Rank One at War

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A new war unleashes between two top five tribes, amid forum bedlam! Only on W52.

What caused relations between -SWAT- and -MM- to climax?

How are neighboring tribes responding?

Let’s get started with this week’s blog.

World Map – Top 10 Tribes

Bush makes the jump to second, passing B52s and sending them down to the third position. Everyone else stays the same, except for a new tribe in the southeast: Smile makes its debut to the top ten tribe map, knocking Plague out of the running.


This week saw -SWAT-’s declaration of war against rank one tribe -MM-, and we will investigate the situation in depth.

Northeastern Continents

Several tribes have been added here to show -MM-’s relative position, but the main conflict exists between -SWAT-, in red, and -MM-, in blue.

-SWAT-’s declaration on the external forums made quite clear the instigation of the war: they accused -MM- of acts of treason against -SWAT- in the opening sentences of the PnP.  Things are well summarized in the nicely put together propaganda piece, but Lavrikan3, duke of -SWAT-, and perhaps more commonly known as Randerson586 on the externals, stated quite clearly that “the main reason [for the declaration was] the back stabbing which happened on the part of Dave.”

Fireeyet, who posted the declaration on behalf of -SWAT-, backed up this claim with the following mail:

Borg1966 on 06.03. at 19:03

At the moment I am planning on taking out CCH, before swat, as its the better move strategically though if PHAT are hitting them might be worth considering going at SWAT because they annoy the living crap out of me.”

However, -MM-’s duke, Borg1966, under the nom de plume Davewardrop on the externals, said, “I am well aware of where that came from and have a perfectly good explanation for it.”

That explanation, I assume, is detailed in his post here. During a conversation with Santosha, who, until recently, was a member of -MM-, Borg1966 discussed future expansion plans for -MM-. Santosha, who apparently supplied the mail to -SWAT-, may have suffered under a misunderstanding, though: Borg1966 iterated multiple times that he had no actual plans to attack -SWAT-, nor CCH. It is worth noting, however, that the validity of Borg1996’s posted conversation has not been officially verified yet.

-MM-’s apparent plans to attack -SWAT- were not the only cause -SWAT- cited. Although it may be hard to imagine now, the two tribes were once actually allied. On January 30th, however, the alliance was abruptly downgraded to a NAP.

What is alarming is that -MM- did not inform -SWAT- of the change – according to Lavrikan3, “[Borg1966] never put us as allies, despite telling me personally we were.” Borg1966 admitted that he had not seen it necessary to inform -SWAT- of the change.

“[The switch was made] for many reasons, mainly the conduct of -SWAT- towards us both upon the external forums and the manner in which their **** of a duke spoke to me; bringing up every single tiny issue about nobling, continents and such like, whilst completely ignoring anything I had to say…  They didn’t help us in one single thing; there was no point in an alliance, allies actually help one another and don’t needlessly flame the other tribe on external forums.” –Borg1966

Alhough clearly Borg1966 felt -MM- wasn’t getting much out of the alliance, neither did -SWAT-, according to Lavrikan3; he said, “[-SWAT-] was told we were allies and that’s not how allies work for sure.” It is no secret that the relations between the two tribes were strained to say the least on the external forums – multiple threads have been derailed with their bickering.

Despite these warning signs, Borg1966 said that he was still “[surprised] in part [that -SWAT- declared] as their duke had just spoken to [him] the night previously about a continent issue which [they] had resolved diplomatically.”

An excerpt from that diplomatic palaver, dated 14 hours before the declaration:

[19/03/2011 01:12:08] Lavrikan3: only 2 members will noble star right?

[19/03/2011 01:12:30] Borg1966: should be if you write to star she can tell you who is taking what

[19/03/2011 01:14:39] Borg1966: you can’t say fairer than that

[19/03/2011 01:19:00] Lavrikan3: ok talk soon my friend

A clever move on -SWAT-’s part, there, to mislead Borg1966 up to the very last minute. Borg1966, was, of course, disgruntled that he had been taken advantage of like that. Instead of finally resolving some diplomatic disputes as he had thought at the time, a war ensued.

Speaking about his tribe, Lavrikan3 said that “everyone is ecstatic about this war” and that morale was high in -SWAT-. He was so confident, in fact, that he issued this ultimatum:

“I can guarantee [-MM-] will have to call in help… even though they’re no.1 they will need help.” – Lavrikan3

The only tribe -MM- could feasibly plea to for help would be Phat, on -SWAT-’s western front. However, Coplayed By A Horse, Phat duke, expressed doubts:

“Phat’s border with -SWAT- isn’t really well to war each other from.” – Coplayed By A Horse

There might be something more at play here, too; Coplayed By A Horse also said that “a few days ago [Lavrikan3] was threatening us with saying Bush would declare on us if we declared on -SWAT-.” Are -SWAT- and Bush in cahoots here, or is this just a bluff on -SWAT-’s part?

Borg1966 said that he wouldn’t be opposed to assistance from other tribes – “I am not going to lie, any help would be appreciated, it would expedite our victory” – but he remained confident in -MM-’s northern players’ abilities against -SWAT-.

On the contrary, though, -MM- received another declaration today rather than pledges of support from their allies. CCH and its sister tribe, CCH2, jointly declared on -MM- on 3/21/11 at 20:28 ST, just six hours ago. The day prior, though, Borg1966 told me

“I actually respect and like CCH. Generally Klmatt and Enyo. have always been helpful and pleasant to talk to.” –Borg1966

CCH doesn’t seem to have the same opinion of -MM-. On the other hand, Borg1966’s leaked mail did stipulate that -MM- had plans to attack CCH down the road. CCH had held an NAP with -MM- previous to their declaration.

Lavrikan3 was adamant that he did not ask for CCH’s support, though:

“We declared war on our own. We don’t need others to help us fight our wars.” –Lavrikan3

Nevertheless, -MM- is now fighting two wars, and their players in K35 might be in a bit of a sticky situation. Fortunately for -MM-, their southern half is still largely secure, but numerous tribes have popped up along their eastern side (MAL, T.E., W$, and Smile) that could provide complications. -SWAT- does not have this problem; their backline is right up against the rim of the world, giving them a strategically advantageous location.

-SWAT- has quickly pulled ahead in stats, up 19 to 2 in conquers against -MM-.

Many of -SWAT-’s conquers have come from Starlethe, which either indicates a nicely run op on -SWAT-’s part, or inactivity on the player’s.

-SWAT- has not been getting those villages for free, though, they have paid the price in OD:

Almost all top ten tribes are now involved in a war with another top ten tribe:

-MM- (1) vs. -SWAT- (4) | CCH (8) | Smile (10)

B52s (3) vs. WET (6)

P.S. (7) vs. SOHK (9)

The notable exceptions are, of course, Bush (2) and Phat (5), the latter of whom is still engaged against Plague.

What will these tribes do? How long will the existing wars continue to last? Is there to be even more action in the coming weeks?

Thanks everyone for reading – I am celebrating my 10th blog this week :)

Feel free to post comments to voice your thoughts, or discuss on the blog thread in the forums if you prefer.