2 x 2 = DR mathtest

July 19, 2009 in World 026 News

Thanks for taking the time to do this Tripp/mathtest, Why did you leave Clear!

i had… issues with a member of clear! and left to avoid fighting him and to stop mucking up their forums with our argueing

Did you Enjoy your time in Clear!?

lmao, and yeah it rocked. Clear! is a great tribe, and they will go far in this world, even if their members are a bit.. rowdy

Do You believe that Clear! will declare war on every tribe in World 26, Just for the hell of it?

nah. Clear!’s goal is to be the first tribe to win a world, i think they will take out ~ SN ~ first, or T4H and then grab BUL once they get a major border, and IMK last (because if they want to win the world it needs to be done eventually)
although im betting they will either merge IMK soon, or bail them out by taking on T4H now

Do you support the whole “lets take [H]” inside?

yes I would have done the same in their spot, however it doesnt help my tribe any :( now im surrounded by clear! and i only managed to get one [H] player… and im nobling another :D

Would you change anything about World 26?

yes. Id like no moral. moral is killer, especially if you are like me and have dominated your k. *sigh* its sad being double the 2nd player onward. and worse i cant touch them because they are in clear!

What do you think about World 26?

I love it. this is my only world at the moment, and its the best world besides w7 for me. i can only hope the next world i join will be similar (minus the moral of course :D)