W44 Blog: Overview + War Stats

June 19, 2011 in World 044 News, Worlds 41-50 News


Welcome back W44!

As promised, here I am filling you in with all the comings and goings of this fine world. What do I have in store for you, you may be wondering. Well, we have an overview on what’s going on in the world at the moment. War stats and maps and also an interview with a very special someone.

First things first, here is a map of our world and the dominant tribes within it:


As you can see from both the map and the tribal rankings. UNDER are twice the size of the ranked two tribe Inc. And a further 3 times larger than the third rank tribe RAWKOR. How did this come about? Well just last week, UNDER recruited most of the players in Cider, while some went to TEA. The map shows that no tribe has really secured any big areas of the world.  We are left wondering what UNDER’s ideas where when they decided to recruit the members of Cider? And did Cider make the right decision joining them? Since most of the new UNDER members (Ex-Cider) are surrounded by Inc members (former tribe mates) my best guess would be that it’s something they have thought about and planned for a little while. Surely they must have known that they would be targeted first by Inc members, as it’s a lot easier to fight players you have front line with as apposed to many continents away. So, Ex-Cider members joined UNDER with the intent to fight Inc. Why join them and become the main targets? When they could have stayed their own tribe, allied UNDER and warred Inc anyway and more than likely not been the main targets. One must question if they have made the right decision or not…Or is there bigger plans on the horizon!?

In the next blog I will show information on other happenings in the world. Lamby Vs RAWKOR, Boys Vs X~W etc.

UNDER Vs Inc. War!

The war that has been waging for months….CONTINUES! Both tribes have now disbanded and come back under new names bigger and badder than before! But who is winning the newest war between UNDER the tribe that took down Storm or Inc the 16 man tribe made up of Ex-Storm players! Results are posted below:

There you have it folks! After 5 weeks of WAR – Incognitos are up 71 – 13. But as UNDER have only just recruited the Ex-CEDAR members, are they just taking some time to warm up and get their OP’s organized? Or are these sorts of stats going to carry on this way? Time will tell us all! So stay tuned for future blogs to keep up to date with what is going on in the war of the W44 heavy weights.

Interview: Lambezz

I sat down with the one and the only Lambezz to see what he thinks about all the happenings of W44. Enjoy!

D4alicious: Hello Lambezz, please introduce yourself first, hobbies, likes/dislikes, time you’ve played TW etc previous / current accounts – achievements

Lambezz: I play W44 as my main world. It give or take. I quit every day :D. I love watching hockey and playing it. Nothing like relaxing and watching some good ole Canadian hockey while having a few beers!!

I started playing TW way back on W15. I played a lot of worlds but never played anything seriously till W44.

Current accounts are:

W44: Lambezz

W53: The inbetweeners

W57: Dr Facilier

The accounts I sign into daily.

D4alicious:  What’s your fondest moment in your time playing tw

Lambezz: When you started catting me. I felt popular. lol uhmm probably when I hit 10 million points. I never thought I would ever play a world for this long.

D4alicious: What players in TW do you look up to – if any.

Lambezz: Well that’s a tough question. Gummer4England for sure. You two had your fights, but he actually taught me a lot of tricks in TW. You for the ODA. Once I pass you in ODA I won’t look up to you anymore : P. That’s probably it. I am a cocky kid. When I don’t like something. I take matters into my own hands in game.

D4alicious: Your currently in a tribe by yourself – what lead you to make that decision and how do feel about that decision now?

Lambezz: Well Rawkor nobling into my church. Under never wanted to open a 2 front war. So I figure I have to show them if 1 person can stop them. What can they do if an entire tribe focuses on them.  I regret it now because I truly didn’t think RAWKOR would attack me for 25 days straight. :D

D4alicious: Do you have any plans moving forward or are you keeping that close to your chest

Lambezz: My plan is to persuade tribes to NAP and eliminate the noobs. ~Nix~ RAWKOR etc. Nothing like good half priced packets for a good end war. I want a good end war. Not all the good tribes war each other and suck the fun out of everything.

D4alicious: What is your opinion of the world in its current state?

Lambezz: I dont know that’s a tough one. Seems like a few spread out tribes and looks like middle stage again. Diplomacy could become a key part in this world now. With Rawkor breaking up a bit

D4alicious: Tribe re-formations – How did you feel about RAM disbanding, becoming UNDER recruiting ~O~ and Storm disbanding into Inc and Cider and now Cider into UNDER? Do you think these were all good moves or should the tribes have stuck it out regardless?

Lambezz: Both were good moves. Ram was a dead tribe. Omi and Judge were not leading at all and are not even on their accounts anymore. The ~O~ merge should of happened after RAWKOR was dead.

I don’t know what was up with Storm, so I can’t comment. I just knew you got tired of sitting all the accounts and no one else was doing anything. So I probably would have done the same thing.

Well Cider merging into Under, could be both bad and good. Good cause frontline change and bad because thay may spread out Under’s support too much. Leaving alot of undefended territory maybe.

D4alicious: What is your opinion on the longest standing war this world has seen. RAM Vs Storm, UNDER Vs Storm and UNDER Vs Inc? Do you think it’s healthy for the either tribes or the world, for a war to go on this long?

Lambezz: No. It’s been what a year?? And no ground has been gained. Storm gained a lot from Ram and Under is re-gaining that ground. It is not healthy. Need to get rid of noobs and have the toughest fighters left in 2 tribes and fight it out.

D4alicious: Do you feel that the settings of the world hinder it a lot? In the way of packets (losing nobles if you noble yourself or get killed defending), churches (defending troops only fighting at 50% strength when not in church influence) Or do you feel it doesn’t make a difference?

Lambezz: It does make a difference. Nobling a village then having to support it. Not hard to re-take if it’s outside your church. Then if you want to re-locate nobles it costs you 5000 packets more for some players. It does hurt and slow wars down a lot.

D4alicious: And lastly, what do you think of the talent within the world? You’ve maintained top 20 for most of the world – how do you feel you stack up against the rest of the players in the top 20? And do you feel there are any players there that you feel don’t deserve to be there and why?

Lambezz: I feel I stack up well against the top 20. Mainly because I have had to fight for it. I have been under constant attacks for a lot of this world. Quitting every week because I need more sleep but always coming back. lol

Well I believe a few players shouldn’t be there:


Lord Guesty

Scubamike 82


Zo0rbAn – He has been getting attacked now because he moved to front line, but still hasn’t earned it


It’s mainly the players in the back line. Players who send out nukes and fakes, but haven’t had to defend or do anything in their  time. Just nobling free villages etc

I mean if anyone is deserving of rank 1 it would be you. But I believe if I didn’t join the core I could be top 10 or top 5 in points.

D4alicious: Lastly would you like to ask me any questions?

Lambezz: Do you plan on playing this world till the end?? Or are you getting bored of it?

D4alicious: I do hope to play the world to the end. In life I try to finish things I start – so I don’t see why this should be any different. But if I’m honest – I’m getting pretty bored as I don’t feel there is anything left to learn or achieve. And as you stated there is players in the top 20 (not naming names) who don’t deserve to be there but will probably end up winning the world (as they do on many other worlds you see) and that really annoys me. I could probably go on all day as I feel pretty frustrated with that but this is the game we play and that’s how these things go.

D4alicious: Right, thank you for your time young man – I wish you the very best and hope to get you back here for another interview some time. Do you have any closing comments/shootouts you’d  like to make?

Lambezz: Keep those nukes flying!!!

Thanks everybody for reading! I hope you enjoyed it. Once again if you have anything you want me to add to future blogs, please PM me on the forums or in game!