The W64 Blog, 4th Edition; Wartime!

September 11, 2012 in World 064 News, World 61-70 News, World News


Hey I’m Steve or Malreaux and today I’m bringing you the 4th edition of the W64 blog.

Today we’re looking at a few high profile wars and some miscellaneous, but nonetheless interesting, events that have occurred in W64.

War number 1: NEW! vs. MRV

This is a war that has been going on for a little over a week. There are no particular motives behind it other than NEW! wanting to clear up a tribe that was interfering with their growth, and grabbing a few war stats on the side. NEW! planned a tribal wide op on their enemies to coincide with the time they declared.

I would show war stats from the time the declaration happened but they would be misleading as MRV was being nobled long before the formal declaration, so I will therefore post the stats wth no time limit, and the lost villages of MRV:

Please note that ELITE, NEW! and Scary are in effect the same tribe.

MRV vs NEW! family war stats.


MRV village losses.


Looking at their rank alone it is easy to see why the war is so one-sided, but the map further strengthens this, with MRV being completely surrounded and dominated:

New=Green, Scary=Red, MRV=Blue


Although, this having been said, MRV have racked up an impressive rank 2 ODD, which shows they can at least stack a few villages when they need to.
Athough that  cluster looks impenetrable now, I predict they’ll have a tough time holding off the rank one tribe for too much longer.

War number 2: Where? vs Hades

This war was declared by the latter for the reason that they thought it would rally others and their own to their cause.
They had been sharing a mutual area with Where? Since the start of the world, and due to their preregistering ended up with a cluster almost surrounded by their enemy

Initially the tribe =FUN= was allied with Hades, now they have merged. For the purpose of this account of the war I shall treat them as one tribe:


Where?=Red, Hades=Blue


Due to the account’s positioning near their cluster, early on in the world Hades mass attacked and rimmed Keredlee of Where? This occurred at around the stage where most of the Where? players had only just started nobling, so as a whole the tribe’s D levels were low, and they were unable to help him.
In this time the leadership of Where? also attempted to gain diplomacy with Hades to save the account, but this failed.

Since then the tribes had been on uneasy terms and through coincidence the Where? players nobled a relatively large number of Hades’ villages, only caused by their location and reasonable size:

The Hades leadership saw this as an unofficial war, and although they did not do anything about it at the time, they did declare the war  later on, on the 2nd of September.

Since then these are the stats:


Since then this war has stagnated, as Where? are yet to break their opponent’s cluster.

War Number 3: OnFire vs ADHD

This war was declared by OnFire on the 3rd of September.

The reason for this declaration was that ADHD recruited several members that had exercised hostility towards OnFire. They also recruited a refugee.
OnFire then proceeded to attempt to resolve the matter diplomatically, but ADHD were not forthcoming in discussions and refused to compromise.

During this time the only reason preventing OnFire from attacking was that they had a three day NAP with ADHD, but afte this time was up, they declared and executed an op swiftly and effectively, contributing to the following war stats:


Another reason for the declaration was simply that OnFire wanted ADHD out of the way (and they certainly stunted their growth):

Because the tribe shared a mutual continent with them, and could develop into a potential threat.


OnFire=Red, ADHD=Blue


This war has now slowed down also, as OnFire have pushed their opposition into two clusters of villages which will be difficult to break.

This having been said, ADHD has unimpressive ODD so may not have much defence to go around, or may not be good at coordinating support.


That concludes edition 4 of the W64 Blog, apologies for the lateness, I just returned to college and am extremely busy at the moment, but I’ll try my very best to put all the time I can into making your blogs enjoyable and high quality. Watch this space.

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Thanks for reading :)