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November 23, 2011 in World 057 News, World News, Worlds 51-60 News

           Well folks its that time of the week again, and I am ready to present you with another blog for your reading pleasure.  While we have all been eagerly awaiting a rim blog.

 I am saddened to say I can not provide that at this time, due to not having as much participation in the rim sections as I would like.  Now I could have chose a small section but that wouldn’t paint the clear image of the rim and would only center on a few.  so for this week, I took a look at a few of the different players on the world who are in the top ranking for points and some ranked just for od.

Player Review


This Top player of happy has 282 villages with an average build of 9289, and with a total of 2619508 points, he has stormed the lead for the rank 1 position by 100k points. He seems to have nobled a few barbs, but most of his growth seems to be from the. It would appear that the are bashers from him and Pa’s but they also seem to be gifting him villa’s to internally noble.. He has a decent villa average, which maximizes his troop yield.  With his solid lead and even better growth he seems to have rank 1 for the time being and a while in the future. Located in the north west core region.


Currently ranked 2, It appears there internals have dried up, and there growth has stunted. In a last ditch effort to hold rank 1 they raised their villa build it seems, this will lower there troop build, will be interesting how this account fairs in the future. Being on the back side of infamy there growth seems slow due to no major wars. Infamy is at war with ichj which is near them, but they don’t seem to have been able to noble as many of them as others in the tribe. We will see if they can turn the account around and reclaim their top spot or at least hold the top 5 positioning. Located in the south east core region.  Has the top spot for oda and is in the top 4 for odt. It would make sense that they received a large amount of there oda from clearing the villa and barbs they internally ate. They have 256 villages, at 9,833 points on average with a total of 2,517,127 points. They are the highest ranked member in there tribe of infamy.

lion lio 

It would appear they have internalled irish boys account from infamy. They seem to be active in fighting ichj and fire. This account located south of the core is pretty spread apart and seems to have multiple fronts. Has villages at varying sizes both large and small so hard too tell what there average build is and if they have made it yet. If not then they should be doing a little more growing in the near future. He has 233 villa’s with an average of 9,473 and a grand total of 2,207,139 points, representing the tribe of infamy.


Has recently raised in ranks, with a decent amount of barb nobling and with the internalization of  the      -=X=-  account. They seems to have a decent average villa build that will supply them with plenty of farm space for nukes and defense.  He is a member of happy and has 216 villages with the point average of 9455 and a total size of 2,042,366.


The majority of their villages seem to be built at the level desired. The account was active seems to be nobbling villages from tribeless players at the current time. The account Is located east of the core but not quite in the rim area. With 207 villages, an average of 9,370 points this is the top account of 4play.


His average village build is 9,501 points, he has 179 villages at a total of 1,700,724 points, in the tribe of Ill He is there leader, who has risen up sevral times to lead his tribe to victory in war. He is ranked 1 in oda and odt as well as being ranked 3 in odd. Currently at war with vodka, he is the duke of Ill.


Has recently lost some villa’s to ichj in there tribes current war. He also seems to have nobled a large amount of small barbs. His villa’s aren’t all at his build pattern so it seems if he doesn’t lose any more villa’s in the war he will rise up a rank or two.his average villa is 8720 points.  He currently has 180 villages, at 1,569,685 points. He is Located in the eastern core. He is in the top 3 on opponents defeated by attacker.


An active account located on the Rim. Awards are hidden, as well as amount of farming per day, but from the sounds of things this account farms a lot, and is constantly growing. Positioned on the rim it would seem a large account in that area would have ample growth room, and if they keep up the nobling they should rise up a few ranks. Located on the north central rim.

A end of War or is it?

            Epic Vs {I} : It would seem that Epic has disbanded and infection is the winner of this war. too replace this war Infection has now declared on KACB who have recruited members of Epic.

Else where in the world

             Ill Vs Vodka : It would seem that Ill Is the winner in this tribe as vodka has disbanded and a few of them joined 4play. will Ill follow the lead of {I} and declare on the tribe that recruited refugees? only time will tell.


            Next I have a few interviews from people you maye expect and may not expect.

 Too Start With Here is a interview from the w57 forum mod, the one and the only humbletree, who spammed our interview  like we all spam his forums.

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To finish our interviews here is a few words from the duke of fire.

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While this concludes this blog, I hope to bring the next one out very soon. it will either be a rim blog depending on participation. Or It may Be A in-depth War Analysis. Tune In next time for the next exciting Blog.