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August 15, 2012 in I'm A New Blogger!, World 064 News, World 61-70 News


Hey there! I’m Steve, also known as Malreaux and currently playing the Noobs on ice account.

Tiff has graciously appointed me Blogger for W64 (thanks a lot), and I’m going to do my best to entertain and inform you of everything that goes on in our glorious world.

(Don’t hate on the Header, It’s a work in progress, I was just that anxious to post )


In this first instalment, due to the fact that not much of interest has happened so far, I’m just going to do a brief overview of the most promising tribes in the world in my eyes and a few things that’ve been going on with them.

Due to it being the first of the notorious flag worlds, W64 has seen a great influx of notable and famous player in tribal wars, so you’d think that there’d be a million and one premades floating around, trying to make their own impact, but in fact there’s only a few that have caught my eye.

These are:

Rebuild of Disney {Where?}
We Have So Many Points! {Jelly?}
Multiple Wargasms {~MW~} –formerly known as “The Plan”



Where? Is a rebuild of a W57 tribe, with many of the original members and a few more on top. They’ve made a strong start to the world and have an excellent spread that’ll set them up for later on in the world’s progression, but unfortunately this spread means support is difficult, and an initial lack of any sort of diplomacy has left some of their members being gangbanged by their neighbours, resulting in large OD:


and also a couple of restarts, but that won’t hold them back, with their top quality leadership (Finally Sober/Drunk)  and strong member base this tribe will certainly go far.
One notable thing that has happened to this tribe so far is managing to get a partial merge with Kinky? When that tribe failed, and picking up some of their top members.


Jelly?Is a newer tribe in terms of structure. The leadership is experienced in the game but inexperienced in duking a top tribe, and that has already started to show in some respects, but he has made up for it in others, such as wrangling diplomacy with The Plan, my third tribe. Jelly? Started as a simple group of friends without much of a better option, but then they picked up some great players, who in turn attracted their friends and built up the tribe as it stands today. Whilst the players of Jelly? Certainly have the skills they need, I doubt they have the motivation. Most of the Jelly? Players have only proven themselves in the past as startup players. If they lasted long into the world they could certainly do well, but many of them will quit, as their leader himself (Devin/Controls) has admitted to me. This having been said, at least a few of them will stay, strengthened by the members they absorbed from the dissolved tribe Party?, and this could make them a real contender as time goes on.

Jelly? tribe history:

The Plan/~MW~ Is another tribe that has played in the past. Nearly all of their members are good friends with strong ties that have been playing together for many worlds or even years, and they have strengthened these foundations with extra recruitment of top players they know they will get on with. The tribe was organised by Shahyd, but he, along with a large number of eligible tribemates, has expressed a specific opposition to undertaking the role of leadership. All of the ~MW~ players intend to play endgame, but without a leader their future is limited. The Plan started very late as a whole, just over a week into the world, so they haven’t quite had their time to shine.

~MW~ point growth:



So it seems Jelly? Need endgame players and ~MW~ need a leader… Hmm, is that a merge I see looming on the horizon?!

All I know is, if someone doesn’t make a tribe called Multiple Jellygasms, I will!


So those are some of the best premades that I am aware of. In regards to the other tribes at the top of the leaderboards, I don’t think many of them will last. The best of them would be ELITE, if they do indeed have the experienced 1337 leadership of Karmalot as many are claiming, but I think even ELITE may crumble in time. We’ll just have to wait and see.


Thanks for reading the very first W64 blog, I hope you stick with it in the future and I’m really looking forward to blogging for you to the best of my ability.

If you ever have anything you want to say to me in person to improve the blog of make your own suggestions, add my skype:  Steven_jackson2

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Other than that, I’m out, see ya!