letters per player! We either have some insane diplomats or alot of curculars going around!

Also, I am rather disapointed that only about 2/3rds of the players are smart enough to get a paladin and a village like the one above would not be a very effective village, defencive OR offencive. What is kinda cool is that we have 7.6 billion residents between all our tiny kingdoms, also the fact that there are on average 240 villages per player. If I had that many, I would be insane without someone taking care of the people for me!


Now for your favorite part, the maps!

Noble Map

Map settings

First off, the noble map. Here we can se alot of growth of =D-N= in the North-West and DNY in the center, with some growth of F:M in the south. RAW is strangely not on the map anywhere!


map settings2

Well, this is interesting. OMG!!! RAW IS TAKING OVER!!! yeah… DNY seems content to keep to the middle, =D-N= in their corner, with likewise with FEMA and SOFt. This era is rather interesting afterall…

Well, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading. Any questions or things that I should look into, please mail me in-game on world 9 under the name Samulis.