3DX, left for dead?

July 18, 2010 in HP News, World News

In the last 2 days, surprisingly, 3DX has been left for dead by a lot of their members, going from 22 members to 5 members in this period of time including Emoperor of Minds and Fuzzy Tiger of Doom moving from 3DX to [I]nBz is understandable seeing as 3DX were falling apart, now leaving only 5 members as others fell off to make their own tribes.

Egotripper recently got banned and then nobled off while being banned so unable to defend himself, egotripper lost 32 villages in one night, and only racking up 100k ODD.

I will not be able to blog for 5 days as I am on holiday :( so I will see you need Friday/Saturday.

- Max vs George