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August 8, 2011 in World 031 News, World News, Worlds 31-40 News

The month of August! Doesn’t it just scream- BACK TO SCHOOL? Or maybe it says – Oh my I forgot to shop for their clothes! August is the height of the summer time in the temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere. The longest days of the year is passed, but the hottest days remain!

Who Cares Right? This is tribalwars, our world inside of our world! Some of us log on here to escape from the harsh reality that is our real life. We dont read the blog for a brief reminder of real life or facts about August- do we? Of Course not!

So lets start this blog intro over!

Thats Right…. Summer is almost over!!!  No more vacations and that means more active players! This may speed up our world’s war! Lets check it out…

Last week stats

FuRie vs. Free last week's stats

Well not as fast or active as we’d like but very similar to last week’s stats. Free conquered a total of 92 villages from FuRie, while FuRie conquered 33 from Free. That gave Free a total of 59 gained villages!  This week FuRie has nobled 26 and Free nobled 100 villages. Free has gained a total 74 villages. Fifteen more than last week’s village gain. Free is slowly gaining their villages in this war, as FuRie is slowly losing theirs. In last week Sirskipalot mentioned that last week was a bad week and next week will be better. I guess he means next week. :I

But as both leaders of this war said before,” Being ahead in points or village conquers  does not mean you are winning.” But it boost morale as I always say! Either way lets look at the other stats!


24 hour stats

Not even half of what either tribe nobles in 24 hours in previous wars. Looks like they have both met each other’s match, this war is getting no where. But knowing both tribes something will steam it back up! When that happens I will be there to report it.

48 hours
Last Month Stats

According to last weeks stats there was only a 3 village gain this month than last month!

Last 3 Months
Forever Stats

Now lets talk about the war between Bash! and FuRie. Also I’d like to make a correction to last week’s blog. Aphrodite while a Goddess in her own right is listed as THE Queen of Bash! ~ Thankyou Grama Jo for correcting that. :) Now to This Week’s stats.



On last week’s blog BASH!, just like this week, is in the lead of village gains against the opposite tribe. Considering last week’s stats were 26 to 87 with a 61 village gain, both tribes are a bit slow this week! This week Bash! has gained 37 villages. Lets move on to the other stats…

So to do some thing diffrent this week I decided to make A chart of the world’s continent tribe!

Pink – RR                Red- FuRie               Blue- BASH!             Yellow- Free             Grey- BOA

Continent Map

FuRie – 40

Free- 34

BASH! – 11

BOA- 2

RR- 1

It is a great achievement to be ranked 1 in your continent! It makes it your territory and that puts you over others! So congratulations to all 5 tribes listed above! With that being said I’d also like to Congratulate some other players I have never really mentioned before but should have.

Those are our top players! They deserve an standing ovation. They have definatly gotten far with hard work! Here are their stats!

World Map

Top Tribes

 There are 348 Players on w31 = Only 330 of them are above 126 points!

There are 39 tribes left on w31 = Only 30 of them are over 126 points!

Well thats this week’s blog. Feel free to leave all comments, concerns, and or suggestions  in the following places:

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Thankyou for being such loyal readers and supporting me and my blog!!!