W9 The Forgotten World

November 30, 2011 in Uncategorized, World 009 News, World News, Worlds 1-10 News

Hello World 9. I know it has been some time since you guys had a blogger. Some of you may feel one is needed and others may see it as useless.  But here I am nether the less. I hope to have fun and I hope you all do as well and my greatest wish would be to make this blog  

as memorable and exciting as this world has been. so we can give this world the true justice it deserves. This Blog Edition Is simple and short but I hope to stir up some interest and I will give you guys as many blogs as you want and that you help me make.

About Me

I am Yal-a-dar and I hope for the duration of this world I will be serving as your blogger. I enjoy writing blog for the tribal wars community and I feel strongly that all worlds deserve a blog and blogger of their own. I have played w9 off and on over the last few years since its start. So I am familiar with past events (memory might need jump started a bit), current events and no one ever knows the future events now do they?  I am A college student, and I am from the united states. I also work as a Nanny. I often help friends on old worlds to manage or care for accounts, my main account currently is theilluminati on w57. But as mentioned I hop around worlds helping when and where needed.

The question of my w9 allegiances may be brought up, I will always strive for a neutral blog, and keep personal views away from my blogs. But since critics will arise I will get some of it out of the way now.  In the past I have played in godless darkness, as well as dns for a brief time. I know more people in dns as there the largest tribe that makes sense more to go around. But if any readers from the other tribes wish to speak with me. I am always open my Skype is kenenth.handsbury.

Goal for the Blog

My goal is to have a non-biased informative blog. This is a world that is well established and mature. So I feel we should have more interviews, as well as special features instead of stats and statistics. As we all know the largest tribe and such. Instead I will strive to look at the smaller aspects instead of what is known to all.

Statistics and History

I will include a brief history of this world and some of the statistics just for common interest purposes.

World 9 has been going for 1592 days , almost 4 and half years. A long time for a server and full of change but the change we will cover latter on. No need to jump ahead. There are 151 players left on the world. The Newest player is lapua, and the Newest tribe is NDY. It’s a mid speed world with archers.  Tribe member limit of 100.

Stats and numbers

1 gandalfalix

He is Rank 1 in the world and seems to be fairly and evenly nobling members of both the 2nd ranked and 3rd ranked tribes. His growth is still rising high and hasn’t yet reached its peak.


2 Psihic

Ranked 2 in the world and ranked 1 in oda and od. He seems to have stopped growing in the last few days but his most recent noblings have been on seto where it appears he is fighting in the war effort there.

3. strabrahide

I recently Interviewed this player and I will Let His words speak for himself.

Extra SelectShow

I also interviewed dxn99. And here is his interview.

Extra SelectShow

DNS: the largest tribe on the world, they make up the bulk of the world. There current goal is to noble more villa’s than any other tribe in tw history.

SETO: this rank 2 tribe has a very strong presence in the south east of the world. I haven’t been able to interview any of their members.

=D-N=  Located to the north west of the world with a few members more towards the center. I look forward to interviewing this tribe in the future.


Well that is all I have for now. I hope to hearing some feedback from you guys and as soon as I do I will Post the next blog. It should include, history, interviews, changes, and interests of the players. Thanks for your time and your reading.