w39 Blog; World War Update

March 30, 2011 in World 039 News, World News

Hello once again world 39. Since my last blog, there have been a fair few developments in our world. In this issue we’ll have a look at some of these, as well as some war updates.

January 12th: NOB!! declares war on T.D.E

January 26th: Our world is closed to new registrations. As anticipated, this has a dramatic effect on the number of players remaining. On the day it was closed, w39 was home to just over 950 players. Now, about a month and a half later, that number has diminished to around 450.

February 25th: Both dukes of T.D.E (King Dragon and Queen of Dragons) are banned.

March 12th: Packet prices reduced. Our packets costs were reduced from 14000, 15000, 12500 to their current cost of 9324, 9990, 8325.

March 19th: IK and Divine merge.

March 24th: B.F. and *TA merge.

Following long-time tensions between these two tribes, and a November 16th declaration by ~RAID~, these tribes began fighting. The stats currently show T.D.E in the lead by a sizeable margin of 787.

When asked to comment on the war, ~RAID~ leadership had this to say:

I am happy with how things are progressing.

~RAID~’s war was not all about T.D.E. Internally, things needed doing. I didn’t expect miracles when I came back. I still don’t.

We were all well aware of the situation and the tasks at hand.

So we will continue to do, what it is we do…

T.D.E leadership has yet to comment on the war.

After their declaration posted on the externals on January 12th, NOB!! quickly gained a lead of almost 100 villages. Momentum has recently moved to favour T.D.E, who have made gains of just over 100 villages on NOB!! in the past week alone. The stats show 177 villages in T.D.E’s favour after two and a half months of fighting.

I did not receive a response from the leadership of either tribe.

Though these additions may possibly be somewhat questionable in some people’s opinions, T.D.E’s allies (B.F. – and therefore *TA, the tribe they merged into) did declare war against their ally’s aggressors, so they have been added to the overall stats.

Side 1: T.D.E, *TA, B.F.
Side 2: ~RAID~, NOB!!

Timeframe: 16/11/2010 22:31:00 to 29/03/2011 08:44:44

Total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 2,345
Side 2: 1,445
Difference: 900





As the war continues its progress over the next few weeks, and ~RAID~ cleans up its internal issues, I expect the fighting along the border they share with T.D.E to heat up.

Look for NOB!! to continue their offensive efforts against the cer-berus account, which is situated along both war fronts. Co-ordination with ~RAID~ may lead them to further success against this massive account.

I expect T.D.E to make efforts to join their K58 cluster with the main body of the tribe, and to continue to push at NOB!! inactives.


Thanks for reading!

This blog is dedicated to all those who yelled at me continuously to get me to write it.